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My irresponsible big sister offered to take me to waterworks, I said that was a stupid idea and told her why. She said to publish it somewhere so here it is.


Dank bong bowl with fresh bubble hash.
Bout to light it up with my boyfriends!

significant work done on the menus today

all video options work, and now you can choose your save file to load *and* load it!

Planning a virtual happy hour for our team this week.

Giphy came up with this when I searched "Thorsday" and this has got to be my new favorite gif.

I had nyan cat as my alarm sound for half a decade until my fiance was absolutely over it.

(Tried doing a tineye for credit, but couldn't find one)

We should collectively place more value on libraries. Libraries do so much for communities--both the people who need to be able to access information without hassle, and the writers who want their stories so accessible--and most of that work goes totally ignored.

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