In order to read this New Yorker article I have to accept tracking cookies, disable private mode, *and* subscribe. Looking forward to the first website requiring 4 steps before letting me in.

I have a talent for finding cool songs that you can no longer hear live. Today's song: Señorita Corazón

I have no words to express how irrationally angry trying to use in Spanish makes me. I'm seriously torn between returning it or going at it with a hammer.

Windows 10 is driving me crazy. And not in a good way.

blocked my account today. They don't let me send emails until I verify my phone number... which they also blocked. And I can't "Talk to a person" either, because that's only for non-blocked accounts (obviously).
This is how you make lifelong enemies.

So... Bitbucket is dropping support for Mercurial. I hope they let Github know beforehand that their sign-up servers will be a bit stressed today.

Some youngsters have apparently figured out the exact start-stop ratio at which you can simply take electric scooters without triggering an alarm. As someone who hates both thieves and scooters, I have conflicted feelings.

Seen on reddit: "the Telekom worker who visited my place over the course of 6 weeks for 3 times told me that they are ordered to take that long to actually connect the line". After dealing with Telekom in 3 cities, and being now a happy cable modem user, I believe it .

Random things you learn in conferences: you can be too tired to stand while, simultaneously, refusing to sit in a very uncomfortable chair.

Friends don't let friends print their conference posters in cloth. Sure, they are easier to carry, but they are blurry, much harder to hang straight, and they crumple. There, I said it.

At the end of , steals the show by announcing their venue in Punta Cana. The crowd goes wild!

This year's NLP-IJCNLP will take place in Hong Kong. Not enough for you? What if we throw a visit to Disneyland with it to sweeten the deal?

As the main conference comes to an end, the sponsor booths start to pack their stuff. Another year, another conference in which no one gave me a free phone.

The reception desk shows you which talks are running right now, in which room, how far along it is, and whether the presenter is over time. Kudos to the tech team!

For the next award, Lifetime Achievement goes to Prof Ron Kaplan. Not to be confused with Ron Kaplan the Olympic gymnast.

Min-Yen Kan wins the service award for his long-time work for the ACL. Having worked with him in the ACL Anthology, I am SO HAPPY his work got officially recognized :toot:

And the 10 years "stood the test of time" award of the goes to "Recognizing Contextual Polarity: an exploration of features for phrase-level sentiment analysis" by Wilson, Wiebe, and Hoffman.

"Tagging English text with a probabilistic model" by Merialdo was just chosen as the 25 years "stood the test of time" award at . And it was about a negative result!

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