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Semi-autos should be legally mandated to be stored and used at secure shooting ranges only. Such a law would trigger a new industry of elaborate shooting ranges. We should stop forcing our schools to share in the elevated risk of massacres from semi-autos.

I agree. And regarding semi-autos specifically I have a more radical proposal which would also make sense economically in terms of spurring new industry.

It would get semi-autos out of the public sphere. That would decrease/eliminate massacres as it's semi-autos that facilitate rapid killing. Doesn't matter how soon help arrives when dozens are killed per minute.

I agree that we should impose more restrictions on guns. Background mental check, proper age policy, or even renewing license every month

Tweet & video from Bloomberg Quicktake @Quicktake:

“When are we going to do something?”

coach Steve Kerr gives a passionate plea for gun control after the fatal shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

Today is the 3rd month since #Russia started a full-scale war. Since then they launched 2275 missiles across #Ukraine. Most targeted civilian facilities: destroyed 1873 educational institutions, damaged 508 hospitals and 102 religious buildings.

🇪🇺 Freedom to move, live and work in different EU countries.

For the first time, we are presenting a new annual regular 'health-check' report on Schengen.

It contains proposals to additionally support the EU's efforts to improve Schengen's overall functioning and governance.

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