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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

here's where you can read my game stuff:

be cool

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hey folks, i'm ander and i make art stuff, especially comics

i mostly draw ladies who look tired of your shit

i'm on a lot of places


be nice to each other

it is really hard to get the hang of mastodon as like a professional thing

Gotta figure out how to use it in other ways

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i wound up getting a pillowfort invite and i'm nooooot really sure what to do with my account

it's weird

i will have made like 23 pages worth of full color comics in a month and a half and that is fucking bonkers to me

y'ever think about how unsettling and terrifying the great fairy is from ocarina and majora cuz like it's this gigantic naked woman with leaves in her hair and no eyebrows scream-laughing at the top of her lungs

she's pretty great

might come back to this to fix up the anatomy and clean it up nice

Sketch Request - Emen Smith

Technically a DOUBLE request, from Aleph by way of Claudia Rinofner (Polterink)'s own design!

($5 patrons get sketch requests every month just like this)

Sketch Request - Lady Shiva

For JudgeAnon!

(I do sketch requests for $5 tier monthly patrons)

cross-posting some art i put over on the birds place

I think I've just been neck-deep in multiple deadlines and haven't been dealing with drama so I have very little to share

Unless people want to know ALL ABOUT my Monster Hunterin'

I keep forgetting this exists despite liking it a lot

i've been reading Arakawa Under The Bridge and i gotta say

i adore it immensely

it is really good and stupid and i can see how it'd be animated perfectly

the main character is basically constantly screaming, and i love that

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