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@falgn0n @deviant BTW according to Google Play statistics percentage of active users having Android v.4.x decreased during the last 6 months from 21 to 15%

@deviant That is another story: for connection to Mastodon uses implementation from Android firmware and _that_ implementation is outdated in Android before v.5.1, as I found out. This is why AndStatus cannot connect to some Mastodon instances on devices with Android v. before v.5...
So upgrade to at least Android 5.1 could help.

@falgn0n is for v.4.1 and higher. But I think about moving this number up as there are not many v.4.x users now...

So #mastodon #integration question is there an way to use mastodon and auto post into Twitter - please don't point me at github ;-)

A thing you may not be aware of; Patreon folks appreciate it even if you can only pledge a dollar

@ZeniorXV Combination of all the three your points can currently be done in at least with , where language selection can be a part of a query string, see
Not very convenient to configure, but it works and syncs automatically!

@ZeniorXV I thought you wrote suggestions specifically for mobile clients, because you mentioned Tusky Android application and @Vavassor - its developer :-)

@ZeniorXV In order not to reinvent a wheel I suggest to use text reader's notions like "continuous", "one page/message/toot...", " one conversation" etc. reading modes and a way to navigate in that modes:
- in continuous mode we scroll vertically only (as we do now in a timeline);
- in a paged mode we scroll vertically one page (or one conversation...) only and move between pages using horizontal swipe gestures.
@Vavassor @Tusky

@cristomc Actually current design of does allow to see in one client instance of information from several accounts on different hosts as information of ONE federated social network. Basically because pumpio instances provide GUIDs of all objects (users, posts...) to a client application.
Unfortunately neither nor (developed almost yesterday...) allow this :-(
In server-to-client communication instance-local identifies are used...

@cristomc FYI supports , so it already can communicate using Activities. I expect minor changes to adapt that implementation to what currently is...
The most interesting part will be communication from a single client application with different ActivityPub implementations as with a single Global Social Network...

@einhornpups "Commands in a queue" list in #AndStatus actually contains items from the three queues:
"C" - currently executed commands.
"R" - items from a Retry queue. AndStatus will attempt to resend them automatically.
"E" - Error queue - no automatic attempts to resend these commands will be made, but you can do this manually via an item's context menu.

@cristomc Please let me know, when your server instance will be available for testing: my client should be easily adapted for this new protocol. Moreover, it could be used as a server testing tool as it can log json messages to separate files (in addition to normal text logs)

@celesteh At last I found today and fixed a problem with a timeline position keeping when we "Pull to refresh". v.34.03 is available for testing.

I posted the video with a full 15-minute recording of the #AndStatus v.34.03 automatic testing on Google Firebase Test Lab cloud on the latest Google Pixel device with the latest "Android O preview" OS.
AndStatus has quite lengthy automated test suite that starts from test data generation, and then checks different application features one-by-one.
Almost every window of the application is opened with data at least once during this test, so I am getting good grounds to think that the application works...
Google Firebase Test Lab gives some free daily quota to test your Android applications on different hardware devices.
See the application's source code here:
#AndStatus v.34.03 "Showing Mentions from Mastodon and other Bug fixes" published to the Open Beta testing channel
What's new:
1. Fixed: [#Mastodon] Mentions were not loaded from "Notifications" timeline (to "Mentions" of AndStatus).
2. Fixed keeping list position when doing "Pull to refresh" in a Timeline.
3. Fixed Reblogged by other user was counted as our reblog in a context menu (same for favorited...)
4. Added "Forget sync events and dates" context menu item to the "Manage Timelines" list in order to be able to re-sync any Timeline with Internet. E.g. when you feel that some messages from a server timeline are missed in AndStatus.
5. In order to improve application responsiveness, the application's initialization moved to background. Described the solution in #StackOverflow

@ZeniorXV I see, thank you for the idea. Currently this can be done in in a generic way: any "(hashtag) Search Timeline" can be made easy visible for selection (in a "context" or globally) , and such timelines can be made syncable automatically, what is equivalent to subscription to hashtags. Currently only ”Account” is considered as a "context" for timelines' filtering. But maybe "Timeline type" (e.g. "Favorites") could also be added as a filtering criterion...

@AndStatus - ah, not exactly, but interesting to know the AndStatus options anyway, thanks.

What I had in mind was simply to be able to go to a hashtag column/view, and mark that "search result" or "hashtag view" as a favorite, so that I get a convenient set of links in my favorites, each to separate hashtag views.

I even forget interesting hashtags if I do not "bookmark" them like this. And I would like to manage such a "bookmarks" list of interesting hashtags right inside the favorites area

@AndStatus Well I started my project in 2011 (but I had to stop public development in 2015), now I'm rebuilding and updating my project for release a new version, using ActivityPub instead my old design.
Now, my project will focused also in offering services as a layer. (ex: my research on mobility on 2014 as a service I think that federation is a step ahead in social nets and services. That's the reason why I didn't choose joining another project :)

@ZeniorXV Do you basically mean filtering a Favorites Timeline by a ?
can do this: Search for a hashtag in ANY timeline...

@celesteh As I wrote in a Change log, ordering of Timelines actually improved :-) but existing users are advised to go to "Manage Timelines" and execute the "Reset timelines order".
And then you may set any Timeline as a Default Timeline.