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Le bannissement d’Avisa Partner et Nativiz en tant que personne morale a été adopté ce lundi 8 août par la communauté de la Wikipédia en français. Retrouvez sur notre blog un résumé de cette affaire.
👉 wikimedia.fr/affaire-avisa-par

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Want to know if your source code is in @swheritage@twitter.com? Archive it if it's not there or not uptodate? Get a ? Now you can in just one click with the updateswh browser extension! softwareheritage.org/browser-e @OpenAIRE_eu@twitter.com @inria@twitter.com @ouvrirlascience@twitter.com @cnrs@twitter.com @TheOfficialACM@twitter.com @eoscassociation@twitter.com

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Good move!
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Love to see this. The default Laravel installation welcome page has ditched Google Fonts and moved to Bunny Fonts. This is great because it raises awareness that you don't have to send your website visitors browsing habits to an advertising company. Laravel is the GOAT.

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your periodic reminder that you shouldn't use CC0 for software source code: « Fedora sours on Creative Commons 'No Rights Reserved' license » theregister.com/2022/07/25/fed via @theregister@twitter.com

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Ce compte parle des dans, par et pour l'administration publique 🇫🇷

Ces logiciels sont gage de transparence pour les démarches en ligne et un levier de souveraineté numérique pour les SI du secteur public.

Faites-nous connaître !

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The so-called “clones” problem in app stores is well studied in policy circles. We took a moment to write up the basics of the trademark-based approach usually applied to build solutions for the problem: sfconservancy.org/blog/2022/ju

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Please join us and #GiveUpGitHub by visiting GiveUpGitHub.org/ and while you are still on #GitHub, adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

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And here it is!

Sponsoring dependencies: The next step in open source sustainability


It’s time for well-funded open source projects to step up and support their dependencies financially.

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I just announced at at that @theopenssf@twitter.com is planning to fund a 'Security Developer in Residence' role at @ThePSF@twitter.com!

The goal for the full-time role is to identify & address security issues across PSF projects such as CPython and @pypi@twitter.com.


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At @theopenssf@twitter.com day, Eclipse Foundation announce they'll use $400k from the Alpha-Omega project to automate SBOM generation, implement SLSA project badging, security audits for high-profile foundation projects. Actionable and measurable aims!

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Do you know someone who might be interested in this job opening at the ? "The FSFE is hiring a Senior Project Manager " fsfe.org/news/2022/news-202206

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Nextcloud reports on our joint hackathon: goals met: adding features, attracting public services and bring developers and users together


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The European Commission is honoured to be part of the global community of open source geospatial enthusiasts gathering from 22 to 28 August at the FOSS4G 2022 conference. The European Commission is contributing to the event with a full-day dedicated track.


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Patents embedded within international standards are affecting and we think it needs fixing. OSI to the European Commission: make space for patent-free standards too blog.opensource.org/osi-to-the

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Truly disappointing that Microsoft would subvert an active open source project by ramming in a proprietary extension to continue to lockdown .NET.

An unaccetable abuse of power from the stewards of the platform, and a betrayal of the community.


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We dive deep on #FOSS licensing & #GPL policy so you don't have to! Our Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, and outside Director, Allison Randal ( @allison )
are debating and proposing solutions to problems in #Linux SPDX this week: lore.kernel.org/linux-spdx/Yp5 lore.kernel.org/linux-spdx/87y lore.kernel.org/linux-spdx/YqC

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🪩 ! Rdv ce mercredi 8 juin à 13h30 en visio ou dans nos bureaux pour une discussion ouverte autour d'un de nos projets. Cette semaine on parle de Gitribute : mobilizon.fr/events/9c7dc185-0

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We have also received notice that the criminal creators of **lightmoon malware** are sending out phishing emails trying to trick users into downloading their infected software. Please ignore and trash these messages.

Remember: The only legitimate sources for Kdenlive's software are your distro, well-established app stores (such as FlatHub), and Kdenlive's own download page located at:


Take care.

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