Dear restaurant websites, if you are like "hey we'll just store your credit card data forever and pass it around to partner sites" with no way to opt out, you are not getting my credit card data. What even the *heck.*

pol, cov, that dude 

Let's be clear: he'll live, if only because he'll get care of a quality and dedicatedness that an actual taxpayer would never receive.

But there would be such karmic irony to his last words being "I can't breathe".

Infuriatingly, the amount of healthcare he's going to receive will be worth a lot more than $750.

Mrah. Looking to move off to a better instance. Any good one for soft dragons that you would recommend?

Also massive props to AJ Michalka for absolutely nailing every single "Hey Adora".

Generally speaking the voice acting in this show is something else entirely. I want Lorraine Toussaint and Jacob Tobia to read the phonebook to me for hours.

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Well damn. She-Ra 2018 is a LOT better than a reboot of a 80s toy property show has any right to be, and ends up packing a considerably stronger emotional punch than you'd think from the first few meh episodes.

If you can refuel a car then I'll refood myself and you can't stop me.

For the first time ever we've got a strong indicator of possible extraterrestrial life and it's 2020 and everyone is just too exhausted to really care.

"Humanities? Nah, that's useless, let's only teach STEM," the techbro claims with confidence moments before blithely subscribing to libertarianism.

Winter has that rare subtle skill of letting you, the reader, understand more than the characters perceive, and this tale of revenge and determination gets into complicated and eminently human emotional territory, underlaid by a sharp, nuanced understanding of social injustice.

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Best book surprise of the year so far: THE RAGE OF DRAGONS by While normally I like my fantasy more wondrous and my dragons more personable, I don't remember when a book last grabbed me this hard.

So, uh, it's quite a surprise at this point, but season 12 of Doctor Who was very solid from beginning to end and I don't remember the last time that happened.

You know what's worse than finding a large spider in your room? Not finding it anymore. X..X

Getting the PCD without the con is a new level of suck.

If some of you have heard of the absolutely crazy work of love that is the Eurofurence Pawpet Show and never got to see it for yourself, a recording of the 2017 production, The Skies of Astar, will be streamed for the first time ever at in about 5 minutes.

Turned up at the office to pack my stuff. First time there in half a year. All empty, barely a few people around. The feeling is indescribable.

This has been an emotionally complicated week. x..x

If this was not a mad year on fire, I'd be headed for EF right now to spend the rest of the week seeing dear friends. :(

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