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Hi, I'm Nathan going by AutomaticGiraffe. I'm a hobby artist with a fascination with girls and mecha. I mostly draw to share my weebie ideas. I'm perpetually working on a comic but never really finishing, lol...

Link, you must use the Sweet-Ass-Radical Axe of the Goddess to awaken the Seven Sages and prevent Ganon from bumming everyone out with his totally downer vibe

I don't watch this show, but from the clips I've seen, this cinnamon roll almost makes me want to

Giraffe Studios doesn't have the budget nor the manpower to do any more than this. It was a fun experiment though

Wooo, shake it~

I need a song to sync this to later. Leave some suggestions and I'll get to it once I've rested my hand

My end game is actually to just make mockups of stuff to tease people with, not kidding

(Totally kidding, I'll open preorders soon)

I don't know which ones I should make and how much I should order. I might have to setup preorders or something so I don't order a bunch of something nobody wants haha

I don't think she'd be very good with coming up with outfits. But she's probably rich so she can buy her way out of it

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