@AndStatus @andstatus the new feature marking hashtags and users as clickable urls seems to work fine in mastodon, but only to some extend on Twitter. Is this a known problem? (Example attached)

@aldobelus Aha, in my local cache I see you wrote that you couldn't log into your account... And that was 36 months ago :-) https://loadaverage.org/attachment/4684287
@jayviide@mastodon.social Mentions and Hashtags look like ordinary links, but click on such a link opens a Timeline in #AndStatus :
"Sent" timeline for Mention (with User's profile at the top)
"Search" timeline for a Hashtag https://loadaverage.org/attachment/4635034
#AndStatus v.43.00 "Links to mentioned users and to hashtags are opened in AndStatus" released
Plain text notes are linkified:
mentions are linked to User's "Sent" timelines;
hashtags are linked to Search timelines of these hashtags.
Existing links of mentions and hashtags in HTML notes are replaced with in-client links also.
Please note that "CheckAudience" step added to Seetings -> Troubleshooting -> "Check and fix data". Applying this fixing procedure allows to have clicks on mentions opened in AndStatus even for older notes. http://andstatus.org/changelog.html https://loadaverage.org/attachment/4643055
I just implemented creation / rewriting of links in notes and opening them by #AndStatus for #mentions and for #hashtags. This greatly simplifies navigation without leaving the application, leading you through the #fediverse and time in just several clicks.
I was surprised to find out that users, whith whom I talked recently, gave me their feedback years ago already... (I have history of notes for several years, from different social networks, stored on my phone in AndStatus)

Can't empathise the usage of #AndStatus enough as a fediverse app for anyone that wants an app that functions even with the worst internent connection great.
For example will it load first the text and makes it visable and usable, befor avatar images and such are loaded. Data is stored, so if internent connection isn't permanent you still can read posts and reply to them.
AndStatus will do synchronize in the backround.

Whalebird is a nice Mastodon app. I prefer the Slack-like interface focused more on a single tab rather than the multi-column layout of the browser interface. The multi-account feature is good, too.


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Yes. I understand that displaying dedicate apps is better. But if the filter is free app. It sounds pretty unfair with other apps.
In that case why not listing them all, like in the github page with a specification to say if they are dedicated to mastodon and available on ?
@Gargron @AndStatus

@wandklex huhu... wink... nutzt du ausschließlich mastodon ?

Mögliche Apps könnten sein:
#Subway Tooter

@jjg #AndStatus is my favorite, but I have specific needs, like never losing my last-read position in the home timeline.

@delores Only "Replies to me" should be marked with a blue bar. I just checked my Notifications timeline and looks like it works as intended. #AndStatus v.41 https://quitter.no/attachment/1836031

@meldrian alles davon ausgelegt auf sporatische WiFi abdeckung, 2-3x am Tag:
- AndStatus (Twitter, Mastodon) mit background sync im.WiFi
- Antennapod
- wallabag (Framasoft hosted eine Instanz: framabag.org)
- NewPipe (downloads for later use)
- Slide (kann ganze subreddits cachen)

#AndStatus v.41.01 "Search by a part of a word. Avatars fixed" is released, see https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/456
What's new:
1. Search works for a note's name (title) and a content. You have to launch "AndStatus Settings -> Storage -> Check and fix data" once to rebuild search index in existing local cache.
2. Added Search and filtering by a part of a word. Now you can type e.g. contains:other to match "other" and "mother" or you can search for contains://andstatus.org/ to filter posts, which contain links in "andstatus.org" domain.
3. Added (the 6th) option to show a User in timeline as "Real name @webFingerId"
4. Fixed avatars not showing problem (downloading / reloading and purging). https://loadaverage.org/attachment/4449989
@kris I suspect you are using last year's version of #AndStatus. Currently in order to see an attachment in your favorite photo viewer you just need to click that attachment-image. Current version is 40...
Regarding a menu that you don't understand. This fully depends on you if it will become better: just start detailed discussion with concrete subjects... Although "I don't get it" like in "Big" movie with Tom Hanks is better than nothing, thank you for this :-)
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