All these Shonen Jump volumes will be free with a $2 subscription next week so hopefully nobody is buying them.

"It was the only place where you could read a vampire's perspective on how hard it is to catch a matinee."

"Did you know that Zoo Cage Unlockers Monthly has come out against tigers roaming the streets?" -Felix Biederman ad-libbing about the late Weekly Standard opposing Trump.

Anyway, all the game units keep putting the ROBOTS out of work. Madness.

Anyway it would be cool if my cats had weird human faces like the ones in illuminated manuscripts.

Seriously though, how did they pack a game that big into less than a gigabyte? Wild.

I'm not trying to gig-shame anyone out here but I just found out while managing my Switch that Breath of the Wild is like 900mb, 1/5th the size of Night in the Woods.

I gotta go to a meeting today to decide if we're gonna endorse Bernie for 2020 and I'm not looking forward to it.

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"Your job may be gone, but you can buy cheap goods with the salary you don't have" is a pretty good summation of how we got to where we are today.

There are a certain set of assumptions in the game. Jobs are de facto good. Free trade is de facto good. These are not seen as being in conflict.

(Free trade, as we all know from our Econ 101 intersecting graph lines, increases the wealth of everyone involved, assuming you have a mechanism in place to evenly distribute those gains. We keep fucking that last part up lol.)

Of course, perfect is the enemy of the good, so if I can have robots doing all the low tier jobs while the organics are all being entertainers and artisans, I'll consider that pretty decent.

I can get around that by building out other jobs but I'm not sure if you can shower enough luxuries on your population to counteract the baked-in aversion to unemployment. So, "fully automated luxury gay space communism" might be possible with difficulty, but I don't think it'll work very well.

Last night I finally got robots in the research shuffle, but it's apparent now that "robots are taking people's jobs and they don't like it" is a factor in this game.

So, if your population is perfectly happy, there is no crime. Getting everyone to 100% happiness is about as difficult as you would expect.

Cops produce reduced crime and "unity," which I will not comment on at this time.

It is possible to run a planet without cops.

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