Art block hit hard with the summer heat. :/ Here's another art trade.


If you ever see two hedgehogs closely circling each other with one of them making repeated huffing noises, don't worry, they're not fighting, that's just their little mating dance

I feel like what people don't notice is that "amazing artists" don't come out of nowhere, it's usually that person has been working at the thing that makes them "novel" for fucking years and the one time you noticed they were so far into it, it blew your mind

1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

I've been listening to the early Joan Baez recordings this afternoon. I bought them on LP originally in the summer of 1964. I just got to "Geordie". It is perhaps the most beautiful and sad of all her songs. I know three versions of this song, but this one is unique in it's tune and in being set in London, not Edinbourgh. And this is the only recording I have found of it in 54 years of collecting folk music.

Three butterflies sharing a thistle. Skyline Drive, Virginia

Why it's called the Blue Ridge. Great Meadows, Skyline Drive, Virginia

Monarch butterfly, Great Meadows, Skyline Drive

Small native thistle at Great Meadows on Skyline Drive Sunday.

Rainbow on Skyline Drive Sunday afternoon. Nice end to a beautiful day driving Skyline.

Be aware of a common scam running on the internet - someone emails you with a password that you will recognize and threaten to publicly bad post things about you on social media unless you pay a ransom. The password and email come from some web site breach, such as LinkedIn. Don’t fall for it. Delete and move on. Also, take this opportunity to get a password manager and use a different password on every site/service you use. ✌️

The James River in central Virginia, where the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses the river. The parkway has a nice stop on the north side of the bridge with a store, picnic area, and a footbridge across the river to a canal lock. This was taken on the south side with my Pixel 2 XL.

This is an experiment. It is a photosphere I took a couple of days ago of a not very inspiring sunset. I want to see if Mastodon can handle photospheres. If it works you should be able to move around in it using a touch screen device like your smartphone, see 360° around plus the sky and ground. I have found that some software cannot handle this, so if it does not work then I will not post more. I have several from my trip.

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