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I never did one of these I think.

I'm Alex, a 39yo dad from England.

Some of my beliefs: socialism; sex worker rights; LGBTQIA+ rights; feminism; pro choice; eat the rich; punch nazis

For work I program video games. I made

Hobbies I have had include
- upholstery (pics:
- tai chi (~15 years intensely, have a silver medal from the world championships in Taiwan; I have stopped practicing)
- massage (trained but no longer practicing)

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Allowing my lips to become sore and dry because i refuse to buy another lip balm when i have 14 sticks of it that i Habitually leave at home instead of taking with me

25 years of my life and I'm still
Trying to get up that great big hill
Don't worry
Be happy

Failing miserably at Fucktober this year. So stressful, lol. Sometimes you just sit down and give no fucks you know? Will try over the weekend to give the fucks i missed so far

i open the kylie jenner tweet to look at the pic twice every time someone retweets it with their own story of a badder bitch than kylie jenner. great to hear about your grandmother but, you know,

at 3pm on
a sunday airports

Techbros will holler on about the marketplace being king and then lick the boots of unviable companies that are only surviving by sucking billions out of the economy in investment and destroying the environment

Makes me sad to think what a waste infinity blade 2 was

here's a hot music take jeff buckley sucks and is a stupid whiny bitch

Afflicted today with voluminous and highly pungent flatulence

Calling something "remarkable" is so English. It's like... I was moved to,,, make a remark about it

Proportion of the population where you live gets the intimacy they feel they need?

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