What is more inviting than an unmade made?

An unmade bed with unlimited supply of Lindt chocolates

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There is a ‘dead’ in DEcADe

That’s me in last ten years.

65” TV for a person of 61” inch height is the cruelest capitalistic joke

An ideal life would be where memory of hangover could cause hangover.

December feels like serving notice period to that year. There but not there also.

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So, with regard to Nityananda, the Modi govt can:
a) Do Nothing
b) Request Ecuador to take action (via Interpol)
c) Send troops to invade Kailaasa (& violate Ecuador’s sovereignty)
d) Get him kidnapped & shipped back

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As useless as the days between thanksgiving/BlackFriday and Christmas

More than the guided meditation for deep sleep, humanity needs guided meditation to calm the eff down when the alarm rings at 6am

If you want to realise the full cycle of karma in 2hrs, grate kilos of carrots and enjoy garam gajar ka halwa.

My karmo ka fal is decorated like celebration and fragrant like small success.

Winter will still be celebrating on the bare frozen arms of fall

I am close to submitting my thesis on how to open a social media account in a whim, engage actively for few days and spend rest of the life thinking what was I smoking when I opened this account.
A recluse is a recluse is a recluse.

Shout out to the unknown little human who decided to do some cleaning by herself

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