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Pour punir votre enfant qui passe trop de temps sur les écrans, passez son téléphone sous LinageOS et son PC sous ArchLinux.
Soit ça l'énervera et il arrêtera, soit il deviendra meilleur en informatique.

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This #bandcampFriday I got myself:

Kopfkino by Rosentwig

Monochrome by @btcprox

Fading Structures by Stasis Device (hat tip @craigmaloney)

Ruinoj by @6klop

And the "Chillhop Essentials Winter 2020" collection.

My second is just out, and it's yours now !!

Avaiable on : cutt.ly/6klop_SC
Avaiable on : cutt.ly/6klop_BC

If you want to support, you can :

- download & listen it for free
- like / share
- if you want, you can buy an album on Bandcamp with . Money will go to the @secheprod association

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Who wants a bootleg youtube-dl source code shirt

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@zrythm just implemented stem export! That's great news for every producer who collaborates with others or work with different softwares on one track.


If you haven't tried it, give it a try now, play with it (or make great music) and report any bug you find.

Here it is:
Consider supporting the development by buying an installer. It's going really fast at the moment, so supporting the momentum would be great.

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"Avaritia facit bardus"

Composition & mix : Romain AUPAIX-LECLOUX-BESIAT
Mastering : Samuel AUBERT - OpenMastering
Image : Jeremy Bishop

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368425 km from earth
27.53% illuminated


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