Excited for therapy in two hours so I can say some things without causing alarm to the people I love.

Ok, that's cool, I wanted to have a shutdown today anyway. Normal brain, normal reaction.

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lol I feel like shit and I don't want to talk about it on Twitter so I'm putting it here where nobody will see it. I can barely move my legs.

Oh, the helpful dev tool we were using got acquired and laid off their entire engineering and support staff. So it's time to find another one that does the same thing.

Y'all ever just shut down posting on social media because you're too cowardly to block someone because it would make them feel bad?

Hold your horses, Shonen Protagonist. Have you ever considered that each of us is truly alone at the end?

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Anime mostly just says "Friends are good actually" and Cowboy Bebop is like "That may be true but sometimes you have to abandon your friends to knowingly walk into the death you should have died years ago."

A weird thing about being even nominally on the Left is people on Facebook assume I know who Jake Tapper is and really care about his opinion.

Small silver lining of having a brain that can't remember names is there's no fucking way I can remember anyone's deadname.

In a squat, all the weight is on your back, and you have to get low and stand up with it again. There's a real feeling, and hell, a possibility, that it could crush you.

In a deadlift, there's more weight involved, but if you can't do it, it just stays there on the floor. You and your body aren't at risk.

I'm better at deadlifts.

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Of discussion at the the gym today: Squats require courage, while deadlifts require determination.

My coach's brother squatted 600 pounds before he could deadlift it, which is backwards from normal. Then he decided deadlifts took "no balls" and he just had to do it.

(Let's just gloss over the gendered attribution of courage for right now, I don't want to get bogged down.)

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