Falsos influencers que estafen a marques comercials fent servir instagram. Coses del capitalisme.

Instagram: aquelles fotos que poseu entre anunci i anunci

Purism has an update on their progress with the Librem 5. If you're considering getting one, new information for you!

"Librem 5 general development report — October 15th, 2018 – Purism"


As promised, version 1.0 of #PeerTube, a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning!

joinpeertube.org #JoinPeerTube

framablog.org/2018/10/15/peert (article in English to come)

“Rain rain go to Spain, never show your face again”

Cantarelles del regne unit

No actualitzeu encara el Windows 10 i el fil conductor entre VOX i la Wikipedia. L’espai d’avui al Catalunya Vespre.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

#article13 has just pass. This means the internet as we know it just changed forever. And if you think this is not enough check that they are planning next:

Censure antiterroriste: la Commission européenne veut détruire l'Internet décentralisé.

Elle propose un règlement qui imposera à tout hébergeur Web des obligations que seuls les géants pourront tenir et, ainsi, poussera les autres à disparaître

Article : laquadrature.net/fr/reglement_

Mozilla, Defender of Your Privacy™ And A Force For Good In The World™ presents: an “experiment” that shares your browsing history with a third party to give you a “personalised feed of quality content.”


Note: Mozilla is not a surveillance capitalist. How dare you even think that? Some Of The Best People I Know Work There!™

Also: Mozilla has not and will never continue to get billions of dollars from Google/Alphabet, Inc.

Finally, what are you, a communist?!

HT @ploum

You can avoid #YouTube's weird algorithms and broken subscription system by subscribing to channels through RSS instead. You don't need an account, just a feed reader.

Put the channel's username in this address:


You can then add this RSS address to your feed reader app.

For example, OnePotChefShow's RSS feed is:


You can also make RSS feeds from channel IDs (strings of letters and numbers):


#RSS #BringBackRSS

He traduït al català la biografia de Inés Joyes y Blake, una de les primeres autores d'un text feminista a Espanya ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/In%C3%A9

He traduït al català la bio de Samir Amin, economista antiimperialista mort ahir ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samir_Am

"Quantum physics considers the world as an enormous set of possibilities that become facts only following observation. And the mechanism that dictates which of all those possibilities will be converted into fact is chance"

For any problem that exists, there is always someone who will solve it somehow by piping something through sed.

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