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OKAY! So it's been a couple of days since I joined Mastodon, which means it's time for a history thread. Going by tootles' responses, I'm going to be starting with these fascinating artefacts: the hero stones of the medieval Deccan.

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Hi there, ! Thanks so much for connecting! Here's a of useful resources I've found to help make the UX a little easier to understand and navigate:

1. This detailed collection of resources for Mastodon, including Web and mobile clients, servers, and news bots:

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@Deepsealioness Hello! I'm Anirudh. I'm a geopolitics researcher and amateur historian. My focus area is the early medieval Deccan, c. 600-1100, and I try to make critical understandings of history accessible through podcasting and memes.

I'm new here and am looking to connect with more like-minded folks - can I get a boost, please? :)

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I think the Supreme Court's bowing to majoritarian pressure on Ayodhya underscores more than ever the need to have broad, critical understandings of India's medieval history.

I'd like to contribute to the discourse with a bunch of photo essay-ish toots about the evolution of the myriad meanings of temples and idols - in particular, their meanings in warfare. What should I start with?

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A nostalgic recollection of ancient history learnt at school. Thank you @IVMPodcasts and @AKanisetti. Just listened to first couple and it brought back memories of my favourite teacher at school - Mr. Padmanabhan! And he was a history teacher.

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I just signed this petition. Massive thanks to @mformanic for getting this started. As historians, scholars & observers of history, we deserve & demand clarity on the transfer, storage & future preservation of documents at the National Archives of India. Please sign & RT widely.

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“These objects represent a magnificent coming together of centuries of artistic development across the enormous Afro-Eurasian landmass”

@AKanisetti on the Museum of Christian Art in Goa, beautifully renovated and with a superb collection:

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Most of the indentured labourers of Indian origin were weavers whose industry had been destroyed by protectionist laws in the UK that made Manchester-made cotton textiles cheaper than Indian-made ones.

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I had a lovely time speaking to @AKanisetti about Truck de India, Indian history and lots more on @TakshashilaInst's All Things Policy podcast. Do listen in!

My newest project, Connected Histories, was featured in the @NewIndianXpress! I spoke about the potential for telling South Asian histories in new ways and my upcoming books. Thank you so much, @simranahuja76!

The spread of Buddhism along India's east coast, c. 1st century BCE-CE, as a meme:

I made a meme about religion and politics in South Asia because there seems to be a playbook that politicians have perfected across borders:

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types of early modern india papers (sorry not sorry to historians of the mughals)

I write about a hero-stone set up for a loyal pup in medieval South India - a good boy whose life was, uniquely, tied to a spectacular drama involving the Rashtrakuta, Chola and Ganga dynasties. Also, there's a bunch of stuff on medieval dog culture!

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The way tolkien calculated the distances between fictional places to get the ETAs just right

Every one of our videos comes with an exhaustive bibliography to make it easier for folks to access scholarly material on South Asian history. Here's a reading list on Vijayanagara and the Deccan Sultanates.

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South Asian history is so vast and complex that there's endless potential for educational content. Yet it's barely represented in English YouTube. No more. Please watch and subscribe to help us keep bringing our global histories to life! Regional language dubs will follow soon :)

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Excited to launch my YouTube channel, Connected Histories: a critically-researched exploration of global history with South Asia at the centre. Our 1st vid tackles trade, innovation, and family politics leading to the fall of Vijayanagara in 1565.

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Why is it so hard to understand that vaccines need to be free or cheap so that at least 70 percent of people in this vast and poor country take it? Because if they don't, the virus will stick around and keep mutating, until it finds a way to crack through the vaccine YOU take

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wtf is this weird exoticizing language used by @nytimes to describe the COVID crisis in India. saying "citizens gasp for air on the streets" and "mass cremations that run through the night" instead of pinpointing the massive policy failures that led to this?

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Educate. DEMAND BETTER. Be a patriot. Don't be ok with the funeral pyres. Don't be ok with the apathy. Don't be ok with the inaction. Enough is enough. </end>

I write about how "globalised" the Harappans were: nearly 4,500 years ago, they were conducting international trade, building port facilities, and even figuring out how to float stranded ships (which the owners of the Ever Given might be curious about).

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The world is collapsing around us, and I can only share what little nuggets of knowledge I've gained today. Let's look at a nineteenth-century painting by an artist named Devi-Ditta currently in the British Museum. this painting, almost singlehandedly, sums up the peripatetic...

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