My first for the day
ДахаБраха – "Шо з-под дуба" – полуфинал – Голос страны 8 сезон

GOETIA & THEURGY. Key of Solomon, Lemegeton
What is the Goetia? What does Theurgy mean?
Greater and Lesser Key of Solomon explained.
Clavicula Salomonis Regis and Lemegeton Clavicula


I'm just gonna say it... The way Joey Wieser and I were both *covered* in pepper-spray while peacefully standing by and filming at different points yesterday, makes it pretty obvious that Seattle Police are now intentionally targeting media.


On this mid-week edition of , identifying flawed research before it becomes dangerous, Michigan gov tells America to mask-up, Pfizer vaccine gets $1.95 billion, preliminary phase I/II results of ChAdOx1 vaccine

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