Will try once again to catch up on personal email tonight.

Will likely once again merely bail out the boat enough to avoid sinking.

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This is the ideology of our age captured in a single tweet.

Systemic problems recast as individual problems. Corporate greed recast as personal failure. A bank claiming to "motivate" its customers by mocking them for structural economic problems the bank is complicit in causing.

The Great American Lower Classes did some* of the work too if I recall correctly but nobody wants to think of themselves that way and it’s gauche to acknowledge so here we are.

(*almost all)
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Joe Biden: "Let me say this simply and clearly, and I mean this: The country wasn't build by Wall Street bankers, CEOs and hedge fund managers. It was built by you. It was built by the great American middle class…

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The deputy attorney general shouldn't be having "personal conversations" with the president. twitter.com/rebeccaballhaus/st

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.@Chase: why aren’t customers saving money?
Taxpayers: we lost our jobs/homes/savings but gave you a $25b bailout
Workers: employers don’t pay living wages
Economists: rising costs + stagnant wages = 0 savings
Chase: guess we’ll never know
Everyone: seriously?


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.@Chase@twitter.com: why aren’t customers saving money?
Taxpayers: we lost our jobs/homes/savings but gave you a $25b bailout
Workers: employers don’t pay living wages
Economists: rising costs + stagnant wages = 0 savings
Chase: guess we’ll never know
Everyone: seriously?

Great little thread that cuts to the chase on what the upshot of the report actually was.
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Confused by the 's "non-conclusion" on Obstruction of Justice? I get it. Here's the deal:

Mueller found massive obstruction, but was forbidden from criminally charging the president. So, he did the next-best thing: he said the President didn't NOT commit a crime.

I suspect that thinking is partly because ppl can have their phones out reacting to TV in real time, but are strongly pressured not to do that in a movie theater.
Once the impulse moment passes, it’s easier to restrain from blurting stuff online.
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And again it's weird that GoT is fair game, but Endgame wasn't? It's very possible Endgame actually had more people see it -- which means it was arguably more …

Curious to see if the remaining stakeholders finally work out a post-Winterfell compromise — perhaps a constitutional republic — but tragically bake core regional & racial tensions into their founding documents, dooming later generations to more civil wars?

“To this day, MARTA receives no state funding towards its operational budget.”

In spite of the fact that Atlanta is the state’s primary economic generator.

Because racism.
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I want to crawl inside one of these photos and ride a 1970s MARTA bus.


We need more orgs like Mozilla, and fewer IPO-obsessed startups.
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New blog post here from Firefox creator Mozilla blasting Facebook's disinformation tools and detection:

"Facebook’s ad archive API fails to let researchers do their jobs ahead of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections."


An insightful, honest bit of sharing about body/mind disconnect in “spectrum” folks (feels to me like tons of overlap with “executive function” issues for ADHD and even dissociation issues for CPTSD folks — or all the above)
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New post: Autism and the mind-body disconnect. My experiences of discovering why I can’t get my body to do what I want it to.


There’s a broken libertarian worldview driving much conservative opinion, that ignores the pragmatic realities of human systems.
And if it’s true that the executive class skews conservative—might partly explain why there’s so much bad management & culture in corporations?

Bringing context into explicit view with reporting / stories. 💯✅
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THREAD: @McClatchy recently debuted a “background card” feature to improve transparency. The CMS tool makes it incredibly easy for journalists to explain who they are, how they do their work, and why they do it. 1/8

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@inkblurt@twitter.com Nope. East Coasters live-react all over everything. For GoT, and other shows. They have no concept of other people. Hence Trump.

My west-coast friends inform me there was a lot of live-reaction spoiling during east coast GoT, so I rescind part of my optimism.
There is certainly a tension between the impulse to share in a collective experience online vs withholding details to avoid spoiling for others.

Maybe it’s naive of me but something about millions of people across all social divides doing a pretty decent job of keeping a tacit compact to avoid spoilers about GoT & Endgame gives me a dram of hope for our future.

I mean ... avenging is a full time job, right?
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After saying Avengers End Game spoilers, man reportedly attacked:

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