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drama resolution 

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i said FUCK arbies!
i crashed my car into an arby's

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im so conflicted this villain is so hot

a motorcycle is the modern equivalent of riding a broom and thats why i have one

if u consider snakes evil its a remnant of your mammalcentric worldview and you should be ashamed

all thats left for me to do to become the greatest hottest butch is to grow tiny little perky tits

i carved a skull out of a human head bone

not saying republican women are any less evil

republican women are brainwashed into being cooper and bryson factories

republican's biggest power is their ability to spurt out repugnant spawn

if any character has ever dressed up in drag to infiltrate something, i will love them

the safest place to store the egg you received for your Home Ec final is your pussy

why walk anywhere when u on a broom silhouetted by the full moon

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