Tentative conference schedule for is here: conference.blender.org/2019/sc - not everything is there, but we already have a fantastic line-up!

The Suzanne Awards 2019 Festival is open for submissions! Check out the guidelines and submit your best Blender work! conference.blender.org/2019/fe

Info for possible speakers: first round of reviews have been done. Please login to the Blender Conference site to see the status of your proposal. There you can also reply to questions. Info about scheduling and ticket discounts follow next week. conference.blender.org/

Call for participation at the Blender Conference 2019 is open! We welcome talks, papers, case studies, demo artists, developer workshops, and so on! After 1 August we start making the selection. conference.blender.org/call-fo

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NEW VIDEO. Color graded. Remixed. Re-edited to increase awesomeness by 90%. Even if you saw the livestream of my @blender_org presentation, I highly recommend watching this new "official" version! youtube.com/watch?v=1qSTcxt2t7

Here is the official photo gallery blender.org/conference/static/ - if you would like to share any picture you took, drop us a line here or on conference at blender org.

Share your Blender Conference 2018 picture or video gallery here! Here's our: facebook.com/BlenderConference

Blender Conference 2018 is over! Truly the best community event, offline and online !

Airbus's space factory: how @julienduroure@twitter.com and his team animated industrial products for visualizing spacecraft fabrication

Jon Denning from CG Cookie presents CookieCutter: A Toolkit for developing ground-breaking Blender add-ons

The Blue Brain project: a challenge to create accurate, meaningful and attracive scientific visuals of the human brain, by Nicolas Antille

Daniel Martinez Lara blurs the boundary between 2D and 3D animation with Grease Pencil and talks about the future of animation

Weybec Studio migrated their pipeline from Blender Internal to Eevee: Pratik Solanki @dragoneex@twitter.com shares the journey

Julien Kaspar guiding us on how to sculpt efficiently by using Blender to its full potential

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