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And, as always, if you're a user, remember to abide by the rules:

If you're not a user but use Mastodon, you should be able to find a similar URL on your Mastodon instance. If you can't find your instance's rules there, ask your server's admin where you can find them. It's important to know, in general, what is and isn't allowed on your instance.

(As always, instance moderation is subject to moderator judgment!)

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For the foreseeable future, I will not be able to answer questions or respond to toots directed to this account. If you have questions or concerns about moderation, please direct them to @cm_kropot, @cm_vaporbobble, @CM_Radioactive, or @CM_chrismartin.

Be well and be strong. The fediverse depends on all of us to support each other. ❤️

I never thought I'd see the day when a report came in and I thought "Oh, thank goodness, it's only porn".

Thank you all for your help in reporting the spambots. We think we got all of them, but if we missed some, please don't be shy about reporting them. We'll handle them as soon as we see the reports.

"What makes an image NSFW, according to Yahoo[/Tumblr]?"

(CW: synthetic pseudo-nudity)

FYI: users may not have an avatar (user icon) that's not safe for work. We can and do remove these avatars. If your avatar is NSFW, please replace it now with something NOT NSFW. Thanks!

Hot tip: Unlike Tumblr, if you click on a post, you can see the entire thread it belongs to. You don't have to go digging through endless reblog trees to figure out who's said what on the subject - it's all right there. So if you join a conversation, it's a good idea to check the thread and make sure you've got the full context for what's going on - you're rarely in danger of missing a post because it's down someone else's reblog rabbit hole.

New users, since it's come up: please remember that Mastodon is not a corporate entity like Tumblr or Twitter. The specific server, in fact, is owned and operated by one person, who sets the rules for the server. If you don't like the rules here (which you can find at ), there are many, many other servers on the fediverse - each run by an individual or group, some of them running their own software! - that might be more to your tastes.

If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

@CM_noelle a note for other people clicking on this: you should try to get your preferred name on another instance!

Quick note, because I've seen a couple requests: We can't free up inactive usernames for others to use. If someone's got your preferred username, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it.

If you use the sensitive-image overlay but don't describe your image, or if you describe your image but don't CW it, I will make this face: 😬 but I won't take action because the rules just say you have to use the overlay.

If you don't use the overlay for nudes and sexualized images (and graphic violence and... you've read the rules, right?), regardless of what you do in the text, you lose public-timeline posting privileges. Just so you know.

Now that I've made my way through the Infinite Dick Parade that was the reports queue this morning:

You MUST use the sensitive-image overlay if you post an NSFW image to the public timelines.

You are not required to do so, but PLEASE tag the image in some other way to let people know what the content of the sensitive image is.

Also, PLEASE use a CW (just "NSFW" is fine) if you're going to use graphic terms to describe the image.

(Hashtags in the CW text don't work. Hashtags UNDER a CW do.)

Oh, one more important note: we do not allow the impersonation of real people on This includes "kin". We do take this seriously and will disable any accounts we find violating this rule.

An important note: is moderated by people, not by algorithms. Our judgments are based on the site rules, which are posted here:

We've been relatively lenient to new users for the last day or so, but now we're issuing suspensions and removing the ability to post to the public timeline for people who flagrantly and/or repeatedly break the rules.

I assure you, we get no pleasure from suspensions or silences. We'd much rather you just follow the rules!

"Use a CW" isn't a rule. It's just polite.

(Hashtags in the CW itself are not tracked. If you want to add your toot to a hashtag, make sure your hashtags are in the body of the toot, not the CW!)

We deliberately and intentionally do not block, an instance for sex workers. Switter has special code in place to automatically apply the sensitive-content filter to all images. (Naturally, if a particular Switter user is breaking our or their rules, let us know!)

Hello users! Some thoughts on NSFW content:

We DO allow NSFW content. If you post it on the public timelines, please use the "sensitive content" filter (the "eye" icon that appears below your post when you upload an image).

We DO NOT allow NSFW content that depicts people who are or appear to be under the age of 18, or rape/non-con situations.

If you describe your work in the body of the toot, please use a CW ("NSFW" is fine). Hashtags in the toot body will still be trackable.

Hello new users! A gentle reminder: @Gargron runs the site. @cm_kropot and I are the primary moderators. Of the three of us, I am transgender.

That makes ME the gatekeeper of trans people on

As that gatekeeper, I have removed the gate on

It's against our rules to discriminate against trans people or to tell trans people they're "being trans wrong". I am tired of hearing the words "tucute" and "truscum". They do not belong here.


Please remember to read the rules for

Specific notes that I've noticed:

* Please don't post nudes, either photos or drawings, to the public timeline without using the "sensitive image" overlay (the "eye" icon that appears when you add an image)

* Please don't use anti-gay or racial slurs even in jest (we don't know you, and have to assume you mean them seriously)

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