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> czech journalist reports that people living nearby Krakow are very concerned with the air quality (which is beyond shit)
> a bog-honor-ojczyzna twitter profile: mr president, the czechs are being paid by germans to say bad stuff, they must be crushed

the best thing about nationalism is how is it the same shit everywhere
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At the horse rights demonstration with a sign that says #GlueLivesMatter

Hey, @pony, do you know how good public transportation is in Katowice? A friend who's going to IEM is asking.

The way I think of various politically correct attempts to assert black or Indian influence on the US ("the Founders came up with the idea of freedom by looking at the Iroquois") is, imagine the Nazis won WW2. Imagine they killed all European Jews except around 500,000. Imagine they then mellowed, just as post-Stalinist Russia did. Now imagine that generations later, Jewish-German inclusion would mean asserting Jewish influence on Hitler (Heydrich faced rumors he had Jewish ancestry, etc.).

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in other news, DE ICE trains have an API, I now have a fish snippet that formats it for my status bar if it detects that I'm on an ICE train's WiFi~

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