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🧭 Quels sont les projets de Framasoft pour 2022 ?

PeerTube v5, Mobilizon v3, Associations, Nextcloud, CHATONS, événements, et bien, bien plus !

➡️ L'article (avec le détail) : framablog.org/2021/12/08/ce-qu

Mais surtout, nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour concrétiser ces actions.
➡️ Faire un don : soutenir.framasoft.org

N'hésitez pas à nous faire des retours ! <3

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master branch on git now uses ! please test and report any issues ⚙️

note: when building from source, Zrythm should be installed in a custom prefix (e.g., /opt/zrythm) to avoid conflicts with system libs

@torsten_torsten @openmastering

Anyway, I have the feeling that this website claims to be "the solution" to music problems, as if blockchain & crypto would save the world.

Blockchain is an interesting technology but dogma is really dangerous. And I begin to be tired of this blockchain/crypto hype.

... And what if all of this was just bullshit ? :D

@torsten_torsten @openmastering

I did not shared this playlist because of Audius but for the IDMf compilation that I like.

I'm currently testing Audius since 2 weeks, seems to be OK as a platform.

But as you said @openmastering , everything is about the blockchain. You can receive tokens and participate to the governance of the website, they claims that it don't belongs to Big Thech (they even bash Soundcloud) but i don't think I'm trusting them about this.... :p

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🎤 I am planning to make some videos testing various audio interfaces with Linux, focusing on "bedroom producers". 🎵

However - I need YOU to answer a few questions before I can begin my work.

Your input will help me choose devices to buy. Please take some time to research the options - there's a lot that you may have not heard about, that could present great value.


PS: Feel free to boost this toot :)

"C’est grant paine que de vivre,
Et si ne veult on mourir.

Qui n’est de tous maulx delivre,
C’est grant paine que de vivre.

Raison a la Mort nous livre,
Riens ne nous peult secourir :
C’est grant paine que de vivre,
Et si ne veult on mourir."

"Yersinia" will be released 7th of September on soundcloud / bandcamp / shitty platforms

I made a new song,
with the singer Italia Waltz !

Like two strangers who didn't knew anything on each other.


Next days will be time of releasing songs.

A featuring is coming with a good singer, also a new EP will be released 7th of September. Everything on of course :)

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This #bandcampFriday I got myself:

Kopfkino by Rosentwig

Monochrome by @btcprox

Fading Structures by Stasis Device (hat tip @craigmaloney)

Ruinoj by @6klop

And the "Chillhop Essentials Winter 2020" collection.

My second is just out, and it's yours now !!

Avaiable on : cutt.ly/6klop_SC
Avaiable on : cutt.ly/6klop_BC

If you want to support, you can :

- download & listen it for free
- like / share
- if you want, you can buy an album on Bandcamp with . Money will go to the @secheprod association

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