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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

here's where you can read my game stuff:

be cool

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hey folks, i'm ander and i make art stuff, especially comics

i mostly draw ladies who look tired of your shit

i'm on a lot of places


be nice to each other

think this might be my favorite panel in this comic so far

my favorite thing about digimon story cyber sleuth is that the game sorta assumes you picked a dude and that means whenever you roll with the woman protag everything takes on weirdly super-gay overtones cuz they didn't bother tailoring the writing to anything but "girls want u"

larke and i are both sick so no ring fit adventure but we DO have digimon story cybersleuth complete edition and that is VERY good and indulgent and completely counter to ring fit adventure's mission statement

oh hey captain

you're uh

you're looking fully recovered and

happy? angry? it's hard to tell

I'm mostly pointing it out because the new subscription models just aren't as good a deal as the current model, and those who're subscribed on the change-over gets to keep the Classic plan, which is GREAT.

Because of the way the bundle works, you're allowed to gift anything you don't want to friends -- so, if you like a more publisher-agnostic assortment of stuff compared to other subscription services delivered by specific publishers and manufacturers, look into it. It's good.

The tier above that will let you pick and choose a handful of games, so you don't have to nab anything that doesn't immediately interest you, for about $15 a month.

Still, for three dollars less a month, you'd wind up getting the full 10 games a month.

Having said that, if you're a pick-and-chooser and still would like something low-cost, it does mean there's gonna be more flexibility for lower-cost subscribers. $5 gets you access to the Trove, which is filled with DRM-free indie games.

Humble Bundle currently has a Monthly subscription that is about to go away UNLESS you subscribe -- and, if you're a hoarder, you might be interested in doing so, at 10 games a month and a 20% discount on the store.

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@Anderjak house two birds with one stone house :think_cool:
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@Anderjak If only Colonel Sanders had that thought, I wouldn't be on statins.

please pay me to write reviews like these. i am the best at reviews.

i really like it so far. it's all the fun of an exploration-heavy crpg with lots of fantastic dialog options, but has absolutely zero combat. it's perfect. it's nasty and weird and my character vomited twice already.

it's a very weirdly written game, and i mean this as high praise, because it is very much effortlessly weird and strange. your character has amnesia so bad he forgets some basic concepts of reality and has to ask what *crime* and *money* and *jobs* are.

a part of my brain convinced me that i am The Last Communist and it's time to engage with the firing squad and bring Communism back to the world

i got into an argument with my horrifically tacky tie

i've been tryin' out Disco Elysium and within five minutes i died of a heart attack cuz i left a lightbulb on too long while dealing with a hangover that might've killed me once before, so: it's a pretty good game

no but seriously this is an open call to say nice things to me. if you got somethin nice to say to me now is the time (and also in the future (and often, frequently, breathlessly))

i have been isolated with my work for maybe too long and i need some mood elevation from society please and thank you

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