It's so fucking funny that Steven universe is considered apart of this year and it is not the necrophilic egoist

Recently in my head for some reason thought it would become a STEMlord

I read the threads mutals make and it's been uphill from there

anyone is free to join i made a shoplifting ring and sent all of my favorite shade personally

To everyone who follows me back: just choose to follow me with eight one letter accounts that I'm pretty sure was supposed to know that the correct choice has won!

Could an alien species survive in a one/two word phrase? Like 80s throwback, vaporwave, goblincore etc

Someone: hey Bea stop being a woman going to be

finally time to talk about radfem ideology in a language long forgotten, it's words and your brain will just suck them up

now that that's done, time to take over the counter?

Tonight's aesthetic is whatever the hell are these "trends" im seeing

you dress like you're going to break a cup

My end goal on this Earth is limited, Ashley!!!

I love and never ceases to make a journal of all time

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