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I’m having much fun making this silly short story. Weird things happen when lost at sea. “Adrift”, coming to a comic anthology later this year

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1990s: AI will learn your needs and attend to you as your own personal assistant

2020s: AI is a creepy used car salesman spying on you to upsell crap you don’t want

I heard peeping outside. Two momma turkeys with their babies checking out the back porch

Just for fun here’s a quick scroll through all seven thousand lines of code for my DS9 romantic comedy bot which was inspired by and named by

Dimitri is so gentle and nurturing to strange new kittens. He really is a miracle cat. 1 in 10,000. And we took him in because no one wanted to adopt him.

Wish there was a mirror screen option for UI/UX design to flip-h the screen but flip text back. This would help overcome muscle memory to better spot UX issues.

Gonna invent the ultimate encryption algorithm that makes a “psss-psss-psss” noise when break it so a cat comes and sits between you and your screen

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Odo: All drama Jadzia is back.
Jadzia: That's Lieutenant Commander Drama to you lube Daddy.

A horrible terrible thought: what if instead of making this comic I made it into a video game?

Spiderman: Homecoming
Spiderman: Far from home
Spiderman: No way home
Spiderman: Homeward bound

Someone get this topographical disorientated kid a "find my home" app asap

Listening to "The Past is Red" by I'm only a few chapters in and already got the fuckwits song stuck in my head 🎶

Abandoned warehouses are this generation’s quicksand

Mutecon: where all your mutuals and all their mutuals meet up and draw or play games or parallel play

a reminder that conservative Tennessee (my home state) has had a socialist power system since 1933.

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