The Blender event of the year is back! 🎉
Get your Blender Conference 2022 tickets at

Save the date: Blender Conference will be back on 27-28-29 October!
We will celebrate 20 years of Free and Open Source Blender at the beautiful 18th century neo-classical Felix Meritis in the heart of Amsterdam. Ticket sale and call for presentations starts in June.

With a heavy heart... the 2021 Amsterdam Blender Conference will move to next year. It is too early to commit to a massive event together.

Reservation of Compagnie Theater as conference venue has been confirmed for 28-30 October. Last day for a go/nogo decision is July 1st. No preparations happen before that date. Let's hope we're lucky!

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This is so amazing, made my day! Thanks @Blender @tonroosendaal

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Just received my comfort box. Record late courtesy of Costa Rican's customs. It was worth the wait! Made me very happy and I managed to keep it a surprise for myself. Thanks @tonroosendaal and the @Blender team 🍪🍪

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That's what we've been doing in Creative Shrimp in 2020. From the Blender Conference 2020: Together Apart.

p.s. Also, subscribe to our new channel where we gonna post the videos by the team members across the globe! 🦐

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Remember the Interstellar and Mandalorian set ? Now this, 10x bigger budget ahah ! My blender scene running in background on my xppen screen tablet 😂

full anim in yesterday’s blender live conference

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Here's my short video which appeared in this year's amazing . It was an honor and an unforgettable experience to be among such amazing company, I've never felt prouder to be a part of the blender community. @BlenderConf .

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Feeling that little bit of spirit! Blender really is about love and people! Virtual hugs to all of you! Stay healthy and see you soon hopefully!

All presentations have been edited. Exporting and uploading now.
We will start at 18h CET with live stream of Blender HQ. Program is estimated to start 18:45.
Sorry for the delay, but it's worth the wait :)

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@BlenderConf Note: I made timezone error in the invitation letter in the comfort box. Daylight saving ended last week here.
Video program starts 18 CET, 17 UTC, 10 PDT.
Or in 4 hours!

The day has come! 🥳

⏰ T-5h for Blender Conference 2020

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October 29, 2019 was the day I started learning Blender. The Conference will make a great end for my first year. I won’t open it until the 30th, but are we supposed to wait until a certain time or point? Don’t say the instructions are in the box!🤣 @Blender @BlenderConf

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It arrived! Thanks @Blender and @BlenderConf ❤️ I shall resist opening it!

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From one side of the world to the other - at last I received the comfort package! 🌎 (I shall do my best to resist opening.)

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Woohoo, look what arrived today! The comfort boxes for the @blendFX_ team! :)

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