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AndStatus@Mastodon @AndStatus

is actively developed. Recent changes were driven by support. And this helped finding bugs, which affected all Social networks.
The latest production version is 33.08

@deadsuperhero Inspiring news! Glad that I noticed them at least now :-)
I didn't think #ActivityPub adoption campaign could be so active :-)
Just this weekend I started to refactor internal data model of #AndStatus from "messages"/"users" with some "favorited", "followed" etc. attributes to "activities" with actors and actions... I'm trying to use terminology of ActivityPub/ActivityStreams as much as possible in order to make application's code more transparent...
@maiyannah @cwebber @bob

Oh boy, Evan Prodromou (of #StatusNet / #Pump / #OStatus fame) showed up on #Diaspora's GitHub Issue tracker and asked that we support #ActivityPub

It's a nice thought, and hopefully we can do that in the long term. But some part of me is apprehensive about the spec and the leg work it will take to support it.

There are certain unanswered questions, such as "Will ActivityPub support Diaspora's federated privacy controls?"

@maiyannah I think the main benefit he's trying to sell is mindshare between projects.

Issue here:

Also, AP does have the added benefit of including server-to-server as well as server-to-client API implementation.

#AndStatus v.33.08 is available for beta testing at
1. First of all: simplified creation of a new Social Network for #Mastodon and #GNUSocial users.
2. "Favorites" timeline is now syncable for all types of social networks. It's set to be synced automatically by default for new installations. If you upgraded existing installation, you will need to go to the "Manage Timelines" menu item in the Timeline action bar and set "Sync" flag for "Favorites" timelines of all accounts.
3. Fixed syncing and showing of "Friends" and "Followers" timelines. Please try them!
4. Accuracy of the "Relative time" (... ago) increased. Now you will see "... minutes ago" up to 2 hours, then  "... hours ago" up to 2 days, then "... days ago" up to three months and then - any number of "months ago". So no more "more than a year ago" for all old messages.
5. The first fix for: Occasionally message context menu doesn't work.

And here is how that old discussion on term looks like now in
(I like the dark theme although light theme is a default one now...)

@maloki It's interesting that a couple of years ago we discussed a generic term for our networks (including and ), and that time I came to conclusion that "Social network" is far better term than "Microblogging". Interesting discussion:
Tip: application can store messages for years, this is why I easily found that conversation ;-)

@Mastodon Don't you see that 500 characters limit in is ridiculous?!
You had to split one short announcement into three parts.

@archaeme I feel that "equality of service principle" would actually make much like : It's also "decentralized" in some sense, because it consists of a multitude of servers distributed globally.
Also, according to some regional laws , personal data of a country citizens should be physically stored on a territory of the country: here we see real data decentralization...

@KARiley40 Try
Maybe it's not as pretty looking as others, but it will allow you to try other Social networks also, and it works offline...
You can even use it as a tool to explore Social networks, joining Search query results from all networks in a single view....

@ilpianista v.33.07 has far better support of and it includes important fix for sending attachments in and

Does any user like application?
I understand that its interface is not "for millions" :-) (e.g. no "Wizard" to add not preconfigured Mastodon instance) but it really has its values?!

>> Aqeel Zafar:
“[...] I rarely have anything interesting to share, so [...]”
Oh, but you can contribute a lot just by commenting on posts or sharing them =)
Development of the core picked up pace over a year ago. Other parts never stopped, actually.
We're actually on the way to adopting the new ActivityPub standard, which will be adopted by other federated networks too. That will allow to interfederate with those other players in a big network.
Yesterday I was implementing #Mastodon API in #AndStatus. Comparing AndStatus with #Tusky client at some point I noticed that Tusky shows me a new post, which mentions myself. But I couldn't find the same post in any timeline that AndStatus feeds from the Mastodon server.
It appeared that in addition to Twitter/GNU Social-like timelines Mastodon has something conceptually similar to an "Activity stream" that is called "Notifications" here and, as other parts of the API, is "hand made" :-)
Actually, this is a good sign, showing that ideas of #ActivityStreams (currently represented by the #ActivityPub standard ) are growing in the heads of the Mastodon developers. I would go one step further and formulate all timelines and actions as activities and activity streams...
It's interesting that these ideas are growing in _my_ head also :-) - I decided that internal AndStatus model of notifications will be based on ActivityStreams too. I.e. each individual notification will have an Actor, an Action and an Object/Content e.g. "Peter posted 'I met a friend'". Having notifications in such a structure, we will be able to show them to a User in any needed form: in the Android Notification bar or as a timeline.
Currently AndStatus shows mostly "mentions" only in its "Mentions" timeline...

Tiens, , une des meilleures applications pour GNU Social supporte maintenant Mastodon, je ne pense pas que ça me fera partir de tusky, mais c'est un choix en plus pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore trouvé l'application adaptée à leurs besoins.

Open Source client for Android v.33.06 with Mastodon support is live in Google Play
F-droid repository still doesn't have any updates, so if you don't use Google Play, you can get the same package zipped from this page:

@izwx6502 Hi, as I'm developing a client application , I guess you mean that your Portaldon services could be integrated with this application via some API?!
BTW some time ago we used a service to discover open GNU Social instances, so AndStatus users could select an instance from a list (provided by that online service) and get all its parameters properly configured. I thought that maybe your online service could do the same for Mastodon instances?!