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New for October 2018

Random facts!
- In northern California, have lived in CA most of my life
- Turned 40 this year
- 2 divorces, but I'm now in a wonderful relationship
- Have 4 cats (and trying to steal my partner's dog)
- Work full time as a lead for a technical writing team
- No longer in school, but might return to finish some web development certificates
- Enjoy reading fantasy/sci fi
- Trying to get back into archery
- I go by Rin
- I post in spurts, mostly I lurk


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- I like crafting (mostly counted cross stitch, but I dabble in a lot of things)
- I'm a very picky eater.
- I think flamingos are pretty rad.
- I say things like "pretty rad."
- I check the female box on forms, but it doesn't really matter to me
- Sexuality is yes (self-identify as bi back from the days before pan was a thing)
- I have some mental health issues that I talk about occasionally, but I use CW as often as I can. (Depression and anxiety mostly.)


Very random but I need to capture this thought. I might provide context later.

People who are uncomfortable writing don’t wear masks to the same degree and depth that writers do.

Thinking of changing up my icon since I haven't played my FFXIV kitty boy in nearly 2(?) years.

Hit me up with links to your favorite artists (or yourself) if they can do anthropomorphic femme kitty art - looking to upgrade to a snow leopard!

Will most likely want a small for Mastodon and a larger for my phone/desktop background.

Boosts appreciated.

I think we're going straight from summer weather to wet weather without a real stop at fall.

We can always use the rain, what with living in a tinderbox state, but I was hoping for cool walks without getting soaked.

TIL that Windows has a narration option that can be turned on by a cat walking across the keyboard.

It cannot be turned off by frantically yelling "shut up" at the computer while it spells out EVERYTHING you do as you search for the solution.

It rained today! Not a lot, but it was the first real rain of the season here and made everything smell nice.

Also moved into my new desk in my new office location and spent quite a bit of time crawling under my desk because Facilities just decided to dump all my equipment on my desk instead of hooking it up like they are supposed to. I had to steal a network cable from another desk since mine disappeared and submit a ticket because my badge didn't open the suite where my desk is. 😾

Me: I am supremely lazy today.

Also me: I low-key want to take over the world.

*blink blink*

This must be how it feels to be a cat.

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The wizards glared, but their feline familiars purred, curled into each other in their little nest, all whiskers and fur.

They had been rivals since day one, and that was not about to stop now.

Except their familiars had fallen in love, and a litter was due any day now.

So for the sake of that, the wizards shared a residence, and tried to out 'grandparent' the other.

The familiars were fine with this, as long as nobody yelled.

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Hey folks with insomnia- and I mean "not getting more than 8 hours of sleep a WEEK" insomnia:

What do you guys take, if anything? Suggestions to help? My roommate is suffering BIG TIME. They haven't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep in nine days.

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retail and shipping woes, trying to support local business 

retail and shipping woes, trying to support local business 

retail and shipping woes, trying to support local business 

I want to go stand in a sunbeam, but people at work won't stop asking me questions.

How to explain I am catte and need warms?

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I think I have to get a new keyboard...I have a Logitech G11 that I have loved for many, many years.

When I was playing FF14, I mapped the bracket keys to the mouse wheel tilt (long story about accessibility in gaming).

Today, I discovered my bracket keys do not work. The Logitech software that used to control my keyboard and mouse mapping is gone and has been replaced with something far less helpful.

All searches lead to resetting a wireless keyboard, which this is not.


Me: Pulls out lotion.
Dog: Whatcha doing?
Me: Applies lotion to skin.
Dog: *sniffs lotion furiously and licks lips*
Me: I am NOT basting myself!

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The one armed witch came to town.

Her hat was iconic, her shirt dark, her pants practical and her cloak heavy for the season but it didn't seem to bother her.

A crow rode her shoulder and a cat wove around her boots, eyes a blazing gold, matching their mistress.

Villagers hurried to lock their doors; they barred their windows and blocked their chimneys.

The next day, daughters were missing. Stolen, they wailed.

But no; they CHOSE to go.

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"I have figured out why you live in this isolated cottage," the witch's apprentice said.
"Do tell."
"It's because people are horrible!"
"Some are," the witch said. "Some people are lovely."
The witch thought. "Well. When I say people, I mostly mean cats."

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