Has anyone here seen the tv show 'The Americans'? What are your thoughts on it?

Pre-orders for my latest album "Cult Rock Accommodation" are up on Bandcamp: osirissaline.bandcamp.com/albu

This includes 3 readily streamable & downloadable power pop punk of a queer revolutionary nature songs. All of which are Faster Than Your General Songs

$6+ Patreon backers can access the full album 8 days before release via this link: patreon.com/posts/22830226

Shares are massively important cuz a lot of my life over the last 2 years is in this

#MastoAudio #CreativeToots #Music #QueerArt

Hey all. Does anyone do games coverage that would like to do some coverage of mine? 😅

No one is too small to help. Press release and playable available for anyone interested.

Boosts appreciated. Tag someone who might care ( clearly I don't know anyone who does. :blobsad: )

Thanks fedifriends! 💖

Animated flashy videogamey gif attached....

Humans are born to be artists, scientists, artisans, and philosophers. Children love nothing more than creative expression, learning to understand things, making things with their hands, and asking deep questions.

But society teaches us not to do these things, training us instead to be “productive”. We’re sculpted to fit into a world obsessed with jobs, money, and ownership, and we’re forced to give up the most important parts of ourselves in order to do so – our creativity, and our curiosity.

Closeup of a wildflower taken on my walk today with my & Moment macro lens.

A neighbor's garden I passed on my walk today. Show with my & Moment wide angle lens

Another beautiful wildflower I took on my walk today with my & Moment closeup lens

First trailer of HBO's adaptation of His Dark Materials youtu.be/0Qz8L4KaTss

Those are some good actors in there, damn.

Over 30 people came out to our Mastodon meetup! Here's like 2/3 of them.

Hell yeah we did it we're famous now @shel @masklayer #BLFC19

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The producer says, "That's a hell of an act, what do you call it?"

The man says, "Pagliacci!"

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