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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

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be cool

anyway my ability to play demon's souls and some weird ps3 exclusives i've been meaning to play will soon be threatened upon you all if i feel like moving some furniture around.

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i have this little roller shelf with a TV and a couple of consoles i've been referring to as "the hermitage" since i can just wheel it wherever and hunker down and play video games like a goddamn child, and i guess uh

it's being upgraded to tax write-off status

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but it largely means i gotta shift my workspace around a little to make it work... it's a pretty darn good potential solution but it's a lot of effort i have to actually have the energy to commit to

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the natural solution is have a dedicated mic instead of a headset which IS a thing happening eventually, and just stick some headphones in a tv/monitor that i'm playing off of instead of running solely off the elgato and separate streaming software

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mmm ps3 streaming is technically a go

the problem is that the input lag is bad enough with my setup that i kinda just NEED a monitor in here, and audio is gonna be an issue if i wanna hear the game itself while still being able to have a mic over it

I like the look of the sinnoh pokemon remakes and I hope that's how any future remakes will look

dang, the new ghosts n goblins is downright MEAN

i got my hdmi splitter so ps3 streaming COULD be viable


so yeah. nintendo should absolutely make a sonic game, they should absolutely make a mega man game.

but they should probably never own the license under any circumstance

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(we could split a lot of hairs here and talk about ghost studios who've developed major games in their umbrella and how they likely deserved the rights more than nintendo to continue them though, but that's actually a surprisingly sticky conversation to have)

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while they've been known to acquire studios and stuff, the one thing i can say as a positive for nintendo is that they have been comparatively VERY uninterested in owning a license they did not themselves create

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what's more, we'd have fewer comics, shows, fan media, et cetera cuz that's how nintendo rolls, and while i would LOVE nintendo to develop some games within the space of franchises they don't own, i actually don't love the idea of them buying out any franchise for themselves.

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i keep seeing takes about nintendo being able to wield the sonic license better and i gotta tell you:

if sonic were consistently good quality, it would lose a lot of its charm. i'm not joking. its jank and lack of consistency is a big part of its appeal.

stream OVER

we inked some, we lettered a LOT, and we talked about mental illness, seltzers, and the notebook george lucas made to justify the fridge scene in the fourth indiana jones movie, it was good times

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gonna drawstream hopefully in half an hour, gonna take care of some things then hop on at so if that sounds like fun keep an eye out

Iunno it's making me think too hard about this stuff but I like it.

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Pokemon, match, does ALLOW for that, but there's something baked in, a connection that other monster collection games don't have, and it might not have even been an explicit intent of the developers to foster that connection despite nevertheless leaving room for it.

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Digimon and Persona are def more about the grind to the top of making the best collection of creatures for your needs, able to satisfy a wide variety of tactical situations

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So playing Persona, where you are fully expected and encouraged to go smash your fave persona with another to make a new one that looks and feels nothing like what came before is fascinating

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