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Hey folks another reminder that I'm over at now!

i'm liking it there so far. i'm gonna give a test drive, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to make the switch in the end

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getting in on an instance other than feels like getting a VIP license plate

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So hey y'all I just made and am checking out the instance. Might move there

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If I change instances it will be for switter and p much nothing else

For every new software feature you want to add, think, "How would a group of persistent, tech savvy people use this feature to harass someone."

Maybe that means you decide not to implement it. Maybe that means you work on something else that would support people who get the majority of harassment.

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Why don't people who want to use casino tricks in their games just work at a casino

An MMO full of generated ads and generated products with generated stats and the ones that go viral update the algorithm

Sweet dreams are made of bees
Who am I to diss some bees
Travel the world and the seven bees
Everybody's looking for some bees

hey everyone, I'm the author of DON'T TALK TO ME: YOUR GUIDE TO AVOIDING CONVERSATIONS and my lawyer has advised me not to answer any questions, AMA

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