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improvements In upcoming v.39 of :
Switching between accounts made more like in other Android applications, with avatars of current and two previously selected accounts in the Navigation drawer (like e.g. in GMail app).
Clicking on current account's avatar opens their "Sent" timeline with the account's profile information at the top.

@jaller94 Thank you very much for the contribution. The really looks like a unifying way to store metadata for both F-Droid and Google Play, both of which #AndStatus uses.
I was especially impressed by the tool's (advertized...) feature "fastlane supply init: download metadata for an existing app to a local directory", which I understand as ability to initialize metadata with what is already stored in Play Store...
As you may know, AndStatus already has quite a lot of screenshots in Google Play Store plus several (duplicating them...) - in AndStatus Wiki repository, see:
It would be good to synchronize them, store in a single location and make available for all usages.
This is why I think that I should start with importing existing images / metadata from Google Play Store, and only after that update that images (if necessary) with your contributed screenshots.

I love the @fdroidorg app store for Android. In my mind screenshots add a lot of value to the listings.

That’s why today I’m going to submit PRs to a couple of app repos to add screenshots.

The PRs for #AndStatus and #OpenVegeMap are already sent:

The crash fix in v.38.06 works: Not a single crash after first 200 installs, according to Google Play Release dashboard.

v.38.06 released with a probable fix for Android v.7.0 bug causing native crash "signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR)" on some devices. More details:
If you experienced such crashes please try the new release:

@surge It's interesting that Twitter itself allows posting an image without any text. I just tested this with #AndStatus:
@nestort #AndStatus currently uses only plain-text version of the Note to figure out a mentioned Actor. Unfortunately, GNU Social servers (at least some of them) wrongly replace mentioning by webfingerId with mentioning by username without a domain. And this causes confusion, because there can be different actors on different servers with the same username...
@paulelms I see this feature is number 4 (of about 500) among other #AndStatus issues: "Add an option to expand shortened URLs"
Does anybody know good Open Source solution for it? (not for Twitter only)
@ma1uta Actually this is limitation of the "Twitter-compatible API" in #Friendica that causes such unexpected behavior. #AndStatus doesn't have separate API for Friendica and and its developer, with whom I collaborated, deliberately decided to adapt Friendica to the same client API that GNU Social uses and not to create a custom one. I hope Friendica will create #ActivityPub client-to-server protocol as GNU Social plans to do this summer...
@paulelms @balancer
@paulelms It's interesting that offline reading and posting in #AndStatus is useful even for people, who always have stable Internet connection. Because nodes / instances of the federated network aren't always online :-)
For example, yesterday #LoadAverage was offline for the whole day, but I still could read your posts, which were downloaded before the outage, and even responded to them. That responses were actually sent only today, naturally, when LoadAverage is up again :-)
@paulelms Glad to hear that you like #AndStatus.
Regarding inconveniences that you noted:
1. You can set as the Default timeline any timeline that you like. Just go to "Manage timelines" action menu item. You can also set any timelines as Always visible or invisible to customize the timeline list...
2. Similarly, you can set default Account and reorder accounts in Settings -> Manage Accounts.
Regarding easier Account switch for posting a new note, do you have any suggestion on this? Maybe I should add account selector to the Note Editor?! I mean making a button "My account / author name" text above the composing note, allowing to switch the posting account/actor?!
BTW AndStatus v.38.04 is released
PS: Sorry for English :-)

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#AndStatus v.38.02 "Video attachments and Titles for notes" is published at an Open Beta testing channel and just waits for your confirmation that it is ready for release
What's new:
1. Video file can be attached to a new note. A thumbnail of the video attachment is shown in a timeline. Video attachment may be viewed the same way as an image attachment.
2. Added titles (names) for notes of and Mastodon (where they are called "CW").
3. Added "Public" checkbox to the Note Editor to mark a note explicitly as public or not public. Currently this option is available for only.
4. Click on an attached image or video opens corresponding viewer/player application.
5. Added an option for "Collapse duplicates" that allows it to find not only adjacent duplicates ("distance" = 1), but also duplicates, separated by other notes: Timeline -> "Maximum distance between duplicates" which defaults to "5" now. Setting it to 0 disables the "Collapse duplicates" feature.
6. Fixed: All users, mentioned as @username in a text of an incoming note, are identified and used in Notifications. Multiple note recipients are supported for
@thatbrickster As you can reproduce the problem, maybe you could describe, what you are doing. Or maybe even record video.! :-)
So I could figure out a cause of the freeze.
Testing video attachments in GNU Social via #AndStatus
This feature will be available in AndStatus v.38

Testing Video attachments in #AndStatus Show more

Got it. Seems to be exactly that.

Apparently AS has most of the features, found in the other clients, but… buried under the pile of a context menus! — Like in order to use it efficiently (or use it at all) one has to read a few hundred pages long Operation Manual… as if it were an elaborate industrial equipment :)

I also like the colored "dependency graph" of a conversation. — Cool feature.

@amiloradovsky Advanced problem diagnostic tools in #AndStatus are not for developers only, unfortunately. Answering lots of questions like "Why I don't see new posts in my timeline" during several years, I got that instances of the federated network are not very stable and may easily misbehave for some time. This is why even for an ordinary user a need to figure out a cause of a problem occurs more often than when using corporate services, backed by 24x7 support...

@coolboymew In upcoming v.38 I will make #AndStatus post pictures even without any text... but also both with a text and a Title (for and #Mastodon that support title / note name)
@lnxw48a1 Seven hours to fully complete upgrade? - Your device is really slow... but you are lucky: I spent at least 200 hours developing v.36 and 37 of #AndStatus, so having v.37 installed on my devices took me a lot more efforts :-)
Seriously, since last summer internal data model of AndStatus was mostly redesigned (inspired by #ActivityPub) in order to open a way for future major improvements. No wonder that these changes affected most of the application's features.
I tried to allow existing users (including you) to preserve existing data and not simply tell them that the new version requires uninstall of a previous one (that way I would save a manweek or two of my time). But after upgrade you may need to adjust something yourself (e.g. Manage timelines). If you don't want to bother with settings, just reinstall AndStatus and see it running much faster. Of couse :-)