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I suffer from, among others, light sensitivity.

So if you don't like dark UIs you're not getting any sympathy from me.
In fact, if you like joking about dark UIs/themes being awful/barbaric/whatever I'll likely just mute you because F off.

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"Come for the cute animal et al. boosts,
leave for the whinging about video game textures or whatever."

Also the fact that none of the professional shaving equipment has adopted any of this rather strongly implies it's all marketing BS just like the extra blades in cartridge razors.

Note: I think cartridge razors in general are fine, but any more than two blades and I guarantee you it's all about charging more for refills.
Also making it so the flexible joint is part of the refills is just wasteful. At least Feather's cartridge refills only have the blades in them.

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I have a shaver with that flat middle strip and I have not noticed any benefit from it being there. The hair still has to be really short for the shaver to catch _anything_.

And doubling the regular cutters might cut down on how much you need to rub the shaver in your face but I doubt it halves it _and_ it seems awfully wasteful on material.

I mean, at least for me, having three blades in a cartridge razor instead of one in a DE razor just means my skin gets irritated three times as fast.

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I did not know foil shavers had fallen for the same "more blades" thing cartridge razors had.
Braun S9 has only two of the primary cutting bits, but it now has _two_ of those middle cutter strips instead of one.
Panasonic Arc5 (sometimes there's a space between Arc and 5, sometimes not) has _four_ of the primary cutters.

They both look goofy and I have serious doubts of either actually benefitting from the extra cutters in any meaningful way.

I hate how well that worked. If I had known this ten years ago I would've saved so much effort _and_ made food I would've liked more.

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Me 10 years ago: Meticulously trying to cut onions into tiny, even sized pieces.
Me 10 minutes ago: Chop off top and bottom of an onion, cut in half, dump in sauce.

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Well. That was an experienced.
Decided to try and see if I can use a shavette to shave my head.
It wasn't bad per se, but it was a lot.

Long, nickel allergy & shaving equipment. 

Trying to research nickel free electric shavers as a backup plan and I think people are still confusing nickel allergy with actual allergies.
Also I'm thinking that my plan B should shift to "full beard, trimmed" if/when I can't use razors anymore because finding nickel free shavers feels impossible.

All advise relies on the shaver being "hypoallergenic" or "made of titanium (alloy)". Both of which come with zero guarantees of anything.

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the correct way to peel a banana

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Also I want to wait a month or two just so any problems start surfacing. Based on a quick look people are still in the "a reasonably priced gamepad with extra back buttons and programmability? MUST BUY!" stage.

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The triangle arrows seem about half as inset as in the earlier models.
I'd like to try them, but not enough to order one just for that.

Especially when I'd rather own the "G Classic" version where it's designed after the original Gameboy's d-pad and which I know is fine to use.
If I were to get any of them, that is. Still haven't decided if I need to switch to arcade stick type inputs for ergonomic reasons.
So far shorter gaming sessions have helped a lot.

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I'm not sure if it's enough for the d-pads to not hurt my thumbs but I know I'm not the only one who didn't like it (seen some comments online) and it's just nice seeing things be improved in these minor ways.

Here are the images I'm basing this on:

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8bitdo Pro 2 is properly out and I found some actual photos. (All the images I saw previously were either pre-rendered or looked like they might've been.)

It seems they've finally corrected one of the things about the d-pads that bothered me the most: The triangle arrows being inset too heavily.
Now they're inset a bit less. Personally I'd like them to be almost flush with the matte texture, but alas.

I'll probably ask around about how people figure it could be modified by heating the parts and reshaping them but currently I'd say I'm only going to use it when I need to make shape the edges of my beard.
And for that it should be fine, even if not the most pleasant experience.

Weirdly enough it's the best with Feather blades because it really needs sharp blades for the experience to not honk hard.

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Got the replacement shavette. It has the same problems, but less so.
That is, the blade comes out more on one end than the other, but the differences between the ends are smaller.
It also bends the blade a bit, but less than the previous one.

I am certain that the problem is that The Goodfellas' Smile's factory works under too high tolerances and that before I run into a unit with no problems I'll have gone through half of the stock in the online store.

So I'm going to settle for this.

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Not a great advert for the Darkside gang.

Report: Colonial Pipeline paid ransomware attackers $5 million, but still had to rely on its own backups.

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