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Ok, so this won't be news to anyone who has been able to follow me somewhere on social media without interference (and here on Mastodon, I have never encountered any censorship, algorithmic or otherwise) but I wrote up a short Journal about my ongoing battle with social media censorship, why I think it might be happening, and what I can do about it if you folks can stick with me across multiple platforms:

Includes as sweet but kinda bitter AJ Liebling quote graphic.

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As the labor class gets priced out of the housing market across the Pig Empire, and America stands on the verge of an eviction apocalypse, there's a lot of abstract talk in the media about the millions of people who're about to become homeless.

Homelessness is not however an abstract problem; people without houses are still in fact people, not faceless numbers. Let me prove it to you by sharing my story about what it's like being homeless - even for less than 20 days:

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And after a long wait, I'm once again joined by my excellent co-host Nick Galea for Season Two, Episode 9 of the No Fugazi Podcast: aptly titled "What a Scumbag."

“Everyone knows that Andy Cuomo is an abuser, a crook, and after New York State’s covid response, a mass murderer. So why are Democrats still defending him and why is he still governor of New York?

Find out in this 66 minute episode of No Fugazi - includes citations and notes:

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And today's Instagram feature is astounding because it features W.E.B. du Bois predicting neoliberalism decades before these minions even started trying to sell it to us.

Legit cannot stress this enough; the best book about John Brown, is the one W.E.B. du Bois wrote and I am very much in debt to du Bois for all his scholarship has taught me; and what the evolution of his politics allowed me to skip in my own life.

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Ok, so first up:

If you're looking for a home base for *all* of my content that isn't unique here to Mastodon, you'll want to check out my website:

If you're just looking for updates whenever I publish something new, be it a blog, or essay or whatever, then try my (always free-to-read) Patreon Blog:

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Well, the good news about a nazi buying just under 10% of birdsite and promising "big changes" to "protect free speech" is that I'm already in on the ground floor for the only viable alternative for people who're left of... *checks notes* Otto von Bismarck.

So I guess I got that going for me.

yeah yeah whatever I'm not even gonna delete it and fix it because I spelled their names wrong; fuck those human pieces of nazi offal.

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Today's meme is in honor of the fact that I've spent 3 hours watching people respond to fascist propaganda Chris Ruffo and James Lindsay are spouting, without anyone in the mainstream even ONCE mentioning "fascism" or "billionaire funding."

The whole thing is a fucking work kids....

In light of the historic victory of Staten Island Amazon workers on Friday, I thought I'd go back to further explore what this moment means for labor, and anti-capitalism; check out this full length Mini-Skinny with a bonus bit reprinted from Friday.


"...I mean, what's in your pants?"

"Well, I've got a metaphorical rocket in my pocket, if *that* means anything, Pal..."

Me just answering questions like so; except as an anarcho syndicalist it's only a couple of weapons and a pocket guide to Rocker and Kropotkin...

Please keep in mind that as we speak, Chris Smalls has put together a completely new union, and beaten Amazon in a fight to organize workers in Staten Island.

Today is a good day for banding together against the gigantic machinery of capitalism. These folks are giving me so much hope:

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And finally; today in Nina-Bytes, we've got a rare treat - some good news! We're talking about the successful Starbucks Workers United campaign and examining a union organization model you can replicate at any corporate chain business in America. Featuring analysis and an important Jacobin article by Shuvu Bhattarai.

Check out "Nina-Bytes: It Can't Rain All the Time Eric" on Media Madness:

In today's Quickshot Quotation, I throw all caution to the wind and drop some stone cold truths about the inseparable relationship between capitalism, and racism; with an assist from important revolutionary thinker Kwame Ture:

"Racism is about power."

Good morning folks; turns out I'm all over the map today so we're going to share the analysis piece by piece this time. First up, and over on Instagram, we're taking a look at the knock on effects of the invasion of Ukraine in the Pig Empire again. How does the intersection of war, capitalism, and climate crisis work? Not to our advantage, that's for sure.

"In the wake of this war, the (still inadequate) promises of COP26 in Glasgow have clearly been all but forgotten."

Man folks be wildin' - ending a war in Eastern Europe is so beyond my paygrade but everyone on social media got takes.

Yeah dude, the flag in your bio and those memes are gonna be decisive factor in this critical negotiations; that's a thing that is real.

(and believe me man, this ain't isolated to either liberals or tankies; let alone the fash who just think all of this is objectively good because "wokeism must die" or something)

I'm reusing a meme today, IDGAF

Heads up:

is some kinda proto-incel reactionary who thought James Lindsay has some interesting ideas and linked me to THIS utter trashfire pile of reactionary christian anti-trans nonsense to "enlighten" me:

Can't be arsed to follow police on a service that promises "no more nazis" but this kid is definitely not "just asking questions."

Do with that what you will.

That conceptual James cracker fascist pushing the anti-CRT crusade in the US has finally popped - this is incredible Q-Anon style batshittery, dressed up as philosophy:

Whelp, had a few stops and starts, but I think I'm officially back to work now. In today's Mini-Skinny on NIDC, we're skipping armchair wargaming, and looking at the *domestic* implications of war profiteering on the conflict in Ukraine. Who wins? Not the labor class for sure; and as far as the Pig Empire goes, it just might be the worst people in our society.

Check it out on

Look, I'm not going to pretend that conspiratorial thinking isn't a big part of reactionary ideology; but please keep in mind that it depends on what your definition of conspiracy is. Just because rich people working together to profit at your expense tell you something is a "conspiracy theory" doesn't mean it's true. There's no Illuminati; but rich people sure as shit run Bartertown lads and lasses.

Good morning; today I'm 45 and I'm absolutely not having it.

Le Meme:

Oh Photoshop be like that tho; after a decade what does it take to get some squiggly read lines in the text editor?

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