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Hi, I'm Nathan going by AutomaticGiraffe. I'm a hobby artist with a fascination with girls and mecha. I mostly draw to share my weebie ideas. I'm perpetually working on a comic but never really finishing, lol...

A warm up sketch that got a tad bit away from me lol. Looking back again it’s one of my favorite games of all time

She was my introduction to the lovliness of 2d, and therefore the best. A little Auto didn't know what to do with the strange feelings and his cousins made fun of him. Now it's practically main stream so suck it

I only know how to draw girls. And they're either a battle goddess or a fujoshi

Trying to break my habit of sketching everything in black and white. I suppose this counts as finished.

Quick cool down cause there was a lot of problems with the warm up haha. I guess warm up and 6 hours of commission work actually does engage my creative brain.

Daily warm up. The entire picture hinges on high contrast shading... which I'm not doing, lol

Me: Alright, seriously, I gotta get some drawing done. No more comfort Zeldas
*draws Weiss eating something
Me: Fuck fuck

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