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If Facebook is a tenement, Mastodon is the hip trendy housing co-op where about one in four are neonazis, and you're never sure which one of the four it is.

An interesting article, measuring real income (salary after taxes - cost of living) for programmers in various cities.

According to their methodology, how much you got paid was the SECOND biggest factor in your real income. The largest correlation to income? Rent.

...are there any P2P software managers? Where X is to Steam/Origin what PopcornTime is to Netflix.

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AND I updated my Queer Internet stickers in the shop to reflect the new Amigas sticker in Set C and our all-new Set D! Guaranteed to make any flat, non-porous surface instantly 100% more stylish.

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LB: as a trans woman of infinite strength, my goal is to destroy all sports forever

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All my love is conditional.

The condition is "Don't be a fucking asshole".


I can get a list of domains I block, but I can't add domains without viewing one of their toots

The flaw in this design should be obvious

Question. Where is 'instance block' in preferences? I can't find it.

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BTW, I’m off streaming duty today, but we’ve still got another whole day of #KorpsCon programming to check out! Http:// Art streams, gaming, and a custom tabletop RPG adventure! STAY TUNED.

Now that we have all sorts of incidents of countries censoring social media for political purposes, and the US and the UK about to join them, I'd like to see how resilient Mastodon has been in the face of this.

But I lack the knowledge of the languages needed to really probe this...

Oh hey! This soda I picked up from the local soda store isn't a CHINESE soda - it's a TAIWANESE soda!

Call it a Solidarity Sarsparilla, then...

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So. 22 days left of My Little Pony.

I'm behind by 239 episodes.

I have... JUST enough time to get caught up. If I start today.

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Going live with the no-mic supershow and some Apex Legends! Because Solo Queues are a limited-time thing, and by god I'm gonna take advantage of them!


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