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If you have 25 minutes to calm down, try Claire M Singer, britannic artist, organist at Union Chapel. Here is a great : clairemsinger.bandcamp.com/tra

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Former artist @6klop of Seche Productions release its first song for the collective : "La Marche des 8 Milliards"

& here :


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Nomadness de Hang Massive

Hang et électro! Ce sera mon solo de 8mn le dimanche 24 juin...


#musique #hang #electro #music #pouetradio

Ab inconvenienti.

This is the last track of this series, I hope you enjoyed it, I go back soon, see U !


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Hey, ce dossier est blindé de ressources pour apprendre BLINDÉ de langues, si ça vous intéresse elles sont classées par famille, et y a même des conlangs et des langues des signes (pas la français mais quand même):


1 year & half of work for 35 min of sound. And who says album, says clip : Mr Eisenstein himself made the video for me :p
I hope you'll enjoy it as I enjoyed to do it !


If you want an album, go check on the bandcamp, it's free to download !