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Hi I'm a Cuban freelance comic artist working for BOOM!Studios and my webcomic [un]Divine on Hiveworks!

✨ Pls read my webcomic with a soulless highschooler and his big demon friend ✨

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my webcomic, [un]Divine! ✨ You can check it out here:

I'm never gonna stop being amused when ppl are surprised Dan isn't wimpy >:]

Haven’t posted here in awhile but I’ve been learning how to animate recently!

Wanted something really summer-y for this month’s mail club print since it’s finally getting warm again

I made a vero account but it hasn’t let me post anything yet so.........

Made a zine exclusively for next week! I just wanted something new to have so I collected all the saucy sketches and extra comics from patreon >0>

No nudity but rated Teen for ‘suggestive themes’

I'm working on a cheesy mini comic to put in a zine so I can have something new for eccc in march *scrambles*

The side comics I do are in grayscale to save time but I’m so not used to grayscale coloring that it ends up taking longer than just the regular full-color I usually do. @ _@

Either way, gotta finish this mannyxrosa mini soon so I can make a new zine for eccc!

workaholic talk 

‪I’m thinking adding a goal at 1k for 2 extra pages a month, seeing that 2k is an extra 4 pages (3pg updates/week). But I dunno if I can take more work since I’ve been super lethargic for a bit 🤔 or maybe I need more work since lack of deadlines get me all ‘o(-<‘ in the first place‬. I feel like I do better on heavy workloads than not tho!

Tempted but I’ll think about it more...

Some Esther draws from last year~ Looking thru my 2017 arts folder for what I want to practice more of this year and definitely wanna try more lighting techniques!

Been updating my 2018 planner with info and all that good stuff. This year I’m mainly focusing on my webcomic since my monthlies contract just ended and now I got extra time for my other freelance stuck on the back burner last year!

The year-at-a-glance pages will have when I updated and whenever I took a break from updating (for cons and whatnot). On the monthly pages I have which pages go up and when (pink for patrons, green for public) and extra stuff on the side to update that week 👌✨

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