@roka As I remember, #AndStatus gets the limit from Mastodon's configuration...
Please try to go to AndStatus Settings -> Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Select your account and then Reverify credentials.
Do you see updated toot length limit?
@baloouriza Tip: If you open #AndStatus, see that you are on some Timeline, but you need to see the Default Tímeline,
don't go "back"!
Switch to the Default Tímeline via menu instead! https://gnusocial.no/attachment/1533949
@baloouriza I implemented this (two lines of code changed for this). Really helpful to see the content and timeline position up to date. I'm wondering why I didn't do this before...
Will be released in #AndStatus v.50.05+

@andstatus Night and day difference, huge improvement. Thanks!

@colegota "Can't synchronize" for "Everything" Timeline is normal (for now...) meaning that there is no such timeline to sync.
But we could interprete syncing "Everything" Timeline as "Sync all timelines"... Maybe this will be more natural?!
@colegota "Sync 10 minutes ago. Sync since June 22" means that although the Timeline was successfully (without errors) synced some minutes ago, the latest activity/note ever downloaded via this server API, was sent on June 22.
More recent activities that you see could be downloaded via other Server APIs (endpoints, URLs...) and this is why you see some more recent posts.
In order to understand the problem better, I need logged JSON responses of your server to the #AndStatus requests of the Home timeline...

Tip: In order to fix a Timeline's syncing problem, try to go to "Manage Timelines" and select "Forget sync events and dates" in the Timeline's context menu. https://loadaverage.org/attachment/5477161

@gdroid Tip: In a case you don't see updates in for too long, and you don't (want to) use Google Play Store (which usually makes new versions available in minutes...) you can always download the latest release attached to this post: github.com/andstatus/andstatus

@baloouriza Currently #AndStatus uses Android's native way to handle the stack of activities thus allowing a user to move backwards just like in any other Android app. Changing this would surprise a user...
I think that what you really want is that a Timeline in the stack would be automatically updated and re-positioned to the latest viewed position on its opening during the User's navigation "back" - currently a Tímeline from the backstack usually shows outdated information.
Please note that navigation to the Default Tímeline currently clears the whole activities stack thus allowing you to return to the beginning in one tap. I usually do this exactly to avoid long return using the Android stack.
Just set the Default Tímeline properly...

@panko As a follow-up, I found a cause of "invisible notifications" and made sure that they are shown in a timeline.
Will be in v.50.03+

@panko I noticed "invisible notifications" also.
There are two causes of not showing some unread notifications, as I currently understand:
1. There are different "Unread notifications" timelines, please switch to "Unread notifications combined" timeline, selecting it from a list.
2. Maybe mistakenly notifies about an activity that was already downloaded earlier, and about which you were notified already...
I will investigate this deeper, analysing logs...

@gdroid For new users: please don't install v.50.01
Install any previous version or wait for the next one.

AndStatus v.47.12 automatic pre-Launch testing at Google Play.

Upon upload of a new app package to Google Play, the automatic "Pre-Launch" testing is being launched in parallel on several physical Android devices.
AndStatus app identifies that it has been launched by the test engine, and it generates test/demo data to make this automatic testing useful and more interesting.
As you can see in this video, AndStatus uses device default language on the first run (in this case - Chinese language).

@colegota I tried to add new account in #AndStatus v.50.01, and I cannot do this either.
Actually, I'm using v.50.01 now and didn't notice any other problems yet. But I didn't add new accounts since last upgrade.
So existing users seems like unaffected by this bug.

Will fix the latest version as soon as I will be at my PC (I'm still faraway...)

For the new users:
1. Please uninstall v.50.01,
2. Install v.49 using G-Droid/F-Droid app. I just tried G-Droid, see screenshot - three versions of AndStatus are available. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.gdroid.gdroid/
3. Add all necessary accounts.
4. Create a backup in AndStatus Settings -> Storage -> "Back up app data to SD card".
Backups are always good, and in a case step 5 fails you can quickly restore everything, reinstalling v.49 and then Restore this backup from the first screen of the app.
5. (optionally) Update AndStatus to v.50.01 in the same G-Droid/F-Droid app. #G-Droid misbehaved here for me on a first attempt... but after I had restarted it, it updated AndStatus successfully. https://loadaverage.org/attachment/5398183
#AndStatus v.50.01 ""Sensitive" flag and CW/Summary for a Toot/Note" is released (and is already available in the Beta channel), see https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/456

What's new:
1. Added "summary" (Content warning) Note property and "Sensitive" flag (checkbox in the Editor). If the Note (Toot) is Sensitive, starting a Reply to that toot the app makes the Reply Sensitive also, and copies Summary (CW) from the parent toot also.
Sensitive content may be made visible or invisible in the Navigation drawer (or in Settings -> Timeline). https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/507
2. More Mastodon attachments are shown now ("remote" media files are shown in a case the type of the local ones is "unknown")

Full list of changes is here: http://andstatus.org/changelog.html

Can a Toot with a content spoiler be not sensitive? 

@baloouriza What do you think #AndStatus forgot to do?
I don't see the beginning of this conversation, so I'm curious :-)
BTW I'm implementing "sensitive" note/toot property now in AndStatus.
#AndStatus v.49.00 "Home notification" is published to the Beta channel, see https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/456

What's new:
1. Added "Home Timeline" notification type that allows to be notified on any note received via the Home Timeline (Inbox). It's turned on by default. Can be turned off in Settings -> Notifications https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/508
2. Improved identification of the same Actors (users) in posts that cross instances and types of Social networks (ActivityPub / Mastodon / GNU Social).
3. Fixed posting via ActivityPub Client to Server protocol. https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/499

Full list of changes is here: http://andstatus.org/changelog.html https://loadaverage.org/attachment/5327010
@baloouriza #AndStatus has an option to show latest notes first in the Conversation view.
Regarding timelines: how do you "Pull to refresh" at the bottom of the list? I didn't see any such Android app yet...
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