A scared Journalist in a Democracy manufactures Dead Citizens!!

Hey @Deepsealioness @Memeghnad
You guys noticed that Twitter is not showing the tweet Impressions Today??

They are surely trying to hide the fact that they are restricting the reach of people who do not agree with the goverment.


- Trumps with Imran said ‘PM Modi ws very aggressive’

- India loses export incentive case filed by US at WTO

- Massive increase in H-1B visa denial for Indian IT firms by US

- US announce increase in H-1B application fee

‘Abki bar Trump Sarkar’

Yes please! I'm tired of just watching my country being hijacked by fascist goons. Enough's enough!

People keep pushing people to migrate from @Birdsite to @Mastodon.
Enough is enough.

A commoner Motivated by @sanjayuvacha 's absence from @Birdsite

Guys please follow @Confuzedgenius
Help him get started on this platform 🙂👍

Here comes another traitor @Confuzedgenius

Do not follow this guy no matter what. We want him back on our platform🙂.


I had forgotten the excitement of joining a new platform. Came on twitter in 2009 as a naive computer science student. Saw it turn hostile as we neared 2014. And the shithole it became thereafter.

He : Baby plz na !!!
She : Nahi koi dekh lega !!!
He : Mai dekh k delete kardunga
She : Sacchi?
Modi G : Mucchi

Holycrap. So many followers in a day!

Mastodon is really exploding, isn't it?

Birdie birdie...
Kyun karta hai gum itna
Dil khol ke roo le tu chahe jitna
Agar pyaar hai toh wo lautenge kabhi
Udaan bharne de tu unhe abhi.

Just like life will find a way, liberalism, democracy, common sense and revolution will find a way too. When @Birdsite let us down, we moved here. Long live democracy.

Everytime I ve opened Twitter I convinced at least one mutual to join Mastodon.
Where's my award??

Somebody get Saket Ghokale on this platform man!!

Nirmala Sitharaman Rightly blames Millennials for the Twitter Slowdown.

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