Of the tube ride to the airport, the wait at the airport, and the flight, it's the flight that was the shortest segment, in the end.

(Also ♥ Dublin airport for being so fast and efficient as usual.)

Ok. No. Middle aged lady. You be okay, middle aged lady, alright?

(God I hope it's not an excuse for them to disembark the non-neurotypical kid who was visibly growing distressed by the delays earlier... :/)

Welp, we pushed off the gate, but a passenger is not feeling well so we'll pull back in so they can disembark. But first, of course, the airport needs to find a gate for our plane...

Goodbye, London! You sure are a city.

Meanwhile, boarding starts in 15 minutes and the gate is still not on display. (I'm sure the fact half the gates are a 15 minutes walk away will not be a problem.)

TFW you visit a place to meet new people and instead keep bumping into people you know. x_x

There's a sort of greasy poignancy to airport full Irish breakfasts.

OKAY. Who's in London this week and wants to hang out? ♥

The My Little Pony show is almost over, the animators stopped giving a fuck, here's an official canon lesbian couple. Fuck yeah.

I like storm-tail weather. Gentle grey, damp and luminous. Very soft.

Plus Iarnród Éireann is still celebrating in proper fashion by messing the train schedules good and hard, that's the spirit.

The sky is still doing interesting things right now so there's that.

It's hurricane day! Except not really because Lorenzo did that thing where you go "Ah fuck it I'll go to the pub instead" and sort of deflated to a grumpy mid-range autumn storm.

The Irish, in their Irish way, seem more "aw :(" than "phew!" about it.

Everyone who flew in early for , I'm fucking sorry for the weather and I swear it's not usually this horrible. :/

Holy fuck, Huawei sure are hiring aggressively...

Big up to coworkers who figure you're having a "I need a hug" kind of day and turn up at your desk to deliver.

The lights on the DART train are flickering deeply over and over as if this is a movie and something horrible is about to happen.

... Neat.

In my headcanon, @argvee is secretly @ShiftOnSecurity 's humansona and you can't convince me otherwise.

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