The common thread on both sides of the Pond is that the vanguard for a truly open society is people who are disenfranchised and who the native elite isn't even trying to enfranchise. Why dilute the ENA grads' power by enfranchising equally competent people who went to weird foreign schools?

Hoisting this from a comment I just wrote:

Continental European sociologists classify people by gender, education, and sometimes nativity status, not race or religion. So they miss telltale signs like "this movement is entirely white."

The US equivalent is classifying by race, not nativity, and using race as a proxy for immigration, even on issues where they're not the same. So they literally puzzle at propositions like "rent control is bad for immigrants" or "visa denial is discrimination."

Why am I still feeling dread over having just moved to Berlin? I suspect part of it is that Germany just has more red tape than France, but I don't think it's the whole story.

We're in Aachen and the train is already 10 minutes behind schedule. This isn't on DB and its what-me-worry maintenance, it's on SNCF/SNCB d.b.a. Thalys.

Liege is looking a lot darker than Brussels, not because it's poorer (although it is) but because the sun has just set. But the buildings I see from the station don't have their windows lit and this is really strange.

[I am literally crying as the train is making its way out of the Gare du Nord station throat.]

Pedestrian Observations: Leaving Paris for Berlin

This has been a really difficult post to write and I admire Alex Baca, Kristen Jeffers, @mcmansionhell, and other urbanists who are good at writing about themselves.

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Some days I wonder if neurotypical extroverts even have theory of mind. I mean, they misinterpret everything. They even manage to misinterpret silence! I think they see it as a sign of aggression? 😜😜😜

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artists when you criticise a tiny aspect of their work: oh no im the worst person ever made why do i ever make people look at my stuff im so sorry this is horrible

tech people when you criticise a tiny aspect of their work: i will literally fucking kill you. i know where you live. i will find you. bitch. i will remove each of your nails individually

Moving to a new country is such fun*!

*Not including the part where I need to figure out how to rent an apartment, where even the temporary rentals sometimes want to see proof of income (lol). Nor including the part where I'm going to have a 16-minute connection in Frankfurt on notoriously delayed DB because German infrastructure is crap**.

**By European standards. By Amtrak standards DB is a marvel of human ingenuity.

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