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drama resolution 

if you hear something about me, please don't be afraid to talk to me about it. I have changed a lot since mastodon, and i have changed a lot every day. i wont know everything, be patient. i'm a kind person and i don't want to make anyone feel bad. even those who do want to hurt me. you have to hurt to learn big lessons like this, and i have a lot to learn. ill continue living and learning, and for what its worth, im sorry. but at the same time i dont regret anything that happened

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i said FUCK arbies!
i crashed my car into an arby's

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why does capitalism create the illusion that someone has to struggle for someone else to live comfortably

🎶ive got two crickets to paradise🎶

finally had someone set up an appointment to get hrt and I got a jury duty summons that day, U CAMT STOP ME AMERICA

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if you let cis straight white people try to make art all by themselves, you get country

cool trap, gore 

cool trap idea imagine combining a cigar cutter and a rat traps to make a great trap for cutting off fingies

But they're still about 190 pounds and... Holy moly

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can u believe that there are people who actually smoke cigars and have a beard and ... wow like

bitching about online store 

any online retail that doesn't accept PayPal is so primative , I tried to buy a fucking zippo and not only do you have to hand enter your info, they WAIT A DAY to confirm it! Fucking Pay pal PLEASE

In 2012 the Catholic Church accused SpongeBob of turning kids gay. now we've turned him gay. So proud

love that old racist lady video both of them actually, love how they made me shake and wanna mace her

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