Sunset over the Virginia Blue Ridge, 14 January 2021. All the best for you today.

Sunset over the Blue Ridge in NW Virginia, 14 January 2021. Hope you are all well and happy.

A sunny day in the Shenandoah Valley after several overcast days. The dogs and I had a pleasant walk, our first this year.

I have a close friend who is being seduced by some pretty out there Covid conspiracy theories. I haven't the time to debunk it all (nor am I looking to debate any specific claims here). Does anyone have links to any legit, evidence based debunking sites I can share for another perspective? Boosts welcome. #askfedi #covid #conspiracy

this is just a reminder that lots of EMS squads will PAY for you to get qualified as an EMT if you volunteer with them. that's free medical training for you to share w your community

Sunset last night from a viewpoint on my walk on Blue Mountain in Linden, VA, overlooking the Shenandoah Valley and town of Front Royal.

So the big take away from this whole tiger king thing is that twitter people will happily say "eat the rich" but as soon as a woman allegedly feeds her millionaire husband to some tigers they lose their goddamn minds

April wildflower. I took this this afternoon in a bit of good weather between two storms. Taken with my & wide angle lens.

These are among the first wildflowers to blossom on my walk. The colony has expanded over the years and now has two groups, one in the sun and the other in the woods behind, which are blooming now. # Adobe

White violet. The wild violets are out now for spring. Shot as usual with my and Moment macro lens

Respecting yourself and taking yourself seriously are two very different things and it's funny how many people forget which one of the two is important

Actually, arguments in favour of "economy of form" which demand that media such as albums, films, books not "waste the audience's time" buys into the commodification of every aspect of existence by capitalism. Art should not subscribe to this commodification: it should resist it. So fill your novels with as many digressions, your movies with as many lingering shots and unnecessary scenes, your albums with as much filler as you feel like doing. I will be happy to waste that time with you.

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