You, the individual, cannot offset climate change on your own. There is no alternative to declawing the fossil fuel industry. I say that as an Arab who lives in a country the depends on fossil fuels. Corporations do far more harm to the environment than you as a person could ever do.

Conservatives only criticize social media platforms when they don't allow them to be racist.

Remember that the police as an institution is not set up to help you, it's there to help the state.

I don't think space exploration at this stage should be commercialized. If we're going to explore the universe, we need to do it for the sake of science and improving life on earth, not for billionaires to make even more money.

The fact that Americans don't think that corporate media is feeding them propaganda is silly.

Read Chomsky!

World hunger exists because of capitalism, I can't see how you would argue otherwise.

I wanna personally thank Naom Chomsky for changing my life for the better.

Capitalists : Capitalism is freedom!

Also Capitalists: We won't let you get creative freedom on this project, because we want to appeal to the largest audience possible!

I'd argue that Marxism-Leninism has done more harm than good to workers rights around the world. Arguing for it today is nothing short of silly.

AnCaps are social Darwinists whether they realize it or not. Many of them want a Government less society where the weak dies and pillaged of his belongings.

It's telling how tankies talk about the USSR, Lenin, and Mao more than workers, it shows what they truly care about.

It's sad that the more leftist books you read, the more pissed off you become about the state of the world.

Nothing quite having a nice conversation with someone and then being ghosted...

I'm seriously thinking about leaving Twitter, but the problem is that there are people I care deeply about who use it. I got sick and tired of the vindictive nature of many Twitter users.

Just because I was born an Arab that doesn't I swore an oath of loyalty to this land, I don't give a flying fuck about this culture or heritage.

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