My family is a long haired bi dude with earrings, a gq bi person, a lesbian, a gq queer lesbian, and a gender nonconforming ace boy. Our car broke down driving through suburban South Carolina last night.

We've dealt with people at the car dealership, motel, a few restaurants, and "just folks" we ran into who wanted to chat. Everyone has been exceptionally nice, kind, and helpful. I've lived all over and can safely say that hate and kindness grow in equal measure everywhere.

is it true that mastodon is actually a psyop created by hover and namecheap to spur people into paying crazy prices for hip domain names such as "balls.hypno.gongle.sigil", "godzone.fuck" and ""

Take me down to the pair of dice city where the grass is *rolls, consults table* teal and the girls are *rolls, consults table* green?


@BMez I don't see CW as having anything to do with privacy... That's why I didn't look too hard in the privacy setings when looking for it.

Test post with cw 

Curious about content warnings from mobile, just testing.


1. "mastodon" is a piece of software that runs on a server. There's a lot of servers that run it & u can follow ppl on other servers.

2. When u follow someone from another server, your server receives their toots.

3. The federated TL is all public toots that the server receives, ie all of the toots from everyone that ppl on your server follow.

4. ERGO: if u want to see more toots in the fed TL, follow + get other ppl on your server to follow ppl from other servers!

The number of queer users on Mastodon/Imzy is a pretty strong indictment of mainstream social networks—as if the issues with those services weren't public enough already.

I don't judge social networks in terms of Twitter-killers, just as I don't see every new Linux distro as a Mac/Windows-killer. If the goal is to provide a valuable alternative that makes a difference to people, success is not an all-or-nothing matter. This is the culmination of every innovation—when it starts sprouting niches.

A study by the European Commission concludes that Free Software is a driving force for innovation in Europe: "The argument that established revenue models of the software industry were being eroded by open source software being available for free can no longer be upheld. Instead, there are many examples of successful OSS applications that are generally viewed as innovation drivers. Furthermore, working business models have been developed and have proved to be successful.";pgid=GSPefJMEtXBSR0dT6jbGakZD0000qq4-qNBy;sid=Vgk42nMbcRo4tivFCfGmfRE-9MpEitHYKlk=?CatalogCategoryID=CXoKABst5TsAAAEjepEY4e5L #FreeSoftware !FS !FOSS #EU #Europe #innovation

I'm BMez. 40ish cis male pan poly domly dom daddy bear, coder, recovering game dev, hobby farmer, and activist.

Lover of 500 character posts, usability, and federation; hater of the word "toot".

Perpetually seeking community and a tight knit pleather family.

Ugh 17 quality people laid off from Harmonix in Boston today. Give a shout if you got jobs for game devs. Coders, QA, community mgmt all looking.


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