I wrote a bit about how we record talks at JSOxford and the kit we use. Hopefully it'll be useful to some folk.


I also build an NPM module to handle this for you. It'll wrap around classes or objects and allow you to use the `_` prefix naming convention to create actual private properties.

πŸ”— NPM: npmjs.com/~averagemarcus
πŸ”— Source code: github.com/AverageMarcus/priva

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I wrote about how to create private variables in JavaScript.

I look at the various ways to achieve private properties on classes while highlighting some of the issues with each method.

πŸ”— marcusnoble.co.uk/2018-02-04-p

I'm looking to compile a list of meetups/usergroups that offer support to speakers to help with travel costs.

Does anyone know of any?

Hey Mastodons, I hear you like open source and federation, so I'd like to tell you about gettogether.community/ an open source, federated(*) event planning service similar to Meetup

It's free to use, and while it's still very early development it is live! Try it yourself, share it with your friends, start a team ahd have a Get Together! #gettogether

* Federation is simple and minimal, any help would be most welcomed. Source code is at github.com/GetTogetherComm/Get mastodon.cloud/media/cPwAJ8QWw

I'm looking for someone who could give a talk about either MutationObserver or JavaScript proxies. Any suggestions?

Today a built a little webapp that can fetch Twitter profile images based on the users handle.

Support multiple sizes, img tag and JSON.


Ugh! My local network suddenly stopped resolving internal hostnames without the `.local` domain suffix included.

No idea why. 🀷

I wish the Mastodon PWA saved my scroll position when I leave. I hate having to views toots in reverse.

Anyone have any friends working in West London, whose companies might be able to host Codebar* workshops on occasional evenings? If so, please spread the word; the West London chapter is facing a shortage of host centres!

*Codebar is a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running regular programming workshops.

I just had my first article published in Smashing Magazine! πŸ˜„ It's an intro to Web Payments, including the latest news on browser and 3rd party app support. Hope you like it! smashingmagazine.com/2018/01/o #web #webpayments #ecommerce

Today marks 6 months of me being sober. Never would have thought it this time last year.

In 2018 I would be very happy to provide some remote mentoring to someone early on in their web development career. I'm a master of nothing, but could share experience of Web APIs, presenting, blogging, tech leading, interviewing, career choices etc. If it might be useful to chat e.g. once a week or whatever's convenient for you, just DM me or email peter.oshaughnessy@gmail.com with a bit about yourself and we can figure something out :)

I cannot adequately convey the extent of my frustration with the lack of screen reader accessibility in the @AWSCloud console. Buttons and form fields missing accessible names, missing keyboard support... this is a11y 101

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