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If you could change 1 thing about the projects, what would it be?

My Superheroes and Villains in Design talk from Thinking Digital 2013 was apparently removed from the official conference account so – thanks to Scott Hewitt, who sent me his downloaded copy – I just made it available from ours.

You can watch/download it here:

I also took the opportunity to back up my 2014 talk, Free is a Lie.

You can watch/download that one here:

For more recent talks, see

| Google, acusada d'espiar l'alumnat català Un escrit de la Fiscalia General de Nou Mèxic (Estats Units) desvela que la multinacional tecnològica recopila dades de les menors a través de la seva eina G Suite for Education per utilitzar-les amb finalitats publicitaries. Pares i mares d’alumnat català, juntament amb la plataforma Xnet, ja havien denunciat aquests fets ara fa uns mesos. Per Albert Alexandre, via @La_Directa

The sale of the .ORG domain registry to a private equity firm would impact the nonprofits you care about. Join the 20,000 people demanding it be stopped.

🗓️ Ja tenim data per al V Congrés de Sobirania Tecnològica! Serà dissabte 29 de febrer a la Lleialtat Santsenca (Sants, Barcelona) Podeu fer arribar les vostres propostes de tallers i xerrades a 📫

An important ruling today in the Illinois Supreme Court is great news for biometric privacy, and likely bad news for tech companies who are facing lawsuits for applying face recognition to uploaded photographs without informed opt-in consent

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