Our new dog, Buddy, relaxing on the couch. He is a 5-year-old fixed male Pomeranian cross breed, and he knows how to relax.

This escapee from someone's garden is blooming wild on my walk.

View from Blue Mountain, Linden, Virginia, across the Shenandoah Valley to the Allegheny Mountains. Shot with my using the Night Sight setting and my Moment wide angle lens. .

Wild orchids on Blue Mountain, Linden, Virginia. I was surprised that they are blooming this late in summer.

Another wildflower from my walk tonight. This is probably not native but an escapee from a garden now growing wild.

Pink lollies. They are popular in the gardens I pass on my walk. One of tonight's flowers.

A flower I photographed on my walk this evening. No extra lenses on this just the pixel 2 camera.

Yesterday's butterfly. This is an Eastern Yellow Swollowtsil, a common butterfly in most of the US. It is sometimes confused with the larger Monarch, but that is orange. This butterfly also has a black morph.

This beauty is obviously not a wildflower but well worth a photo.

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