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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

here's where you can read my game stuff:

be cool

natch there's a LOT of work that goes into these shots and a lot of great sequences, it's just more a sign that making a show that aspires to look as good as its best stills all the time is a challenge

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castlevania's a weird series cuz sometimes the animation is jawdropping and sometimes it feels like a really ambitious old flash cartoon that didn't quite stick the landing

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tbf he had a squadron of horrifying monsters and demons in his retinue but that's still no reason to be a dick

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for whatever reason, when i tried to watch season 4 of castlevania on netflix, it instead showed me ep 2 of season 3?? which also has that great bit of isaac walking into town trying his best to be polite to everyone and people were so rude to him

oh god is castlevania season 4 out

whoof, gotta either stay off twitter or get started on watching

more tooling and experimenting and i'm now able to "reliably" get the ps3 not only running through my game capture software without too many issues. i even bumped up some performance on my end, woo

outtakes reel of a cg christian kids' show about produce, call that VeggieFails

stream over!! it was a weird one. we played some jet set radio and i sat and beat all of shadow dancer for the genesis with the rewind feature abused to hell and back, so THAT was fun

i might do more of these in the future if y'all dig 'em!

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it's gonna be just some silly game-hopping for a couple of hours as i figure out how well the PS3 streams, so hey:

show starts at the top of the hour!


so no drakengard tonight

but I still wanna stream, so i'm gonna basically do uhm. a Just Chatting thing that won't be saved, we're just gonna chill and look at how well ps3 streaming works lol

i will EITHER:

find a fix via more plugin fiddling and emulator switching


restart on ps3 and just. deal with redoing a lot of it lol

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whoof, okay, so here's some weird news: drakengard is unbeatable thanks to a bug i'm encountering right now, emulating from a disc. some enemies necessary to kill for certain weapons, which is in and of itself necessary for all endings, won't have any collision and can't be killd

We're moving our Secret of Monkey Island part 2 stream to next Wednesday due to scheduling conflicts, so today we're playing MORE DRAKENGARD

6pm-9pm PST

follow and enable notifs if you wanna know the instant I go live!

Don't mind all the cat hair, we knew this was a risk when getting a big black blanket

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Fell asleep on the couch by accident, woke up today with Marnie just rolling around on my stomach which she has never done

This cat continues to get physically more and more comfortable with us lol

hellion isn't allowed to comment on other people's fashion statements with that giant tattoo and addy doesn't make that easy

also that's a real sports bra you can buy with money

i didn't know RE8 just gives you all your stuff back on a new game+........

....... so i played through half of it again..........

cask of amontillado jokes age like a fine wine, much like the ones i keep in my cellar that i've been looking to crack open with a friend

draw your favorite resident evil protag but ONLY THEIR FACE

i'll start with ethan from re7 and 8, he really grew on me in this game and I think it shows

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