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I've recently been getting back into Lethal League with some friends. So, so fun! The game is absolutely nuts and I love it.

A friend texted me this morning to tell me about X-Wing 2nd Edition. Got a little excited, then later saw that an app will be required to see points, upgrades etc.

I'm out. Any tabletop game that requires me to look at a screen while playing isn't for me.

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There are some really freaking cool people i'd never virtually meet had I not joined the fediverse.

Thank you all for being awesome. For every minor negative encounter I've had on here there have been literally hundreds of positive connections.

I'm still blown away that such a healthy social network exists.

Still summer-like in London. Today's musical mood:

Underworld - Trim

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You asked for it: Here's a mastodon LaTeX client! Screenshots of example output attached!

Hinamatsuri is my new jam. So weird, but so good.

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Free idea for the Fediverse: A account that boosts posts of people being nice/kind () and spreading hope () around the Fediverse. Nobody ever said social media had to be all about negativity, right? 😃

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Why why why are the music emojis in the Mastodon emoji menu under that world symbol and not under the symbol that includes the musical notes.

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Gmail enters the "extend" phase of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish by creating new proprietary features for email then forcing non-gmail users the view the mail through a link with Google Login (and sometimes SMS confirmation!)

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Anyone who was interested in an #mtg instance: there is one now. Come join us at for friendly Magic discussion and play-by-post.

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We are soon adding lots of new language versions to Tutanota! If you want to help out with finalizing the Tutanota translations, please get in touch! 😀

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I'm really excited about the potential of Progressive Web Apps, so I wrote a blog post about it. It's brief, light on jargon, and aimed at a non-technical reader so you don't have to be a techie or a dev to understand what's great about PWAs!

I'm rapidly going towards becoming a ; or, at least, trying a pescatarian diet for a month or so and seeing how that goes.

I love eating fish and seafood, and I don't think (land-based) meat is essential. Seems like the right thing to do.

I didn't create this Lego Ideas project, but I'm definitely supporting it! Lego Rocket League would be amazing.

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Trying a new "art gallery MMO" game called Occupy White Walls. It's in early alpha days, and there are a fair few bugs, but it's quite interesting!

Ready Player One is a fun film. I enjoyed it a lot. :)