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OKAY! So it's been a couple of days since I joined Mastodon, which means it's time for a history thread. Going by tootles' responses, I'm going to be starting with these fascinating artefacts: the hero stones of the medieval Deccan.

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Hi there, ! Thanks so much for connecting! Here's a of useful resources I've found to help make the UX a little easier to understand and navigate:

1. This detailed collection of resources for Mastodon, including Web and mobile clients, servers, and news bots:

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@Deepsealioness Hello! I'm Anirudh. I'm a geopolitics researcher and amateur historian. My focus area is the early medieval Deccan, c. 600-1100, and I try to make critical understandings of history accessible through podcasting and memes.

I'm new here and am looking to connect with more like-minded folks - can I get a boost, please? :)

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I think the Supreme Court's bowing to majoritarian pressure on Ayodhya underscores more than ever the need to have broad, critical understandings of India's medieval history.

I'd like to contribute to the discourse with a bunch of photo essay-ish toots about the evolution of the myriad meanings of temples and idols - in particular, their meanings in warfare. What should I start with?

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70% of our oil was formed during the Mesozoic. Microorganisms died in warm shallow seas and after millions of years of being buried, immense pressure and heat we have a substance our modern society is built upon from a candy wrapper to fuel that help send rockets into space.

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Anyway, it's interesting that Javanese reliefs appear to depict horn/sinew composite bows. They're something of a medieval Afro-Eurasian phenomenon, like gunpowder, card games, and the spice trade.

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Still fascinated by Javanese reliefs depicting what are clearly composite bows with elongated contact siyahs. It's sometimes claimed that bows like this (made of horn, wood, and sinew glued and bound together) couldn't survive in a humid tropical environment but, well:

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Remember kids, the Indian state and education system is so scared of Women's Studies and feminist scholarship, that since the last 03 years, they have been trying to cut all funding and resources of Women's Studies Centres across the country to permanently to shut them down.

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Gandalf: what up frodo?

Frodo: just been chilling in The Shire my entire life like every hobbit ever except for that time you made Bilbo walk thousands of miles for a shiny stone

Gandalf: cool cool




Gandalf: so are you into jewelry and walking a lot or

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“India entrenches use of shutdowns to suppress protests, cuts off Jammu and Kashmir.
India imposed the lion’s share of internet shutdowns in 2020, topping the global shame list — just as it did in 2018 and 2019.”

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Today we discussed "canceling" Domitian. His statues were torn down/recarved, & his name erased from monuments. Despite this we still know about him b/c he was written about in books. History wasn't erased, just the stuff glorifying him.

Then we talked about Confederate statues.

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Two public talks on this week: 3/4 at U Albany IMS and 3/8 at U Chicago CLAS. All are welcome!

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Hard to wrap one's head around these India numbers from Oxfam's report on Covid and inequality

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To transliterate @avtansa's tweet for those who don't read Devanagari:

Sanskrit बुद्ध​- buddʰa- ('enlightened, the Buddha') > Sogdian 𐼱𐼴𐽂 bwt ('the Buddha, Buddha-idol') > Persian بُت but ('idol') > Urdu بُت but ('idol')

So, an Indo-Aryan word ended up back in Indo-Aryan :)

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Trying to make a list of queer affirmative mental health practitioners/ doctors/surgeons/ lawyers/crisis intervention helpline numbers (preferably from Delhi NCR, Haryana region) for a project.
Twitsies, pls do your thing and help us get names and numbers. RT and amplify?👉👈

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For years in Chennai we lived next door to a family where every fight ended with Grandmother brandishing the same box of matches & threatening to light herself with them & after she died(heart, at 80+) the family found that it was an empty matchbox & also didn't work

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Photos from Simlipal, please keep sharing photos and videos from on ground. This has been going on for 10 days and we are losing animals as we speak!Many endangered and being primed for illegal patching which will be rampant over the next few days as animals look for safe ground

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I am quoting noted sociologist, Martin Nicolous: “What if that machinery were reversed? What if the habits, problems, secrets, and unconscious motivations of the wealthy and powerful were daily scrutinized by a thousand systematic researchers, were hourly pried into, analyzed...

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