I would be interested in re-starting the discussion about adding support for FedBOX. I remember there were was a conversation started at one point, but nothing more than that.


In a somewhat unexpected way, that turned my NoSQL knowledge on its head, the FS based storage engine I developed for #fedbox the generic #activitypub service turned out to be about 10 times faster than the previous ones I was using: one based on boltdb and one on badger.

So far I can't find any downsides: it's faster, easier to back up, to debug and to introspect. The indexing and caching is done at OS level. Can support bare metal and containers out of the box. :D

Working hard on #littrme and #fedbox to add private messages on top of client to server #ActivityPub protocol.

#C2S #development

@AndStatus @toniwidmo

Ah yea, *that* issue. It is a helluva tricky business to get C2S going and @yvolk did some huge work there to figure stuff out.

Great to see there are some additional server-side developments here, with @naturzukunft and @diogo doing work on C2S. Hopefully some day this part of the spec will be implemented.

Thank y'all 🙏

@AndStatus it was not intended as a review, just a casual sunday afternoon test on the Friendica wiki Android client list :-)

I wasn't able to login in my Friendica istance with ActivityPub or Mastodon setup, i had to login as GnuSocial, from which i can read but not post. Also, media are not displayed.

Despite this, my experience has been very good. I indeed appreciate the minimalistic gui, and is very usable imo. Readability is great, and thread view is really good.

The only downside in my little test was the login screen for GnuSocial, because the password is not masked.
test client #AndStatus, compatibile con Mastodon, ActivityPub "generico", Twitter, GnuSocial.

Tentativo di loggarmi con account Mastodon non va avanti, rileva correttamente che l'istanza non è di tipo Mastodon.

Con account ActivityPub: mi fa autorizzare l'applicazione ma poi ricevo errore di file mancante sul server (allego screen nel caso sia utile a @admin )

Con account GnuSocial: si collega immediatamente e sembra funzionare bene, ma ricevo error 500 quando provo a postare (come quando provo a fare reply da Fedilab)

L'interfaccia... quasi non esiste, definirla minimalistica sarebbe minimizzare :-)
Ma ha qualcosa di affascinante e probabilmente la testerò ancora su altre istanze
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@42_Fragen @Hoaxmaster
Mein multi-Account Programm auf #Android ist #AndStatus aus dem @fdroidorg Store.
Aktuell lese ich da ab und zu meinen #Mastodon & #Twitter Konto. Sollte also auch mit mehreren Konten der beiden funktionieren.
Ist halt #OpenSource und holpert ab und zu...

@AndStatus Expanding on my earlier idea for "rerun the queue now", having a seperate option to also retry 404'd items would be nice.

@AndStatus A "retry all" would be handy, especially in situations where it tries to synch and 404s off a captive portal from a public wifi.

New challenge for the 2048 Open Fun Game - huge game history.
Some days ago one of my users sent me game history having 120713 moves. In order to allow sharing and loading such a huge history we need to switch completely from using one long string to to saving and loading a game by chunks e.g. line by line from a file. github.com/andstatus/game2048/

@enjey a mi me gusta #andstatus porque
- es multicuenta (mastodon, gnusocial, firendica, pleroma)
- es #FLOSS
- es liviano y maduro, no he escuchado de bugs

@AndStatus I am curious to see how we solve the Oauth2 "problem". I would like to see more clarity in the community about how we provide clients with tokens.

Therefore i started that discussion: socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

Our "2048 Open Fun Game" got an update. v.1.11.0:
1. Retries counter added. When you make a move after Undo (no matter if it is the same move as before or another move), number of Retries increases. The counter shows total number of retries done during the game and allows comparing different results more fairly.
2, Landscape screen layout added.
3. Optimized to allow games with more than 50 thousand moves.

@AndStatus Is there any way to make sure a certain timeline (like toots I sent) will be synchronized for offline use while defining a start time for that? Like, "make sure everything on this timeline posted after <date> is kept on the device"? Right now, I see things can be kept for several years but the only way of fetching "old" entries I found is continuously scrolling down my timeline and making sure it re-loads more content dynamically...?

@takeshitakenji Maybe we could find out, what the problem is?!
Please report the issue with details about your device and #AndStatus version here: github.com/andstatus/andstatus

@artem Same here. I'd even actually pay for one that's (a) reasonably polished, (b) offering a decent feature set, including usable offline support, (c) regularly maintained and (d) FLOSS. At the moment I'm more and more into using #andstatus as this seems the only one to meet all these needs except maybe (a).

v.59.01 ""Show Send button near the composed note" is released (and is already available here: github.com/andstatus/andstatus )

What's new:
1. New Settings option "Show Send button near the composed note" in "Gestures" section replaces the old and not working "ENTER key sends a note" option. github.com/andstatus/andstatus
2. Support Magnet URI as a "downloadable ID" of an object. Intended for ActivityPub but will work for any Social network.

@Amber I'm partial to #Fedilab, though #AndStatus is about the only client with reasonable offline support.


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