Yep, something wrong with my
Didn't change any settings from last time I took pictures...
Below is the picture taken by camera. Looks normal.

RT @CopernicusEMS: #EMSR586 #NSWFloods #Australia🇦🇺

Our #RapidMappingTeam has delivered the Delineation products for the 3⃣ Areas of Interest requested by the user based on 🛰️ radar imagery

As of 4 July at 8:28 UTC:
➡️A total flooded🌊 area of 11,055 ha has been detected


Oh well... 3rd flood this year... I feel sorry for all Ozzy folks that trying to recover for the 3rd time this year.
What are you doing 2022!

OK, that's happened...
I ordered from @PINE64
Keyboard case for PPP purchased in a separate order.

All Ukrainian refugees considered temporary residents in the EU have the right to open a bank account.

With a basic bank account, refugees can have access to basic services that we all need in our daily lives.



Россия трижды «брала под контроль» одни и те же села и уничтожила больше техники, чем было у Украины. «Проект» изучил пресс-релизы Минобороны РФ с начала войны

Издание «Проект» проанализировало все заявления представителя Минобороны РФ Игоря Конашенкова с начала войны и обнаружило в них нестыковки, касающиеся, в частности, последовательности захвата украинских территорий и количества якобы уничтоженной Россией украинской техники.

Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

@boud People really need to stop with stupid oneliners with no verification when et comes to package installations and adding GPG keys, and learn how to do things properly… It's not a race…

Dont pipe curl to anything… EVER!
1. Download the key (or package, if it's some package install)
2. Check the damn key fingerprint (or package signature)
3. Only IF the fingerprint is the good one (or signature is valid), add the key (or install package)

@FreePietje @mobian

Oopsy daisy, the mobian repo's gpg key has expired and nobody noticed. Well until it was too late. If you get error messages about expired keys, you might want to add the new one manually

curl -s | sudo tee /var/lib/extrepo/keys/mobian.asc

The above command might be working for you. We will think how to get new keys in a safe way onto your device in the future.

Evidence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies and RNA on Autopsy Cases in the Pre-Pandemic Period in Milan (Italy)

...хотя zалупоголоvые вряд ли поймут и треть сказанного...

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