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“When I go from hence, let this be my parting word, that what I have seen is unsurpassable, I have tasted of the hidden honey of this lotus that expands on the ocean of light, and thus I am blessed. Let this be my parting word. In this playhouse of infinite forms, I have had my play, and here have I caught sight of him that is formless…”  

-- the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore

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A huge slow and heavy Liffey slides beneath the Happenny Bridge in city this afternoon. The sky and the water are pregnant with light.

This is fucking good content you sluts.

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Too old for lists now, nothing about me is defined anymore; not even the chaos. The rest of me is filled with my and a few half finished novels.

Things I love:
good -fi


Coats piled in the fogging windows in as tumblers are handed out in the half-light.

that silences you.

Coming home to a candlelit living room and dogs who want to tell you all about the magpies in the garden

What an absolutely shit episode of Discovery that was.

I, for one, would really miss the Moon if it fucked off. I really hope She sticks around.

Sharing my fucking face because I spent a lot of time getting gCam to work and then making the HDR+ settings to run in Protrait mode. Also, sexy.

The first guys to do the double-slit experiment must have thought they were cursed or crazy

How do these cunts not know they're evil

Derek Henry
Speed 100
Strength 100
Agility 100
Intelligence 99

Speed 4
Strength 2
Agility 3
Intelligence 8

None of you fucks are drinking enough fresh water and it shows

turns out the third suspension from Twitter is the charm

it's despicable that you can't ghost a Whatsapp group

Mars Saturn and Jupiter all being absolute sluts in tonight's Irish sky. Take my word for it

Death bed: I wish

I wish I hadn't spent so much time worrying about things I couldn't do anything about

Amazing really how fast we discard our worries the moment they have been resolved

People wasting their time making a bullshit point about Trump: "Let that sink in."

Fuck off



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