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Food, trypophobia 

I think alkalis deserve a better name. Acids sound badass. Alkalis sound dorky.

using unsalted butter instead of salted butter on your toast allows you to increase your volume of Marmite per slice by 3-4x

the one thing i regret from being banned form hellsite and no longer having a shit-talking main there is that I can no longer ask people who are playing INSIDE if they have finished INSIDE yet

I don't have nausea today, but i DID eat ass last night

Hmmmm.... How can we get people to forget our terrible workplace quality of life and complete misunderstanding of cyberpunk as a genre. Has anyone got keanu's agent on call?

Doing myself a mh favour and not installing tinder while Alice is away.

- pseudomedicine 

- pseudomedicine 

Apparently you can just blame your parents for everything that's wrong with you? I've been playing life on hard mode?

One of the many arguments I had this morning concerned the desire to wear yesterday's underpants. In the process of these negotiations I held the reeking article in my right hand, but I must have neglected to wash my hand afterwards because something ain't right here. And it keeps coming back, and I think it's because I had my hand in my trouser pocket at some point. I'm sorry for telling you all this but I had to express it somewhere

Why don't Tory MPs put their party in their Twitter bios?

So if you're going to play it, be warned: it is not very nice. Art doesn't have to be pleasant, but it can be upsetting when you're not expecting it to be unpleasant and it is

I think the developers of KIDS had really horrible childhoods. I found the whole thing to be quite unpleasant.

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