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New for October 2018

Random facts!
- In northern California, have lived in CA most of my life
- Turned 40 this year
- 2 divorces, but I'm now in a wonderful relationship
- Have 4 cats (and trying to steal my partner's dog)
- Work full time as a lead for a technical writing team
- No longer in school, but might return to finish some web development certificates
- Enjoy reading fantasy/sci fi
- Trying to get back into archery
- I go by Rin
- I post in spurts, mostly I lurk


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- I like crafting (mostly counted cross stitch, but I dabble in a lot of things)
- I'm a very picky eater.
- I think flamingos are pretty rad.
- I say things like "pretty rad."
- I check the female box on forms, but it doesn't really matter to me
- Sexuality is yes (self-identify as bi back from the days before pan was a thing)
- I have some mental health issues that I talk about occasionally, but I use CW as often as I can. (Depression and anxiety mostly.)


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Glob, I can't spell... *thank you for your help!

Looking for book recommendation!

I find myself suddenly in charge of a book club for a group at work and need to find a book.

Specifically, I'm looking for a book that deals with the theme of being the big fish in a small pond and how that stunts your development.

Any titles you can think of that deal with this topic? (No "moral of the story" books, needs to be non-fiction in the business/self-help sort of genre.)

Retoots appreciated and that you for your help!

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Guess who has two thumbs and a kitchen that reeks of fresh skunk. ☠️

Why does my phone not have a skunk emoji? Am I blind?

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Today is moving both far too fast and incomprehensibly slow.

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I'm in a training room at work today at a different office, holding down the fort while a few other team members are having a meeting.

The lights have turned off on me. 😿

Making distressed squawking noises did not rectify the situation, but I'm too lazy to stand up and wave my arms about to trigger the motion detector.

@noelle Does your supply of weird fish happen to include resources for free illustration/vector art of sharks?

I need a set of 6+ sharks (different species) that I can yoink for a work thing and I'm having trouble finding something (and work is blocking a bunch of things).

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A gift for a friend who was sweet enough to help me out with grocery funds. Their character, Ephemere, who is a spirit that likes to haunt animal skulls- deer skulls being their favourite.

I wanted to draw a piece of them "making themselves at home" in a new skull. Not sure I really embodied that, but I'm pleased with it anyway.

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A "tower defense" game where you are a princess that is just trying to mind her own business and obnoxious hero dudes keep writing creepy letters with terrible romance poetry in them until they decide to come and "save you" so you recruit a bunch of demons and set up traps and get to watch as they get eaten.

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Paul Allen's survey crew aboard the Petrel have found the wreck of the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier that was sunk in 1943. (Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, passed away last year, but the undersea research he started continues.)

Easily one of the top 5 best decisions in my life.

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