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Andrew Hewus Fresh

Many thanks to @bugZ for making me make hot sauce tonight. It is pretty cool to just get another case of woozy bottles from the basement.

One of my new favorite things is to use `SHELL=path/to/shellscript script` to capture all output from shellscript using script(1)

TIL it was Tom Christiansen who started the PPT ( Power Tools) project.

On the train from Portland to Vancouver BC with friends for a nice weekend away.

Got remote backup working again, turned out to be MTU due to ipsec over pppoe. Not sure why my laptop worked while refused

If you donate to me please know some of that is going towards a bit of hacking OR a lot of pizza.. thx.


Multiple disk failures in my home file server recently mean restoring from backups this weekend instead of just a migration to a new array.

My undeadly report on the first hackathon I attended is up!! ๐Ÿกโ™ฅ๏ธ

Apparently early to bed was a good plan. Dang, but sleep was amazing.

Was planning to find the pub where the other folks from were hanging out, but I may be getting too old for this, as one wrong turn added to a long day staring at a screen and bed looks too good!

Landed at Billy Bishop, now to find some hackers

@phessler getting ready to board our flight to Toronto, should be there in a couple hours. My shell server with many details is ded at the moment so may need you to provide directions once I get there.

being the inventor of , does them differently than the corporate ones.

it isn't a competition. no prizes. its perfectly fine to not finish. heck, sleep is encouraged.

we work together on making the best we can, and having the domain experts in the same room makes that far easier.

Sadly my shell server went offline this morning and have been too busy to figure out what happened.

Headed to the airport with @bugZ on the way to the hackathon in

Landed in Pittsburgh with @bugZ, the weather looks to be a nice relief from home for the few days we're here before on to Toronto.

In addition to awk(1)'s -safe mode, which uses pledge(2), sed(1) now also enforces a stricter pledge by default when input is ready from stdin:

Previous awk(1) change: