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And today's Instagram feature is astounding because it features W.E.B. du Bois predicting neoliberalism decades before these minions even started trying to sell it to us.

Legit cannot stress this enough; the best book about John Brown, is the one W.E.B. du Bois wrote and I am very much in debt to du Bois for all his scholarship has taught me; and what the evolution of his politics allowed me to skip in my own life.

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A short update covering where I've been (sick as a dog,) what I've been reading (radical pinko theory,) and why many of your friends online are kind of trash (pushing reactionary thought):

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Did I spend five days writing a 9,000 word, multi-media Deep Dive post explaining why Boogaloos are fascists, Jimmy Dore is no leftist, and online pinkos have a crypto-reactionary infuencer problem? Yes, yes I did.

We're metaphorically leaving bodies on the floor as I go after not just Jimmy Dore and the Boogaloo movement, but also the growing crypto-reactionary tendency in the so called "populist" American left.

I promise, this one is scorching:

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So, as I mentioned; Nick and I went right back into the studio and recorded a full-length episode about the fascist riot on Capital Hill and what we believe is now finally, the end of Trump's always-doomed "Chicken Coup" - we break down what happened, hand out ribbons of shame to all of Trumps enablers and offer some special words for numpty deniers and contrarians in this 80+ minute show.

Trump lost, America lost, but the chuds will be back once they find a new leader.

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Ok, so first up:

If you're looking for a home base for *all* of my content that isn't unique here to Mastodon, you'll want to check out my website:

If you're just looking for updates whenever I publish something new, be it a blog, or essay or whatever, then try my (always free-to-read) Patreon Blog:

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Just so y'all don't think I'm out of my mind - and please remember the context; it's 2:30 AM, buddy has been there, sitting like that, high beams aimed right at my door/window for a half hour already. Arena is closed, has been closed for weeks. This is a ghost town at night, NOBODY ever just "hangs out" in this parking lot after dark. EVER.

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And I don't care to keep this shit a secret - I was keeping it a secret when I just thought the cars following us around for a couple of days "looked similar."

Now that I'm 100% sure SOMEONE is trying to intimidate me, I'd rather say something and see if they squirm. This shit is unreal.

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I just can't figure out why someone, who clearly does not like me or the activist I live with (or both), would want me to A) notice their poorly disguised surveillance team. B) notice it conspicuously "shutting down for the day" two nights in a row and then C) notice that well after the cops leave, two nights in a row, some drooling mutant is staring at my house or otherwise looking at my house and trying to appear threatening.

I know they're related; I just have no idea fucking how.

So, 2AM, guy rolls into the empty parking lot across the street, for a completely closed arena.

Aims the front of his car at my door/windows across the street.

Puts the high beams on.

Mutherfucker is STILL out there.

Y'all tell me this is police work?

I disbelieve.

It would seem that the budget for harassing random pinko writers and their activist boyfriends is not in fact infinite; suspicious lone parked car in a parking lot for a closed area finally seems to have got bored and fucked off around about nine.

If they're running out of money for overtime, they'll get bored of me quickly.

And in the meantime I wrote 3/4 of an article I hope to finish tonight and publish tomorrow.

There ain't no Antifa organization. There ain't no "both sides." There ain't no red brigades. You folks are pushing nazi conspiracy theories as police policy because sooner or later the regular people are gonna look around and realize you're helping the nazis and fucking over folks who believe in sharing.

You folks think you can recycle Bircher propaganda from the 60's and mutherfucker you will fail.

Give up. The future is left.

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These boys out here with public money, running around playing G-man, suppressing leftists and protecting the fash.

Not even the so called "regular people" in our society can seriously want to be paying for this nonsense.

Shit's all COINTELPRO as fuck out here

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Keep this shit in mind when they tell you the police can't find the fascist gangs (they're part of on their off hours) - they sure do seem to have no trouble finding folks who read pinko books, and any group of six hippies who hold a meeting about left wing activism at the public library tho right?

I'm telling ya folks; this whole cops structure is fulla nazis and sympathizers and should be dismantled. No matter how you feel about policing - this ain't it chief.

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"5:33 PM - she appears to be typing, again..."

Good job buddy; book em Dano.

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Utterly astounding that y'all do not have money to help poor people, but the state got infinite money to annoy the shit out of me because of fash pig conspiracy theories tho...

I think I know what happened, and it's connected to some books I ordered and the activities of mutuals in activist circles; these chuds have got it in their head that antifa terror cells are REAL cause they heard it on the news.

This WILL blow over, but it's touch and go rn.

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So I'm going to need you to:

A) understand that I'm a little stressed

B) maintain good opsec. Do not tell me anything on social media or chat you don't want fucking federales to hear; cause lad? They listening.

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Ok folks, we need to talk.

This is going to sound paranoid, and I'm just going to need you to take my word for it but - I seem to finally have annoyed the Pig Empire enough and associated with enough radicals, that I am being surveilled and harassed.

I am certain it's real, and I'm pretty sure it's the feds in this country; but it's not like the creepy mutherfuckers they put in the parking lot all day to watch your house, or the folks following you, introduce themselves.

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Ok, I'm C&Ping this from Twitter but I need to post this in multiple places; it's been a sketchy couple of weeks but now that I'm 100% sure I'm not bugshit paranoid, here goes...

I have spent a tremendous amount of time in bed the past two weeks and as such the news has become a foreign object that moves too fast and alarms me.

Did we really try to start a fucking war with Iran the other day?

As those of you who know me well are no doubt aware, I'm not a super secretive person when it comes to MY personal information; but I am definitely the kinda person who'll take it to the grave if it might harm or otherwise embarrass someone else.

Someone I knew fell in with some bad people, who were tryina get him into trouble - and at the last minute he caught it, and I managed to talk him into disconnecting from that scene.

I'm... relieved beyond words.

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Ok, I think my life finally stopped imploding.

I'm going to go back to work now; still a little sick but the major crisis I haven't been able to discuss is no resolving itself and afaict, nobody died.

Reading "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" and trying to understand why folks are surprised that any reasonably effective left wing activist in America is basically paranoid at all times...

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