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Hi, I'm Robin Tess! I make comics and some other stuff too. They're good comics. I'm making more as we speak. I will probably continue making many more.

Important links in the thread!

but i think that's why i like these games: when I'm at my worst, they give me something to focus on and break down step by step, and this intensely aggravating fight is weirdly giving me some inner peace for a few moments.

even as i yell "what the fuck" for the 38th time

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the only issue is that my hands have been shaky enough that i haven't been able to hold a pencil for the past week, so skill and precision are kinda lacking for me. apart from a couple of attacks, i know i can do it, but it's a lot harder with the state i'm in.

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i played sekiro with the cursed charm on my first playthrough and fought Sword Saint Isshin for hours stretched out over two or three days. this part reminds me a lot of how much i struggled and how satisfying it was to finally beat it.

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malenia's a fascinating fight, but i can't deal with phase 2 yet. i've gotten absurdly close.

i'm almost done with this game at around 70 hours, and the amount of Stuff i have is absurd. but i won't be satisfied til I can knock this fight on its ass.

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the haligtree is easily the hardest area i've gotten to. unnecessary, yes, but the enemies are often incredibly overwhelming even at lv130; you have to rely on a lot of skill and patience and pattern recognition, more so than before.

it's fun and i yelled a lot.

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been playing a lot lately to keep myself occupied and made it to Malenia, who i have yet to beat

completed damn near all of Caelid, Altus Plateau, the Mountaintops, the Consecrated Snowfield, and strongly considering just doing the Dung Eater stuff after this

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one tangential thing, since i've been kinda playing games as a way of coping: got recommended a free game on itch called FRANKEN (thanks ) and it's a really good and short JRPG pastiche. strong recommend to give it a spin.

i'm still alive and kicking, but still not really up for talking

things are still kinda As They Were but I'm a little less shaken up

i appreciate the kind messages of support. i can't get back to everybody yet. i'unno if this situation'll be one i talk about publicly.

i'm going on a small hiatus.

some stuff happened this week that has unfortunately occupied all my mental faculties.

streams are postponed until I can manage the aftereffects. comic stuff continues as normal.


this is coming around the point that Yoshi-P is becoming something close to the next Sakaguchi for SE -- not the same role, obviously, but definitely someone who holds some genuinely respectable clout in the industry as someone you can rely on to deliver something interesting

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while i don't particularly care to share affection for a corporation of any kind, even the ones that had their name on some of my favorite games of all time, it does just. get under my skin watching stuff like this happen almost in real time. it's a predictable shame

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like, as soon as the Business End of SE touches something, it now has a very good chance of going to shit, but the Creative End of SE seems to at least keep moving just fine, which, i mean, who could have foreseen such a thing, my god

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i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of licensers and third party studios start looking at SE as a problem, something to be VERY wary of if they try to strike up a deal, cuz that's a lot of their already shaky good faith lost in a short amount of time

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but anything to do with studios and licenses outside of their core properties are just. being destroyed. it'll be unlikely Platinum would work with SE again, at least any time soon, regardless of which side cuts those ties

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like, if i had to make a guess: its internal studios are doing Fine -- Yoshi-P has announced that FFXVI is basically done apart from bugtesting, which is wild since it wasn't THAT long ago it was announced, and plenty of internal projects are apparently trucking along fine

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like, babylon's fall tanking catastrophically comes at the same time Yuji Naka blasts SE for poor management, SE dumps its IPs for crypto a day before the NFT market tanks (and continues to decline), etc

and it's starting to look like SE just

does not have its shit together

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i'm still occasionally weirded out that a PlatinumGames developed, Yosuke Saito-produced game ended up tanking so hard that there's like. occasionally only one player on steam playing it.

coffee shop loaded and ready for tomorrow at noon pacific, which i am doing my best to make sure is a consistent drop time and day

having trouble focusing on work so i'm playing TMBG's Apollo 18 which, for anyone who hasn't heard it, is a bad idea for concentration, but it works for me

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