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truly the similarities between the ultimate villains of the dc and marvel franchises says something about the deeply human fear of a large purple man

might wanna start reposting fanart of ayunda risu here, not sure

can anyone recommend me accounts here that post funny stuff

I Was Reincarnated As Myself In The Same World But In Traction At The Hospital Oh Wait A Minute Nevermind

you know, with all the stuff that is going on on twitter and youtube rn, i wonder what could be the last straw that would force people to abandon em for good, since many alternatives of those sites like the fediverse seem good for such disenfranchised people

aaaaand i forgot i had a mastodon account again, damn

and oh yeah. what if you eventually turn into a splicer by the end of the game

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while i was playing bioshock 1 i always wondered why despite the fact that using plasmids way too much turns you into a splicer you constantly need to use them to progress through the game properly

another day another online class and a missed assignment. welp, fuck

i hope that one day, risu will acknowledge me as her husband on stream

so i decided to watch anime again after a pretty long time, and i decided to watch charlotte

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