@AndStatus Feature request: Configurable option to automatically get note information for all notes when refreshing a thread.

You may be interested in another Open Source app for Android under andstatus.org umbrella:
Todo Agenda is home screen widgets for your Android device. Each widget has its own settings and displays configured list of calendar events and tasks so that you can easily have a glimpse at your due, current and upcoming appointments.

@gchilloux I tested #AndStatus connecting to framapiaf.org from Android emulators v.7.0, 7.1.1, 8.0 and 10.0.
I do see a problem retrieving images / avatars on Android 7.0 only, even 7.1.1 works OK.
This means that upgrading your device firmware at least to Android v.7.1 should fix the problem. As you understand, I won't create special fixes for that Android version :-)

@stux You might take a look at @AndStatus for a client that you can take with you and will synch up automatically next time you have a connection. Very handy for me since I'm often underground or too far away to get a signal.

#AndStatus v.57.00 Beta published. "Animated images and Video preview. User's preferred screen orientation".
Download from: https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/456

1. For Android 9+ only: Animations of animated images are shown by default. Both in attachments and in avatars. GIF and WebP are supported. Settings -> Appearance -> "Show image animations" option allows to turn this behavior off. It appears that currently only ActivityPub and Pump.io networks (i.e. server parts of them) support WebP and keep GIFs as is. Other servers simply reject WebP and convert GIFs to video... https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/330

2. Animated images and video on Twitter are shown as preview image with a "Play" button on it. This is the same behavior as for other social networks.

3. "Play" button on a video preview image is moved to the bottom corner to allow better view of the image.

4. Screen orientation is not "unspecified", as before, but is set to "The user's current preferred orientation", set by a User for the whole Android device. In particular, this allows to use landscape mode on smartphones (and not on tablets only, as before).


#マストドン #Tootdon #Tootle #subwaytooter #tooter #twidere #Pawoo #MastoPane #tusky #11t #AndStatus #Mastobone #Stegodon #Amaroq #Stella

#howto use the #fediverse with nearly no internet connection with #AndStatus:
Choose in the settings:
- to not fetch images
- to not fetch avatars
- increase the time of sync
Now next time you got internet connection, even if shitty as ~1kbs you can let AndStatus sync.
Also no problem if internet connection is just accessible for some minutes.
Messages get stored offline. You can read, fav., boost, and reply to them any given time. Once you've got internet again even you're replies will be sync.

@AndStatus@mastodon.social I still don't see any "Follow requests" but at least I could Remote follow you from this Pleroma site ( https://queer.hacktivis.me/AndStatus )

PS: Sending from this account via #ActivityPub #C2S using #AndStatus app.

v.56.09 (326) released. "Show numbers of likes, replies and reblogs for a Note
1. Show numbers of likes, replies and reblogs for Mastodon; likes and retweets for Twitter. Added similar to , hope the same counters will be supported there also.
2. Added Actors's name ("Real name") as a separate field to Actor's profile. Created landscape layout for Actor's profile.

v.56.06 released with
1. Simplified nterface to add new account in .
You don't need to add "Social network" separately. Just type (host of) instance and proceed to Log in.

2. Fixed "App language" switch. Many translation updates.

3. Fixed Conversation view in .


v.56.01 released. "Avatars and attachments syncing performance improved".

Since its creation years ago AndStatus used only one background process (thread) to post and to download information from the Internet. Images downloads were considered low priority tasks, so avatars and attachments appeared noticeably later than text of a timeline, especially when multiple timelines and ...
Full text: loadaverage.org/notice/1914707

@AndStatus I "Remote followed" this account today from mastodon.social, now I see "Awaiting approval" at the mastodon.social site, but I don't see any Follow approval requests anywhere (and I don't have any follow restrictions at queer.hacktivis.me... I think)

Where is my Follow request?

@yarmo socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

The spec hasn't been updated because the working group was disbanded, iirc, and the test suite's down because it's poor enough that its maintainer doesn't feel it's worth the effort to get it back up and running again.

But I don't think these things mean it's dead.

@strypey Yes, really, about three years ago I dropped support of Android v. before v.7.0 in #AndStatus in order to be able to use Java 8 features (and to help me practicing as a professional developer...)
Since that time lots of improvements were done, including today :-)

See the changelog andstatus.org/changelog.html

... 4. More convenience for developers. Logging of network level messages (including response headers) improved. Even file names with responses are much clearer now, e.g. 2020-04-25-03-34-51-663_social.tulsa.ok.us-oauth_register_client_response.json or 2020-04-25-03-35-02-235_mastodon.technology-get_actor_response.json (real names from my log). Remember that logs are stored for 10 days and can be optionally included in a Backup!

Server developers, please use AndStatus as your testing client!

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... But prepare to see empty Home timeline and to be read-only there for now. Switch to "Sent" timeline and see your Actor's posts, see other actors and their posts similarly...
These new Mastodon improvements make me very optimistic about the future of ActivityPub in client apps across all server platforms.

3. Some important fixes, including more Avatars and Images will be shown.


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... 2. Mastodon (not AndStatus!) doesn't give you enough features to switch client connection to ActivityPub simply because Home timeline and posting via ActivityPub connection is not supported yet (corresponding pages give 404 Not found error).
But you can see our own posts on Mastodon servers and navigate to other Actors and their post via them (you can see profiles of other Actors and see their posts...). You can even play with Mastodon as an "ActivityPub" type network in AndStatus today!

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AndStatus v.55.01 Beta with "ActivityPub Client to Server improvements".
Download from: github.com/andstatus/andstatus

1. This release was focused on supporting new and improved features that appeared both in and, surprisingly, in also. You can really start experimenting with ActivityPub social network type if you have an account at Pleroma site with latest v.2.x Pleroma builds...
Full text is here: loadaverage.org/notice/1910766

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