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SciFi silliness, The Beatles 

Spotted on my Twitter feed: an American affirmatively asking for a specific immigration liberalization in the context of the 2020 election.

(The American, a.k.a. @kechpaja, has emigrated to Finland. So Americans who care about the rest of the world exist, they just end up leaving the country.)

I rode back home from game night in a car :(. It was on the way for the driver to their AirBnB, but still :(. They're cool people, though. Two siblings, one lives in the US, the other in Tokyo. The one in Tokyo is paying not much more in rent than I do for a not much smaller apartment in the fanciest neighborhood in the city.

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Shh! Don't tell anyone that the Twitter outage was part of our plan to make Mastodon the dominant microblogging platform!

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Poni has a seat reservation.
Guy is on poni's seat.
Poni tries to get rid of the guy.
Guy finally acknowledges poni.
Is informed that poni has that seat reserved.
Acts like poni is an idiot saying "but it doesn't matter".

Yeah, we're really going to that south bohemia shithole, aren't we.
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centrism is basically about hating people, but in a good way
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so our retarded ex-president went on a cruise (organized by some random super-conservative institute, but still) and is now writing how shocked he is that the ship crew is highly "multicultural", coming from all around the world.

i mean, yeah, maritime transportation is especially well known for absolutely not at all being a place like that. must be a neoliberal conspiracy.

Do people on here make Ernst-Nolte-in-reverse justifications for Stalin's mass murder, or is it just Hellsite? Because I'm told there's a lot of alt-left here, I just haven't seen much of it yet.

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Postwar first-world metro networks by length and annual ridership:
Vienna U-Bahn: 83 km, 452m
Toronto Subway: 77 km, 416m (unlinked)
Munich U-Bahn: 103 km, 410m
Milan Metro: 97 km, ~395m (imputed from an 11-month figure)
Montreal Metro: 69 km, 383m
Stockholm T-bana: 106 km, 353m
Rome Metro: 60 km, 279m
Lyon Metro: 32 km, 198m
Washington Metro: 188 km, 180m
Vancouver SkyTrain: 80 km, 160m
San Francisco BART: 180 km, 124m

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