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I dunno I was gonna toot something and there's no accounting for taste

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So the Get Out crew is making a Barney movie.

You know what? I hope it's good. I hope it's sincere and weird and imaginative. I don't imagine the message, "You are capable of empathy and deserve to be loved", had got any less timely.

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The upshot of the delightful ? Save the world... while keeping your 5-star Uber rating afloat

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Just kidding. Here's a real screenshot. Finally got Map Room upgrades in and functional today \o/

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My brand is spending the entire commute crying and making plans for my imminent unemployment because I'm about to arrive at 7:05 and being told once there that I start at 8

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Money, video games, weasely advertising 

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The moment I switched it on, my CPU usage shot to 40% and never really dropped below that. This means I can't scale back from an $80/mo server to a $40/mo server - not and keep adaptive resolution, anyways.

It's frustratingly right on the *cusp* of where it's be more affordable to just save up and get a true metal chassis to run on.

Good and bad news from the backend side.

Good: enabling adaptive streaming suddenly made it work on mobile! Woo!

Bad: The player doesn't expose on-the-fly switching. I don't think Beta 3 does this, either, so I might end up editing it myself.

Ugly: the stats from tonight confirmed my fear that CPU usage scales linearly with the number of output streams - i.e., no matter how small the output is, the input it has to compress to get there is the same size.

Going to retroactively CW this because it is very much a first person suffering simulator. The PC will talk about hunger, thirst, starvation, and worry audibly as their hidden stress meter rises.

Changing it up... just no patience for FPSs tonight. Let's try The Long Dark.

Well, let's see how well streaming with adaptive streaming works.

We're back into Apex Legends but I'll be pausing periodically to peek with my instance's data.

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So, weird Sonic factoid...

The cartoon Sonic Boom was written in vacuum, before the show was even confirmed. They didn't have anything to go off of.

Which is why it feels like Knothole, but isn't Knothole.

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