What a weird and intense dream.

It was the apocalypse! End of the world! Some kind of pandemic! ... Where everyone just turned into animals, one by one, over a few days. Plop, horse. Plop, lion.

So, uh, mankind just threw a gigantic, joyful party until the end.

It was neat.

Transphobes spend a lot more time thinking about genitals than you do.

I was thinking about how often toppling statues goes hand in hand with uprisings of the long oppressed, and then I thought of the statues of Númenórean kings toppled by orcs in Ithilien, and I'm still thinking about that.

When your only tool is a cop, every societal problem starts looking like crime.

In case you missed it, you can donate $5+ to the NAACP Defense Fund and the Community Bail Fund through itch.io and get >700 games in return.


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Googlers, you can help Minnesotans pay bail directly from your salary. Look up the Minnesota Freedom Fund in the internal charity site.

Past a certain level, one of the most impactful things you can do as an engineer is to write to right document and circulate it to the right people. It's a hard skill to acquire. x..x

When I got up this morning, I was not expecting for today to be the day when I'd discovery a new version of the Lost Eden OST that I somehow didn't know about previously.

Friends, I need your help investigating a possible problem.

If you:
- know what "Tapestries" is;
- use a unique email address there;
Can you please reach out to me? DMs open.

Else please RT for visibility? Thanks.

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le lundi c’est une construction sociale mais le matin il a vraiment aucune excuse

DAMN I realized too late that having a speaking role at that site-wide meeting means that I broadcasted my whimsical fursona icon to the whole local leadership. c..c

Thimbleweed Park at the same time feels like a forgotten adventure game gem lifted straight from the golden age of the 90's, and a mournful, deeply self-aware farewell to a genre that is not coming back. I liked it.

It's amazing how much you can transform the meaning of a title with just a single, perfectly innocuous word. Example:

Do Welsh Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Come on, I've finished Journey multiple times, I tell myself. Surely this time I won't cry, I tell myself.

Anyone else feels like there's a bit too much History going on lately

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