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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

here's where you can read my game stuff:

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only realized just now that patreon didn't post a scheduled update to Upcoming Comic Project today, so I did it manually

page 3 of full inks for $2+ patrons!!

workin on building the new diner at the Feldynaut Blvd

diana likes to encourage our good son elmer

uncle elvis is cool too

"if you raise the price on the effing hot dog, I will kill you" is something that belongs on a shirt, thanks costco

every moment with kamala is the best moment in the game, basically

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beat marvel's avengers and boy is it a live service

i guess from a narrative perspective it's nice to see genuinely interesting stuff being set up

but i'm also glad i had a witness to the amount of bugginess and weird moments of the game just stomping me out of nowhere

just lettin' y'all know the inks for page 2 of Upcoming Comic Project are up on patreon for $2+ patrons! next month, $1+ patrons will have access to the final versions of the first seven pages.

it's also one of the few games i can def say "the weird stuff you hear about the way the game works that would put you off are things you will absolutely do a 180 on as being absolutely necessary to the experience"

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i say "only" and that was kinda maybe inaccurate but i am also a huge pessimist about the state of writing in games, but i genuinely put the writing up there with the best of the Ivalice games from yasumi matsuno, because they actually have something really compelling to say

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it's the only series that fundamentally executes on the idea that to be human is a terrifying and flawed experience without being defeatist and one-dimensional about it

the motivations for the protags are philosophical vehicles for an entire horrific and beautiful experience

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i also have been very painfully aware that these two games are one of the few that I cannot stop talking/thinking about at its mere /mention/ because I have so many heavy and good feelings toward them and i am genuinely SO pumped for the Nier Replicant remaster.

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i still think a lot about nier and its pseudo-sequel nier automata and how much i adore them

i also think how those two games manage the most prominent themse of the MGS franchise in a way that's coherent and well-executed and focused, and actually sticks the landing

i'm gonna go to bed and play .hack//gu more, a game i've come to really like and appreciate, and kinda wish i had access to when it first released. weird game, and one with some BAD writing flaws, but nevertheless a really fascinating story.

in about a year or so it'll be a very different game with numerous updates and expansions (all free? i think?), and I am interested in THAT game, but as it stands, it's... so hard to comprehend as a complete experience.

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invite me to your three hour gaming podcast where we talk about marvel's avengers and unpack why it chooses to be the way it is

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it's more like... i want to like it more. and i think it is giving me a lot of stuff to genuinely like. but it's very insistent on loving its whole to a fault, because you have to climb over a lot of flaws to keep consistently getting to the best bits.

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i have a lot of general complaints about it, but it IS scratching an itch I've been needing soothed for a while. i just have to kind of fight with it to get it, and that's... weird. i wish i could just say "ah, this sucks, I don't like it," but it's not an accurate feeling.

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but there's a lot I have to wait on before I start gelling with the game, including getting gear high enough to take on missions I got at the beginning of the game, and digging into its war zones and raids and whatever-ma-bob modes they have, and... oof.

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