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Too old for lists now, nothing about me is defined anymore; not even the chaos. The rest of me is filled with my and a few half finished novels.

Things I love:
good -fi


Coats piled in the fogging windows in as tumblers are handed out in the half-light.

that silences you.

Coming home to a candlelit living room and dogs who want to tell you all about the magpies in the garden

We are words spoken by sunlight.

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Weekend hack: Creating a retrofuture internet terminal by replacing the Motorola MDT-9100's i386SX with a BeagleBone Black and Teensy:


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I wanna watch the documentary on Netflix about the Apollo program but they're starting with guys doing pieces to camera about Apollo 1 and now NO YOU'RE CRYING on a commuter train.

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hi, my name is iliana, and welcome is jackass

[merges three pull requests while making additional changes and does zero testing]

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Dear all, this instance will be shutdown tomorrow. Thank you all for being here. Over and out.

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@Alisca Cream eggs are basically like vaping. They don't kill you but, they probably are hurting your health in some nebulous way if you do it all the time, and you look ridiculous if one is in your mouth in public.

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Nice initiative :)

I saw on my timeline recently that there was a similar rant in France, because google wanted to set a campus in a city I don't remember, It would be nice to connect the two initiatives :)

Boost appreciated!

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At thsi time of day?
In this part of the Country?
Localized entirely wtihin your mastodon instance?


School is out or there's a man with a hacket in the playground. So hard to tell.