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user: "Why do you want to install anything other then on your Mac?"

Me: Let's talk again in five years.

To be fair my Mac's usually last way longer then 5 years with native support. But after Apple shuts down support the hardware is still good. Still running my PowerBook G4 from time to time with some BSD to play around and used it as a router for a few months when that was all I had sitting around spare. With Apple Silicon this is not an option for now.

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So I just watched the #AppleEvent

The new MacBook Pro is a phenomenal device.

Will I buy one?

Hell no.

Why not?

Because Apple is planning on fundamentally violating our privacy by implementing client-side scanning.

So I no longer trust them.

#apple #privacy

Playing with the store to see about pricing. Upgrade components are priced at insane levels still. Compare that to the laptop which can be fully equipped with 64 Gig, 2TB, etc. and still be cheaper then their baseline. For that I'd like native or support to keep it going long after chooses to shut down support.

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While I stopped caring about anything does a long time ago I gotta admit that the new Pro line of MacBooks seems to go in an interesting direction. Magsafe, screws, real plugs ... have they actually listened to their pro user base? 🤔 Now, how about support for other OS like ? Are those screws for real and the thing can be repaired? If so, brownie points.

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1337 HACKER TIP: Driving around town blasting a recording that says, "Alexa, wake me up at 5am with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine," like a boss.

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Eager to get back to my office to have the rest of my morning #coffee before it becomes afternoon coffee. 😬 ☕

"Buying cheap is a luxury I cannot afford." - Me, October 2021

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The only and based operating systems I recommend right-now

Focus on what matters, privacy, usability and on the user, not data collection.

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Kein Dankeschön, sondern Polizei: Erneut ein IT-Experte angezeigt, nachdem er auf eine Sicherheitslücke hinwies. Datenträger wurden beschlagnahmt, der CCC verurteilt das Vorgehen #Hackerparagraph

What is your strategy? Do you intend to sell as the "peak" or hold on to it regardless? What's your idea of the peak during this run?

at 62k and rising. Nice to see it pick up steam again. Seems like a lot but trust me, it's still massively undervalued.

Last night I found out how to restore the "three softkeys" in . The ones uses to go back or open the tasks switcher. The new style just doesn't work for me. Go to "Settings -> System -> Gestures -> System Navigation" and set it to "3-button navigation". Might be common knowledge but I really don't care for phones enough to keep up with those UI changes.

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Back to having a modern browser on this Eee PC 901 running #OpenBSD 7.0-current for i386. 👍🏻🐡 #RunBSD #BSD

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