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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

here's where you can read my game stuff:

be cool

was looking up references earlier and I just now noticed this headline and uh

I mean good job on this one, this is legitimately a great sequence of words you concocted

i didn't watch the inauguration this past week so i don't really know anything that happened there but i CAN tell you i have a rock-solid, seared-in mental image of bernie sanders' exact outfit from it thanks to the internet

instagram really wants me to look at pictures of mary elizabeth winstead

And, I mean, I'm not gonna say no

i think if capcom truly loves us, they'd give us cosplay kit pic guides of the characters in resident evil: village so that we can draw all the hot evil grotesque vampire lady coven i mean all the wonderful members of this horrifying cast including i guess some of the dudes

ten minutes til drawstream, gonna feed some cats and grab a drink and stuff and then i'm starting

gonna be streaming at the top of the hour, doin some Coffee Shop inking and draws

this's been common for me actually, like, MULTIPLE times I've been able to get as far as checkout only for the site to tell me "well we're not going to ship it for reasons unexplained, and no store within 250 miles is gonna hold it for you" like

fucking hell dude

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really frustrating when i can get as far as getting a ps5 in an online shopping cart only for the site to tell me "no in-store pick-up in your area :("

like why would you let me put it in the cart if you're... unwilling to ship it...

just had a joke idea that fundamentally requires for certain people to be dead for it to land well

it's not even mean, I'm just sitting here pondering alternatives since they're (thankfully) not dead yet

i still pull this out all too frequently when talking about my dnd escapades and i will continue doing so

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i drew an artist bio portrait for myself and honestly i like it

need to color my hair again

i thiiiink i'm gonna pick up some Resident Evil stuff today for streaming purposes since everything seems to be on sale lol

also maybe i'll stream a demo of Village if it's actually out

the amount of "i'm gay" you hear from a gay friend is directly proportional to how much they trust you, that's facts

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one time i saw someone review an indie game poorly because a character within it said "i'm gay" as an exclamation and they stated it was unrealistic writing, and that's how i knew the reviewer was straight and boring

I got a comic goin up online tomorrow and it's really good I hope you like it

tomorrow I'm gonna have a fully rendered Coffee Shop page for $1+ patrons, cuz I already inked and finished up the values, I just need to letter and bubble the sucker!!

one of the things that i quietly accepted and have not taken nearly enough opportunity to joke about is how a common healing item in the Ys franchise is chito nuts

just stick a handful o' chitos in your mouth for a health boost

just like real life

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