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Andrew Hewus Fresh @AFresh1

@dvl yay! I recommend you find someone familiar with databases now :-D

@dvl Ya. I added some of the debugging lines I'd like to see to but I sure think it looks like the CommitCountPeriod

@dvl Is that the first one that has any Count? Are you sure it's not the `$CountRecent = FreshPorts::Utilities::CommitCountPeriod($dbh, $Interval);` ?

@dvl wow, how many files are in the incoming directory?

@dvl There were some other bits that were hurting my eyes, tho I don't have any of those modules, so this is entirely untested.

@dvl Why File::Find? `--maxdepth 1` should just be ```foreach my $queue (keys %queues) {
my $pattern = $queues{$queue} || '*';
my @files = glob( "$base/$site/msgs/FreeBSD/$queue/$pattern" );
my $Count = scalar @files;

@Vigdis @kurtm a quick install in a vm seems easier than reading install.sub :-)

@Vigdis @kurtm the system should mail you an auto install file after you've installed manually. Didn't you get that?

"My BSD sucks less than yours - Baptiste Daroussin & Antoine Jacoutot" LSE Summer Week 2017

Replaced CenturyLink provided router with doing PPPoE + got going. Thanks @canadianbryan for the with link to the manual

@canadianbryan I think this may be the first time someone other than me has put code I wrote in a presentation :-)