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I'm Anderjak and I do arts and comics and I talk about game design

here's where you can support me directly for the art stuff:

here's where you can read my game stuff:

be cool

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hey folks, i'm ander and i make art stuff, especially comics

i mostly draw ladies who look tired of your shit

i'm on a lot of places


be nice to each other

shit, i didn't know Mike Bithell was behind John Wick Hex

which means it's gonna be fucking great

i'm (very slowly) building up my finger strength and callouses and boy i forgot how much it hurts to just jump straight into metal strings, especially on a good ol' slinky electric set

remember, kids, before you lay down to sleep, leave out plenty of pots for wandering adventurers to smash or the demon lord will get you

what the fuck, my dude
you can't just write a haiku
about eating ass

a banned alcoholic energy drink is coming back thanks to a licensing deal with an old anime production company's new series revolving around japanese mythology, and it's called the Tatsunoko Tsuchinoko 4Loko

can't believe dr. wily showed up as hero 32

so i guess the maverick virus is canon in overwatch now, which means overwatch is an interquel between mega man classic and mega man x

the person who sold me this guitar also showed me a $1699 gold top les paul that kinda emotionally destroyed me. it was so nice. so beautiful. i sincerely thought about diverting my career to figuring out how to justify spending that much on anything that wasn't a car or pc

this's the first time i've actively had a stringed instrument in my Place Of Living consistently for the past several years, after, like... a dozen or so years of having and replacing guitars and playing consistently nearly every day, and BOY are my fingers already kinda wrecked

Did you have a rad birthday? I hope you did! — it was good and low-key!

I finished off some work, went out and got a guitar (sold to me by a handsome as hell enby who can fucking shred), came back, did some more work while choppi…

I want a Paste-Pot Pete movie

Jeff Marvel, please do this

sorry for retweet storm, the draws were very good.

and also I remembered I drew a prototype rouge once and it was also good


Erik: we'll head to the kingsbarrow for the oerrbbe and then hit up your home town of cobblestone on the way
Hero: actually it's pronounced "Kuh-BLESS-tin."
Hero: you only say "Cobblestone" if you wanna sound like a fuckin tourist
Hero: dumbass

Thank you for the birthday wishes, folks! It was a good time, and I got such good drawings of stuff I liked.

I have a guitar, I finished one project and have another closer to being done, and I took the night off to play a game for a few hours, so it was very good.

late-nite color experiment, trying a single gradient map for every single color, just painting value underneath

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It's a Michael Kelly Patriot, which is essentially their take on a Les Paul. nominal price, REALLY good sound and feel. i'm excited to pick it all back up

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