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The Energy-Price-Point of Digital Fabrication systems for building the tooling for Infrastructure Co-operatives has fallen through the floor over the last 25+ years.

I'm currently looking for partner-founders to start a co-operative for doing this.

If you know anyone interested, please put them in touch. :D

Serious offer: if you're studying coding or coding-adjacent things and are stuck on something, feel free to ask me for help. If I'm online, have the spoons and know the subject, I'll try to help you out.

I'm current on C/C++, Linux/Unix, Python, Ruby (NOT Rails), Java, Perl, plus passing knowledge on random other stuff.

Disclaimer: I'm not always great at explaining stuff. Also, I won't do your homework for you.

The schedule of 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month usually works out to a Hack & Craft meeting every other week, but it felt so weird waiting out the 5th Saturday of July.

So excited to be back this weekend to make things together!

A fun little song about why the UK needs proportional representation in elections.

Not the right pomodoro timer for me (I love Be Focused) but that’s the point — a tidy example of UX design which takes a stand for working exactly how a particular kind of user needs


And do read his explanation of creating the app, as great a non-coder design doc as you'll see!


"The Jain's Death" was one of the first truly strange things I remember stumbling across during my early experiences of the internet.

I've re-encountered it a few times, and tonight I was pleasantly surprised to find it still online:

I just want to share a fleet of sailboats connected to a meshnet using mutual aid to keep eachother fed and kept for while making art around the world. :trisight:

COVID, media, gripe about how the pandemic was handled 

To give you an idea about how bad this all is:

The United States population is poised to decline for the first time in recent history from deaths caused by COVID.

You can't tell me that isn't going to change everything.

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COVID, media, gripe about how the pandemic was handled 

Everyone thought the vaccine was a magic bullet. That this would end the pandemic and it would all blow over. That it would be right as rain in no time at all.

Everyone forgot anti-vaxxers existed.

Nobody was told the Coronavirus mutates rapidly. Nobody was told that the virulence was only likely to increase as the virus evolves. Nobody was told we would have to get a vaccine every 9 months because of the way the variants work. Nobody was told the economy's disruption is likely to be major and possibly last a decade or more. Nobody was told we would lose a huge portion of our workforce to permanent disability or death from Long COVID.

And we kept being told only that lockdown was harming us all, mentally and physically, and it would destroy our economy if it continued.

These things were known early on, and the public was told, but the media refused to report anything but cheery optimism because anything else would be bad for stonks.

And now here we are, and we are going to have year 3 of the pandemic.

And now we're finding all these things out like it's a surprise, and yet it was always there, in our faces, and we sat around magically thinking none of the bad things would come to pass.

PSA: is a very bad, Fash-adjacent peddler of dangerous pseudoscience and garbage medical advice.

0/0, Do not recommend.

(They sometimes come up as a top result when searching medical/diet things, which is why I bring this up.)

#naturalnews #pseudoscience

Y’all know about the 6,300 kilometer long meshnet in Catalonia? It’s beautiful


Researchers have discovered several malicious Python libraries hosted on the PyPI repository that aim to steal credit cards and inject code.

Read details:

Distributism is an economic theory that emerged from the Roman Catholic Church. The general idea is that the means of production should be owned by as many people as possible rather than concentrated in the hands of a few. This might include a reversion to earlier levels of industry and an abandonment of the modern level of industry, but it might not. It might include a return of guilds of industry, but it might not.

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