@kurtm @mulander I thought I'd give Mastodon users the benefit of the doubt on trolling, oh well.

Feeling slightly bad about missing the last BSD Pizza Night of 2017, but I assume none of the other attendees want this cold

@bcallah RT @zigg: fediplay, a tool to automatically download and play music that people you follow post links to, has just gone cross-platform, thanks to @unascribed and @djsundog! (Thanks, you two!)


Chocolate, chocolate chip vegan rice cooker cake - happy 30th birthday (thanks @bugZPDX for making it)

Just realized if I squint my eyes just right I can put @paulvixie in my developers list, although his code in the system is likely older than OpenBSD

Yay! Apparently the G5 just wanted some gentle caresses and now it seems happy again

Reseating RAM in my G5 in hopes that it will remember that memory has been compatible for the last many years and will then boot again.

After a bit more work, a pointer from pr1ntf, and a patch from patrick@ I can now auto-install on a VM under over the network gist.github.com/afresh1/804fc0

Finally got an VM running under the gui. Need to go over the steps again, but finally will be able to fix my smokers

Spent all day running errands, was a nice day to be out and about.

Many thanks to @bugZ for making me make hot sauce tonight. It is pretty cool to just get another case of woozy bottles from the basement.

One of my new favorite things is to use `SHELL=path/to/shellscript script` to capture all output from shellscript using script(1)

TIL it was Tom Christiansen who started the PPT ( Power Tools) project. perlpowertools.com/

On the train from Portland to Vancouver BC with friends for a nice weekend away.

Got remote backup working again, turned out to be MTU due to ipsec over pppoe. Not sure why my laptop worked while refused

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