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Hey brits boost this so i can get more British friends

Definitely just walked past someone I've sexted on tinder

If you want to get seriously fucked up, have a fondue party

While visiting family my dad felt up my partner's head because she has very short hair. Before doing so he apologised for what he was about to do, rather than first asking permission to touch her head.

He makes a lot of feminist art and strongly supports women's causes in principle.

Dreamed i was femme. My vest top was on backwards, so i took it off, exposing my maroon-coloured bra. Two men walked by and one grabbed and fondled my shoulder. I told them that they should have asked permission to do that, but they didn't care. They were part of a traveling circus troupe and performed in the street soon after. That didn't make it ok.

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Better picture of the three cleaned floorboards. They can go cleaner, there's still little crevices where the brush couldn't tease out the dirt

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Gillian Anderson can definitely feel free to sexually educate me. Please educate me mummy

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