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SEPARATION || When innocent children are suffering & left in a state of terror you can't help but speak up. I'm outraged by the current migrant situation in the USA right now. If we let history repeat itself & stay silent we are all complicit! Speak up!

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Oh yeah! @Caudlewag@twitter.com got me to try some really tasty raspberry tea! First time I tried a hot tea that I really enjoyed.

Thanks for showing me hot drinks didn't have to *just* be coffee.

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Meet Calister! He's just opened up a coffee shop in your town, and he's very friendly! Though his coils may wander! Full thing here!
And he also has two new audios in the shop bit.ly/2OaRi0t
Calister voiced by @limewah@twitter.com
Art by @iamaneaglet@twitter.com

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A Slick Heist: Now Avalible!
Amby is a slick, sultry cat-burglar whose touch does a fair bit more than make you blush. As a guard against such thievery, you'll have to see how you hold up...
A touch hypnosis based play now up in the shop!

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You run into Calister at your local bookstore and get wrapped up in one of his favorite stories...
A new Calister audio drama! Listen to the full thing here!

Also there's a new audio in shop! bit.ly/2OaRi0t

Calister 🎀 @limewah@twitter.com

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For those of you who want more, there's a...hungrier encounter available as well in the shop! Help support us and get a lovely listen at the same time!
bit.ly/2OaRi0t get it here!
Also, Patrons get access to all audios! So consider it!

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Cute idea:

A couple sitting together on a couch. One is working hard on a laptop while the other reads. Suddenly the reading one notices the other suckling on the top of their tail like a comfort tic in their state of steadfast concentration.

(Blame @Caudlewag@twitter.com for my thoughts!)

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"For The Fallen"...
a lament for the cancelled Mouse Guard.

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Okay but what if your boyfriend was part dragon? That'd be awesome.

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And if you enjoyed that, check out a more personalized visit from the BnB's new manager in the shop!

After staying at a bed and breakfast run by a certain slimy supervillain, there comes a time where you’re the last guest to check out…

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You head out for a stay at a lovely seaside Bed and Breakfast, only to find that the manager seems...very strange indeed...and strangely sticky.
Listen to the full thing free here!
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Cute Idea:

Part of a slow Dragon TF, in the beginning, is that you grow belly scales down your front and tummy. You hide them with a turtleneck, but they yearn to be touched, so on the second day, you invite a close friend to rub them, they're smooth and squishy and warm.

More people like this, please!

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White woman intervenes when a racist white lady harasses 2 Hispanic women for speaking Spanish in the store saying that they should be speaking English in America.

Kamira Trent not only spoke up and defended these 2 women but got the racist lady harassing them arrested


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Once again as winds down, remember that the possibility of spontaneous caudal appendage generation remains high until midnight, so if you haven't already, put on pants you don't care terribly much about.

Hooome from the beach!

NOW time to take a shower and still find sand on my person a week later somehow.

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