capitalism 101.

- inherit resources to start.

- never use your own money and convert every excess generated to non-taxable assets.

- leverage stock for loans (use debt as a cheap/static tax).

- take 93% of the surplus labour generates.

- borrow land from the gov and rent it out as habitats to your labour.

- spend tax money on dev & sell back to labour, double dipping OR if possible, sell back to gov at premium for a tripple dip.

and so on...

...who the fuck keep voting on this system?!

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With the growing exponentially every day, pushing for it, and all these new platforms challenging the commercial crap. there should really be a unified interface/app. imagine the adoption through sheer convenience. with , , , , etc. all inside one interface. one user. hundreds of networks and useful platforms at their fingertips.

and since it unifies the fediverse. we should combine these words and call it... wait for it... Universe !

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The EU, like any large organisation, is made of rival groups that compete to influence the direction the organisation goes in.

There is a pro-Fediverse group in the EU which is why the EU made its own Fediverse servers (at and, and why the EU helps fund some Fedi projects.

There are also anti-Fediverse groups who don't understand the Fedi and just want to use Twitter and Facebook.

I think it's important we try to back the pro-Fediverse group.

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Using the radioactive decay present in a banana to generate random numbers. Even if you don't appreciate the math/code/hardware behind it, you can appreciate the aesthetic of this Arduino-based generator and banana holder.

Quick explanation:

More complex (including code and math/probability), from the developer:

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it should be a mandatory exercise to teach about policy through letting teens hold mock elections in school which represents existing political parties. i wonder what party would win with some relative consistency?

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The only difference between US prison labor and slavery is that capitalists managed to successfully socialize the cost of owning slaves by leveraging publicly funded prison system.

people should stop polluting through consuming, but they won't.

people also shouldn't be against various progressive movements, but they are.

people also shouldn't murder, but they do.

we still have racism.

we still have war.


the solution to end is convincing the 10 guys with power to stop pollution to actually stop it.

we need to convince the few to make the right decisions for the many. as we will never be able to unite our species to take collective action otherwise.

seriously, fuck the capitalist mindset. it's literally tearing our planet apart and benefiting a handful few. the handful few who all feel the same way; "i've got mine, fuck you". but the 'mine' they have, they could have only gotten by exploiting others. so fuck that, they don't got theirs, they got what's ours, and they genuinely believe they deserve to own what's ours and then leverage that to take from even more people. it's...insane. the whole system is insane. it needs to fucking end.


and so, they argue the risk... that's what makes the difference! they deserve the money because THEY dared to take the risk! what the fuck is that?! the only risk here if any, was on excess they had, excess they could afford to lose. that's not fucking risk, just means is they had the privilege to excess, something most folks don't have. especially in a world where most live on loans they can barely pay. so the "risk" here is either placed on others, or a capital they sit on beyond needs.


even people, like my boss, brag about how they worked themselves up from nowhere. how he spent the first year of his business, doing everything by himself, working so hard. bla bla bla.
i mean, the only way he can drop his existing job, and go out and work a cleaning job at a random home. is if he is economically able to do so. and that economy either comes from an excess he has laying around, OR from other people covering his expenses while he pulls this shit (hint: his family is wealthy).


"if you are not efficient, then you don't belong at your job. a business is not a welfare. you are stealing money from your employer!"

...what? no employer hires an employee at a loss. and if the employee is not performing at peak efficiency. so what?

oh, "your money"? how is it your money if the employee generated it?

"start a business then"? starting a business is a privilege. you either need the resources, or the time. most people don't have either. "risk" is a bs pat-on-the back excuse.

Mastodon should have better media integration for artists and creators!

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