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Too old for lists now, nothing about me is defined anymore; not even the chaos. The rest of me is filled with my and a few half finished novels.

Things I love:
good -fi


Coats piled in the fogging windows in as tumblers are handed out in the half-light.

that silences you.

Coming home to a candlelit living room and dogs who want to tell you all about the magpies in the garden

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Have I mentioned that I have some kind of adverse ... ADVERSION to Lunarbaboon?

It's just not my cup of tea.

I don't know why, but it makes me wanna break pencils.


I only enjoy it for about 20 minutes. Then I start to question my entire life. At around 25 minutes, I quietly, without fanfare, close it and open Dark Souls to work out my pain.

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There was a woman in my office many moons ago. She was useless. She spent the day playing Solitaire. One day, I found her PC unlocked. I moved the solitaire.exe file into another folder. I told the others. We waited.

She returned and soon we heard it: the Windows File Not Found error ping.

Silence reigns for about 3 minutes then:
This went on all week.

In the end, I restored the file. Out of pity.

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Dear students too cynical to vote:
You know that classmate who thinks slavery wasn't that bad and evolution is just a theory and the free market is infallible and women are inherently inferior and queer people are mentally ill?
He's voting.
Wouldn't you love to ruin his day?

So I caught the Moon peeking out from behind the Spike in Dublin this morning


Brought to you by God.

The same bastard behind Tuesday and 11am on Wednesday.

That moment at the end of Dunkirk.

Still geeking out over it.

Just seen . Was expecting disaster porn. Surprisingly, it's not. Very intense. Great flying sequence. Loved it.

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"No one has good answers" 🤣

Repeat PSA


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@Gargron that follow/unfollow button is a nightmare for a dyslexic, can you colour code it or something?