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If OK Go ever milkshake ducks it is going to break my heart.

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It is 🥚 day. Please, have a good time with 🥚

m.s, good to see you about again, I was worried about ya.

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A big part of that is the *parent* support that I Promise provides - from GED prep and interview prep to job placement and a *food pantry*.

Do you know how freeing a food guarantee is? The pictures in the articles only showed peanut butter, bread, and spices, but spartan as that is... do you know how much stress is taken off of you when you know for certain you're going to eat tommorow? Not worrying about whether or not some of your family's going to be skipping meals tommorow?

Akron's "I Promise" school - started in a 'bad' part of town - is now in the 99th growth percentile of schools nationwide for test results.

Not bad for a school that intentionally selected from the bottom 25% of students performing in their district, and as such has 15% ESOL students and 29% students with learning disabilities.

Oh! They turned the fountains back on in KC - spring has come back!

It would be so easy for them to cook the books, call on insurance, and retire. Instead, management and executives are standing with their workers.

Hydro Norsk the company that suffered a cyberattack that destroyed all their records for all their 120+ sites?

Nobody's been fired. Instead, everyone is working on disaster recovery. They're rebuilding records by hand where needed.

The fires at Notre Dame were contained in an hour. A similar fire occured at the Al-Aqsa mosque - but they had THAT one extinguished within 7 minutes, with only minor damage to the roof.

NO deaths at Notre Dame. All relics saved. Most furniture saved. All stained glass undamaged or only needing minor repair. The foundations largely undamaged.

Okay, today's been rough, so I'm going to do a thread of only good recent news.

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I don't want to get up, I want to lie under the AC all day...

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If y'all wanna see a good 'ol rabbit skeleton stomp a mudhole through the underworld and walk it dry, gimme a HELL YEAH!

Playing more HELL YEAH! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit on stream tonight!

#Streaming #Gameing

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