Pet Insect 

I was a little worried about Mushi-rin because its enclosure was smelling bad and I fed it some possibly sickly fruit flies.

So I fed it some fresh insects, and replaced the soil in its enclosure with some fresh, clean soil from the pet store.

I also read that praying mantids need something to hang from to molt, so I made sure its stick was high up in the enclosure.

It seems that this helped: Mushi-rin molted again!

Even though it's a bit inconsistent and maybe a bit nonstandard, is much more fun than which I was using before, so I'm going to switch to it.



25 years after the first anime series, will
be reborn in 2023 entitled TRIGUN STAMPEDE, produced by the Japan’s best 3D animation
studio Orange ( with an all-new staff and cast.


Zachtronics has announced their next game, Last Call BBS, and additionally has announced it will be their last. 😭

Special Edition link:

What is the best hashtag?


Mushi-rin had a lot to eat yesterday! There were so many fruit flies that I thought I'd better give some of them.

Its tummy looks pretty full now, so I think I'll hold off for a day or two.


Cute videos! I thought these were too big, but after re-encoding they fit under the size limit here.


Mushirin was very hungry! It tried to grab a new fruit fly when it hadn't even finished eating the first one. 😂


Looks like Mushirin molted! So much bigger than at the beginning. I wonder how long it will live...


It's been hard not feeding my mantis all day. I feel sorry for the poor thing!

Wow. I guess I'm a bit late to the party, but Valve's Proton is game-changing, no pun intended. I'm able to play Windows native VR games on Linux.

Carrier Command 2 VR and Ultrawings both worked after just a bit of tweaking.


I don't think it was eating enough before! It chowed down on a bunch of fruit flies, and now it looks much healthier.

I just hope I didn't overfeed it. Time for a two-day food break.

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