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As promised, version 1.0 of #PeerTube, a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning! #JoinPeerTube (article in English to come)

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Back in my day, we put the tl;dr at the beginning of the post, not the end. You know what we called it? The thesis!

There isn't enough dark chocolate ice cream in supermarkets.

I grabbed a couple of Quidditch boxes. Gonna put them together at work, make a pitch out of felt, and display somewhere in the library.

Also, I got the new Ant-Man set because it's Ant-Man!

Huge queue around the Lego Store in Leicester Square this afternoon. Not surprising as lots of new sets are out today, including Harry Potter, Technic, and Friends.

At the library where I work, I've had to help so many elderly people who can't make head nor tail of web forms. I'm happy to help them, but the issue shouldn't exist in the first place.

Whether it's applying for a parking permit, recovering an email password, booking a holiday, or whatever else, bad forms are a usage barrier.

If your web form can't be understood by a pensioner with limited computer skills, it's not good enough.

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The fact that articles 13 and 11 were approved, (let alone under discussion), shows what a chokehold the copyright industry has on the governments of the world, but I'd think that the #EU would be a bit more cautious at adopting an unpopular position, considering Brexit and what's going on in Italy, Hungary, Austria etc. but no - maybe they just think that nobody can see them.

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Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube

I bought a Wii for Smash, and I'll buy a Switch for Smash. And so it goes...

"I like to mimic guitar because it's the only way I can even try to be cool in a guitar-dominated world."

- Joey Izzo, keyboard player for Arch Echo

One of the best things about the switch to GDPR is all the companies sending me "reminders" to re-give consent for newsletters. My inbox is becoming a lot cleaner!

I've recently been getting back into Lethal League with some friends. So, so fun! The game is absolutely nuts and I love it.

A friend texted me this morning to tell me about X-Wing 2nd Edition. Got a little excited, then later saw that an app will be required to see points, upgrades etc.

I'm out. Any tabletop game that requires me to look at a screen while playing isn't for me.

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There are some really freaking cool people i'd never virtually meet had I not joined the fediverse.

Thank you all for being awesome. For every minor negative encounter I've had on here there have been literally hundreds of positive connections.

I'm still blown away that such a healthy social network exists.

Still summer-like in London. Today's musical mood:

Underworld - Trim

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Hinamatsuri is my new jam. So weird, but so good.

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Free idea for the Fediverse: A account that boosts posts of people being nice/kind () and spreading hope () around the Fediverse. Nobody ever said social media had to be all about negativity, right? 😃

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