Bleach blonde bimbo muscled her way up the aisle waiting to get off the aircraft. Sweetheart, you win Miss Grand Rapids just on your sheer obnoxiousness. You win, uh, some gum wadded up in toilet paper. That’s what you win, sweetheart.

It is half as warm home as it was in Austin. 106 in Austin, 56 at home. Great Lakes — Great Times!

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If I never fly again, it’ll be too soon. So at some point I’ll have to upgrade my bloody license because? Ah yes! Citizenship. The magic bullshit of citizenship! Because i have to prove I was born in the USA. Come on. Fucking look at this mess of a body. This screams Murcia! Ah well. Flight to Detroit, then to GR, then home. I’m glad to put Austin in my rear view mirrors. This is an okay city, but the weather is absolutely ghastly. No, no thanks.

I’m glad I took the extra time! Took an hour to get to the airport! The roads are a mess and they are starting to crumble. So, that’s reassuring when you are driving over them. Crumble-Bumble. So much construction, nearly had four collisions on the road from shitty signage. But thankfully, we’re all set. Got past TSA and they let me know through their drunken bleary haze that my Michigan ID will need to be Real ID compliant by 10/1/20.

Oh Happy Day! David Koch is Dead! YAY! DEAD! No money in the world can stop Time from hunting you down and killing you.

And now we do a little happy dance. A rich person has died. Let us all rejoice.

I’m always a little disappointed when I check the drawers of my hotel room and find the Bible from the gideons. There isn’t a Koran in the bathroom, a brief history of time in the lounge, or a Satanist Bible in the kitchenette. It’s terribly unbalanced.

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Austin has been significantly warm for a significant amount of time. All the grass is dead and the trees are showing hard times too.

Listening to the NYT Podcast “The Daily” on 2x speed. It’s rather entertaining to hear all the newsmakers chatter like meth addled squirrels. It’s also material that exposes these newsmakers to the public. Like NY Senator Gillebrand. These sorts of exposures can sometimes seal a fate in the electorate. Especially when the episode is replayed a few times, because you can’t believe what you heard. Honestly I wasn’t really surprised, so we move onwards.

Caught Blood Feast and Re-Animator on Shudder. So! Hokey! I love it. LOL!

When you've been ghosted and its a good thing, when they try to make contact again after the initial ghosting - the true measure is sliding left and deleting it without even reading the message. Say goodbye, mean it. Or don't say goodbye, and I mean it.

This RMBC Beard Oil scent is completely amazing! It is my favorite little thing to do for myself as a self-care regimen. Plus it may yet save my hands from seasonal dry skin issues that I always seem to get when the weather changes.

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Finally reached Volume 2 in the Mueller Report. Mostly the biggest takeaways from the first volume is there are a lot of Russians, you can’t open a directory without a thousand Russian names spilling out. Also, people who are too stupid to know they are committing a crime can’t be indicted. Funny that ignorance stands up in court, when it really matters.

The first volume is dull and Robert Mueller is a dull person. Not stupid, but just blunted. I don’t think his heart was in it.

+ So, every morning when I look at my progress in the mirror I smile. My beard is proof that humans are weak, the most insignificant change and they buckle like a pile of belts. They don’t know how to act around me and they treat me with wariness. That’s right, you should be wary. Boo!

All of this is fascinating and I love every minute of it. I never had much of a use for others, so it fits in very nicely. I was big and scary before, even more so now.

Boo! I say. Ho Ho Ho.

+ they pause and they evaluate now. I find it fascinating. What a little bit of change will do to others, subconsciously. It has also disposed of a frequent pest who used to flirt with me constantly. They asked only once “Isn’t it hot for you to have that beard in the summer time?” And when I said “Nah, it’s an investment in time and I think it compliments me quite nicely”, that was the last communication we shared. It was a subtle request to shave. Because I didn’t, they ghosted me. +

The one thing that I never expected by growing my beard was how it would change almost every aspect of my social existence. It has offset people. They perform second and third thoughts about social engagement with me. Everyone treats me like I’m much older, far older, that I am more serious now and more wise. I am the only person in a lot of these peoples lives that has a beard, so they don’t know what it means. I can feel their internal struggle bubble to the surface+

uspol / boogeymen 

uspol / boogeymen 

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