Great, Murphy's Law: pandemic and our @PhilipsNL television of 3yrs breaks down. Apparently not within warranty...I guess the next tv (or any applicance) will not be a Philips one.

Update: The Spanish label, agreed this was not their work and I got my dispute solved. Hoorah!

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Funny, or actually not 😞. I got a copyright claim on one of my tracks called "Let's Dance" made during . By a Spanish(?) label representing 'Autumn Comets' for a piece of footage which according to Archive is in the . So I have opened a dispute. Apparently Google's automagical algorithm cannot read nor understand a video's description. This will be interesting.

Each time I use my books I have to change stuff because the syntax has changed. Once again I wonder about the benefits of Ansible for a self-employed geek like myself...

I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

even ignoring all the myriad other issues with switching everything in society to apps because they’re new, i wish we would talk more about how cruel and inefficient it is to require everyone to purchase a several hundred dollar device + pay monthly to take part in society

"Discovered" Nadia Struiwigh's work and really enjoying it.

Sounds perfectly match my mood now.

If you like and soothing/relaxing sounds sometimes with a bite, this might be your cup of tea (or any other beverage you prefer)

Check it out:


Only 2 days left for So far I've missed 2 days and produced a jam each day. In my case this includes a movie. Usually I had roughly 2 to 3hrs max for everything. So it's all quick 'n dirty :)

Today I was inspired by our more autumnal than winter weather.

Check it out:

It's getting harder to keep coming up with interesting jams for Tonight's one therefor was 'just' a re-edit of some old piece I made with . Was fun though especially with searching for footage. I think the end result is not too shabby :)

Quite happy with today's jam. Conceptually it's a lot better than yesterday's one. Check it out, it's called

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Astronauts"

In case anyone is interested 🤔 I'm participating in under my musical tinkering nom de guerre "Musicamatica".

Have a look at my experiments thus far containing music I made using hardware such as Korg Volca's and lots of Creative Commons / Public Domain videos from

My channel:

Finally got some tome to fix an old radio cassette player with a new belt, discovered how to change a walkman's play speed and attempted to fix another walkman with a new belt, but failed because it still doesn't output any sound.

Nowadays applications ask for certain permissions: Firefox ask permission to use notifications or the camera, an Android app wants read permission for your address book etc. What I find annoying is there is never an explanation on WHY they need this permission.
How on earth are less technical inclined people able to make an informed decision without this explanation? As a developer I can make an educated guess, but without my background, I'd have no clue at all.

Made my own fries from potatoes, vegan mayonaise and ketchup from fresh tomatoes. A 100% made by me meal. Best of all, it was very tasty according to the family.

Let's see if I can make these old cassette players and recorder whole again. Hopefully only needs a bit of cleaning and new belts.

I am a #foss / #free #software radical.

This is because I understand some things that many people do not, or do not want to. This isn’t because those people are stupid or purpousely ignorant; rather, my circumstances forced me to part with some of the comforts of predatory software, and it opened my eyes to the world that universal software freedom could create.

Feeling demoralized with . Trac tickets being in limbo for seemingly longer & longer periods of time. Why bother investing time (as self-employed developer) to contribute back to WordPress if contributions are neglected for months or even longer? What's your experience?

Prevented some e-waste: fixed an obsolete disc-man someone wanted to throw away. It had a battery compartment with corroded batteries. Polished with some vinegar, removed the corrosion et voila! Got myself a cdplayer for my little work cave.

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