Kitten time.
Their vet visit was a success. No surprise genders this time. They’ll be ready for adoption in a week or so.

A developer who wrangles log files should be called a lumberjack

Front end dev: spending 45 min trying to get that second scroll bar to go away

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furry art 

New art!!!! @anthracite drew this fabulously comfy piece of my chipmunk sona enjoying some hot drink and stripey socks ☕️

Don’t talk to me or my twenty artificial sons

(please talk to us)

I wonder how is doing?

Facebook: imagine if the back button took you to a random page instead

Reminder that q-tips were originally called Baby Gays

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It’s okay if more people want dumb happy escapist entertainment durning hard times. I’m old enough to have seen a few economic downturns and this seems to be a trend.

My super power is the ability to cause people to feel a debilitating sense of dread just by thinking.

Unfortunately my powers only work on me

If you could save someone’s life would you?

Then skip thanksgiving this year.
Save several lives.
Do it.

I'm still mad about that one vocab test in high school because I knew the definition but got too creative with my answer and got marked wrong

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