Waiting for them to arrive, the tracking app says they should be here within the hour

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I’m so close to having all the parts for the wifi router I’m building. The case, PCIE network switch, tiny SSD Storage, and hugely overpowered Wireless Access Point has arrived, I’ve got 8GB of RGB RAM out of my box of spares, and a £14 PSU that is so cheap they don’t even give you the kettle lead to plug it in with, and it has that smokey cheap electronics smell that screams “DON’T YOU DARE USE ME OVER 50% LOAD!”

Just the Morherboard and CPU to arrive now!

Throwback to 2016 with my now dearly departed brother-cat-in-law Emil. I miss that gentle giant

I got a POE adapter to build a wifi router, and the earth pin had broken off in transit. I superglued it. The important thing I’ve learned doing this over the years is that superglue might feel like it’s set fast in seconds, but it needs 24 hours to fully cure and not break off in the socket.

Unexpected day off, so I’m teaching myself Adobe Premier Pro and reading one of the classics

Just had a nightmare with a perfect 3 act structure. I was working at a university at the coast, and in act one it set up the water was too shallow for cliff diving. Then in act 3 the assailants who’d been chasing me in what had become a slasher movie got to the top of the cliff and thinking I dived in followed me to their deaths.

How do door handles know when you’re already frustrated and pick that exact moment to grab your sleeve as you go past? I reckon it’s because they’re knobs.

One of the reasons I hate unsolicited advice is that the person giving it often assumes you’ve the same abilities and experiences they haveeven when theirs is unique.

That’s like me telling someone who feels a professional failure “do what I do, remember you were in Doctor Who, and that Russell T Davies named a character after you!”

My girlfriend is Swedish, so as well as now having incredibly good looking friend suggestions on Facebook I’ve discovered that the partner of one of my girlfriend’s friends is called “Titti Glans” and I may never recover.

Yes! A new Czarface album is out. If you like your hiphop to be members of the Wu Tang Clan rapping about comic books, kung fu movies and wrestling, then this is a treat for you. Plus there’s a Wilhelm Scream sample in the first track

Thanks to the world being too difficult to bear right now I’ve focused on other stuff and today I’ve written a chapter outline and breakdown for my autobiography, something I was asked to do 3 years ago but was unable to.

A radio show I did won an award, so that’s been a nice thing this morning :)

Me: “eugh this water tastes like shit, are you sure it’s Perrier water?”
My waiter: “ah, non, zis is sparkling derrière water!”

I’ve been paid so I’m thinking of getting Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga to play on stream, and so I’m just doing a sude by side of PC vs PS5 to see which version I should get when it’s thrown this spanner in the works

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