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Indiferent de rezultatele asteptate, un singur element indispensabil ne este de cel mai mare folos, abilitatea de a face "o conexiune" cu oricine ne vine in cale si astfel creand prietenii noi, de durata si de folos pentru toti cei implicati.

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Optimizarea SEO inseamna ajutor si schimb de informatii din care sa putem sustrage punctele care sa ne ajute in obtinerea rezultatelor dorite in cel mai simplu mod, cu eficienta maxima si pe cat posibil cu minim de efort.

Who is using <meta name="theme-color" content=""> tag in <head>? Can it be made "more" compatible with different browsers?

"You've seen our AlphaStar-struck, now imagine the Beta, and how impactful the Final release will be" -

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The iOS privacy labels show the difference: One protects and values your privacy. The other abuses your data to maximize profits.

Let's fight for together! 💪

Custom 404 error page instead of simple redirect!
See this post by ByAdamHr on Google:

Very first ALPHA looks and platform walkthrough.
Claiming back our trust in 📌

What if 🆃🆁🆄🆂🆃 could be measured?

What if 🅸🅽🆅🅴🆂🆃ing and trading was fun and easy?

is here to stay, is it?
Coreto Q&A ✅

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