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drama resolution 

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i said FUCK arbies!
i crashed my car into an arby's

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hmm part of me wants to feel how it is to be pregnant, I want to foster someone's child but I know that won't happen

there's a man in this game with me and his name is "rat smacker" and it's upsetting me Ó╭╮Ò

gilf porn is unbelievably cursed. no fucking grandmas.

gross lewd 


athena, wise with her tits out, does not smile on you.

i am currently the most senseless poster on this site. this site clings to me like greedy snot. i am eternal

almost feels like it too, like a greasy cinderblock

its not my fault your soul tastes like cat food

to bored people, manipulating is a fun activity to waste time on

i am actually a ghost on the outside and a human on the inside, like a cinnamon roll


actually i replaced my jaw with a beartrap snip snip

im gonna swallow a pair of child scissors and then we'll talk

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