Pedestrian Observations: Governance in Rich Liberal American Cities (One of my angrier posts, I think)

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also, apparently, the gubermint figured out that when there's finally an approved covid vaccine, they will vaccinate like one fifth of the population they think is most vulnerable and the rest will have to pay for it out of their own pockets, sounds like an amazing policy, why not have seasonal lockdowns for the next decade
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they should have invited francis fukuyama to the ber opening as that truly was the end of history
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the way the government tries something new every week makes me think that we're probably like a month away from trying human sacrifices to stop the corona
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most of the government measures rely on the people voluntarily obeying them and not loopholing them with technicalities

so of course, first thing this health minister guy says is he technically didn't do anything wrong

why are things.

Basically every interaction I have with Taiwan makes me go "those people are amazing and when the PLN shows up and they show up at your borders you fucking print them citizenship on arrival and give them government services in Chinese for 5 years." (The Huguenots got 10 years of French here in the 17c.)

Okay, finally got back into Mastodon after I forgot my password and it wouldn't send me password recovery to my email for some reason.

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