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Descenders is a game about downhill mountain biking and doing stunts. I was in the beta sessions and missed it so much when those ended.

But now it's out on Steam in Early Access and I'm addicted all over again. This game (as well as Rocket League) is my videogaming happy place.

Can't stop replaying this song and the album it's from. So insanely good!

Arch Echo - Color Wheel

It's Friday, I just left work, my new bike arrived so I'll build that tonight, AND it's payday today! Oh, and it's also sushi night.

I'm savouring this moment SO MUCH.

Every copy of Fire and Fury in the Westminster Libraries system has a long list of holds (reservations) on it. The two copies at Church Street (where I work) have 24 holds between them in the queue!

I guess it's turning people's attention to libraries.

A website owner replacing forums they own and control with a Facebook group which is subject to Facebook's whims is pure insanity. If you own a website with forums, please don't ever do this.

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** Welcome to 2018, everyone. It's the future! Let's try to make it less of a dystopia, with less cynicism, and more things to look back at with joy. **

Happy New Year, Mastodon! I hope your 2018 turns out amazing.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Aside from the food, drink, and presents, I hope you're all getting some well-earned rest. :)

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The tradition of Sushi Fridays continues, even at Christmas!

Today is the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, which also means it's Yule today. Yuletide greetings!

Image credit: Briar Cards.

Just saw The Last Jedi, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sorry, no spoilers. :)

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The Mortal Coil is another great example of quality metalcore released this year. Superb stuff by Polaris!

On a day when it snowed in London, and the snow actually stuck around, and I have a day off, I have a cold.

On the bright side, this cold will probably disappear just in time for Monday morning, so I won't have it for too long.

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Starry night
Beautiful collaboration of Milky way and Orion

Photographed by Takashi

#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography

I cancelled and cleared out a bunch of newsletters from my email account (which were easier to spot thanks to all the Black Friday and Christmas spam that retailers and others like to send).

What a breath of fresh air!

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