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I’m having much fun making this silly short story. Weird things happen when lost at sea. “Adrift”, coming to a comic anthology later this year

Why is old-age makeup in movies so bad?

My theory is they don't know what older people actually look like

@Andy_P Zat you, Santa Claus?

No, it’s Rana by @delphina2k who’s lost and oh you’ve got a dust blaster 5000!

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How many of you wanted to eat leaves because a dinosaur told you to?

Three different pets yelling outside my bedroom for me to get up - barking beagle, meowing kitty, and screaming goat. I refuse to give in to the terrorists demands

Zat you, Santa Claus?

No, it’s the Uncontrollable Wreck-lass by Sara Rude coming over to apologize for breaking your mailbox. Again.

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Zat You, Santa Clause? 🧵

No, it’s a thread of OC fanart knocking at your door all through December

As I'm writing up job review guidelines for creatives I'm tempted to put in something like, "Make a mistake, own it, and describe what you learned from it" as part of the regular review cycle

There’s a holiday episode of Wellington Paranormal out

How do I design new characters it’s been too long!

(Rhetorical I’m just feeling lazy)

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Toot toot!
“This diagram traces the evolution of the elephant depiction throughout the middle ages up to the age of enlightenment.”

Challenge: Pull quote for your comic but it’s a 1⭐️ or 5⭐️ in-universe Yelp review

Slush fund - A slurry of fat was obtained by boiling or scraping the empty salted meat storage barrels. This stuff called “slush” was often sold ashore by the ship’s cook for the benefit of himself or the crew. The money so derived became known as a slush fund.

Siri how do I block someone famous on all platforms?

I’m at the ABTAS stage of writing: Always Be Thinking About Story

It works best lying in bed with a fluffy cat.
The cat. The story.


@Andy_P And they mistyped Lurr’s name but it being Futurama I’m not sure if that was intentional

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All I’ll ever hear when someone says omicron

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I still dream of making an auto-generated text-based MUD (multi-user dungeon). Grand plans exceeding my capacity

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