Trashed a crappy cheap 800mhz wireless headphones and recovered the stereo transmitter and receiver for another project later. The only parts worth keeping. Tevion shit, no .

clowns are a scam invented by big shoe to sell more big shoes.

So it's official now. There are central problems with media uploading/sharing on Mastodon atm. So No eye candy. :blobugh:

WOW! Rescued TWO dell 2209waf 22" TFT wide screens from the dumpster today. Both screens were completely dead but had the same error. Opening the screen was the most difficult thing! The mbr5200 schottky diodes seems to be the weak spot. both screens had these diodes shorted. replaced them and the screens came good. Excellent!

TO ALL @ mastodon : Is there a way on mastodon to block/filter out ANY address from a specific server? this NSFW shit from this "" server annoys me a lot! If i want to watch shit line that i got other addresses. thanks for any hint.

A2 ca 2003/2004 , 1gb RAM, 40gb hdd, DVD drive, 32bit CPU, no PAE. Will it still run a recent version of ?? You bet it will! 18.04 lts fuck yeah!

Rats! My defective hot snot gun took my safety transformer with it. Just a blown fuse. But why is it internally and not put in a fuse holder on the outside?! Weird!!

My trusted hot snot gun suddenly died on me yesterday with a loud buzz and smell of death. And all that after just about 25yrs of use. What a shame, these tools won't last like they are used to. 😁 No on this one. Rest in pieces!

Project "pimping my Roland W30" with a upgraded and heavily modded floppy drive emulator using the open source firmware is on its way. Added lots of additional pin headers, more LEDs, oled display, rotary encoder, piezo speaker. And somehow it still works 😅 . Now to the hardest part. Disassemble the Roland W30 😰

FANTASTISCH!!! Endlich gibt es sie, TIP TOP offene Hardware, Edel nicht nur äußerlich, mit vorinstalliertem . Keine versteckten Hintertüren, keine komplizierte Installation. Echtes PLUG N PLAY für LINUX !!

Hot Android App Tipp: Scrambled Exif (Remove metadata from your pics before sharing them) -

This capacitor is supposed to have "around" 0.47uF . but my fluke multimeter tells me just around 35nF . Aint that "a little bit out of specs" ?!?

KOSTENLOSER Anfängerkurs (online) "LINUX" auf DEUTSCH und in Farbe, im Februar 2018! JETZT Anmelden: - BITTE WEITER SAGEN!

sudo apt update
sudo apt remove 2017
sudo apt install 2018
echo "Upgrade complete! Happy New Year" 🤓

@heisec bisher nur ein einziger Post auf gnusocial/mastodon ?! Kommt schon!! Wenn schon open source dann richtig! Or Bust

toot toot! So now i am on mastodon too. have no idea why and what for 😂 not quiet a replacement for + i guess...


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