GPS should have a search function called "I am very bad at driving and I don't want to do this and yet here we are so please give me the way with the least amount of cars possible even if it takes an extra hour"

Turing test v2.0: John played last week "Happy Birthday" on repeat for half an hour. Should we put it today on his "Recommended for you" playlist?

Let's say a small, independent author publishes a GOD-AWFUL paper on ArXiv. When I use their paper as an example of bad science, should I cite their full name and affiliation? Or is that considered an academic faux pas?

Two websites I need offer APIs, but only for their "trusted partners". In today's world that should be read as "yes, we love when people scrape our homepages inefficiently".

Calling it now: there will soon be articles titled "millennials are removing Fox News from their parents' TVs" or something like that. I'll also take credit for "... blocking conservative websites from their browsers".

City planners: we want people to enjoy their cities and we'll fight tooth and nail to have as many parks and open spaces as possible.
Also city planners: benches? Why would anyone want a bench when there's a perfectly good floor right there?

The Stadt Bibliothek Köln is amazing and you should visit it if you're around. In an unrelated note, this book I found there has not aged well.

Wikipedia wants me to donate arguing that their volunteers bring me "reliable, neutral information". Should I call the Wikimedia Foundation and let them know that... well, no?

I can understand why presidents get honorary PhDs, and I've made my peace with it. But Trump now has a honorary 9th Dan Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, and that's where I draw the line.

Today's bad idea: a plugin for Zoom/Teams/Jitsi/etc that shows everyone how much you talked during a meeting. It would also put the focus on you if you haven't contributed enough.

My Win10 PC lost its internet privileges after installing updates with 100% HDD usage for hours, and it's very unhappy. My Linux PC OTOH has barely noticed the difference. This must be what having children feels like.

Dear reddit spammers: please stop writing "Some low-effort content by me". Active voice! Take responsibility! "I made this low-effort content" is much better!

This article in the London Review of Books has one of the best "comment" sections I've ever seen. Sure, they were born as letters, but wouldn't it be great if all internet discussion looked like that?

I got a message from IT to remove some files because I'm using... *checks email* 123Gb of data. I wonder if I could drop two pendrives at the IT office to double my storage space and call it a day.

Few things are as satisfying as starting to write a script that will save you an hour of time and then realizing you already wrote it *and* you know where you saved it.

Oh, sweet summer child... We were so innocent back then...

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I created long ago an account in Crowdflower, now called Figure Eight and acquired by Appen. It turns out these idiots got their database leaked in June, and yet I only found out now because HaveIBeenPwned notified me. No email, no press release, nothing.

In order to read this New Yorker article I have to accept tracking cookies, disable private mode, *and* subscribe. Looking forward to the first website requiring 4 steps before letting me in.

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