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drama resolution 

if you hear something about me, please don't be afraid to talk to me about it. I have changed a lot since mastodon, and i have changed a lot every day. i wont know everything, be patient. i'm a kind person and i don't want to make anyone feel bad. even those who do want to hurt me. you have to hurt to learn big lessons like this, and i have a lot to learn. ill continue living and learning, and for what its worth, im sorry. but at the same time i dont regret anything that happened

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hahaha come on dude ur feet dont actually have stink lines do they dude hahahaha

if you fucking carry a stapler i will bite the shit out of you and burn u with my big fat cigar

im pretty considerate never moving so you dont have to update your blocklist

eating goldfish from my greater cock area

pheonox wrighrts name in japanese is "i fuckin understand"

u cant wear a beanie if you havent committend a crime
ur just poser

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