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October 29, 2019 was the day I started learning Blender. The Conference will make a great end for my first year. I won’t open it until the 30th, but are we supposed to wait until a certain time or point? Don’t say the instructions are in the box!🤣 @Blender @BlenderConf

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It arrived! Thanks @Blender and @BlenderConf ❤️ I shall resist opening it!

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From one side of the world to the other - at last I received the comfort package! 🌎 (I shall do my best to resist opening.)

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Woohoo, look what arrived today! The comfort boxes for the @blendFX_ team! :)

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Got my comfort box! that was quick! I am so happy, can't wait to see the coolest stuff in @Blender @BlenderConf Definitely feels more together while apart. That is Blender for you, joining people from all over. Love for the world and for 3D

Huge thanks to Anja for taking care of shipping all comfort boxes on time! ❤️

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All comfort boxes have been shipped! 🚀

In a matter of days everyone should have their goodies at home. Remember: Do not open until 30th October!

BCON20 presentation videos are pouring in! 🤩 If you submitted a proposal and didn't get a reply yet, check out your inbox! We'll be reaching out soon.

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Very sad to hear that this year's @BlenderConf won't be happening as planned, but at least I'll get my annual Stroopwafel fix. Ordered mine, be sure to order yours! store.blender.org/product/bcon

Picture: Mike building a pixel perfect prototype model!

Note: production will start on the 10th of September; we will have limited supply only. Shipping starts early October.

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Picture: Mike building a pixel perfect prototype model!

Note: Orders will continue for a few days afterwards but they might not arrive in time for the Conference (especially to places outside of The Netherlands/Europe)

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Only 3 days left to guarantee your BCON20 Comfort Box!

Get a t-shirt, stickers, stroopwafels and other goodies to celebrate Blender Conference 2020 Together Apart. store.blender.org/product/bcon

It's time to order your BCON20 Comfort Box! 🍄

Let's celebrate together apart. Order before 10 September to be sure you get one in time. store.blender.org/product/bcon

Announcing Blender Conference 2020 - Together Apart!
Read the official announcement conference.blender.org/2020/ and submit your presentation proposal.

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Woohoo! I recorded the music I played last year at @BlenderConf@twitter.com 2019! It turned into a 12 track album which I'm releasing as cc-by-nc! Cover courtesy of the amazing @the_mantissa@twitter.com Download it for free (just enter 0 bucks) at gebild.bandcamp.com/album/fron


Get your early-bird ticket for Blender Conference LA 2020 with a special discount! Includes lunch, Monday dinner, and the exclusive BCON20 LA t-shirt. store.blender.org/product/bcon

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