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Too old for lists now, nothing about me is defined anymore; not even the chaos. The rest of me is filled with my and a few half finished novels.

Things I love:
good -fi


Coats piled in the fogging windows in as tumblers are handed out in the half-light.

that silences you.

Coming home to a candlelit living room and dogs who want to tell you all about the magpies in the garden

Ireland is taking shape at last. It's a new place where you can belong.

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me: i have monday off wow what am i gonna do with all this free time
my followers yelling at me: FINISH YOUR FUCKIN GAME
me: WHAT am i gonna DO with all this FREE TIME....

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Our Weblate is ready to accept translations for the upcoming Mastodon 2.4 release

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Pres.Trump's team, it appears, is going to exraordinary lengths to attack a treaty that limits nuclear weapons in Iran.

Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal. Israeli agency told to find incriminating material on Obama diplomats who negotiated deal with Tehran.

Heading to Howth (seen here on the horizon) to clear my head of all these dread-laced cobwebs.

Still having a huge dyslexic issue with the Follow and Unfollow button. @Gargron Can never tell which is which until after I hit it.


My toaster is fucking possessed.

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update - Cooper the dog is making the most OBSCENE NOISES in the dark under the desk in his bed. He's really, really enjoying himself. I'm actually afraid to look and it would be rude at this... wait... wait... ok he's finished. Jesus christ.

There will be a day when I get passed the word 'Cannelloni' on a restaurant menu

but today is not that day

Warning - suicide ideation Show more

We are words spoken by sunlight.