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Oh my god...

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Hey there,
do you like
what you see?

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Conservatives on celebrating the confederacy: That’s our history!
Conservatives on history:You can’t talk about racism that’s not fair.

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Joshua, it matters not to me how much respect for me or admiration you might have for my work. If you have not the ears to hear me when I speak my truth or the eyes to see my pain when shared, at least have the decency to stand silent and refrain from criticizing condemnation. twitter.com/_luuiv/status/1406

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Haven't seen a take this bad in my replies in a minute...

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So @Dracour2@twitter.com is quite the accomplished hypnotist, it would seem. He's got me all wrapped up in those cosy coils, swinging me back and forth like a pendulum and holding me mesmerised with his eyes... kinda feels like... yawn... being... rocked... to... sleep... ( )=@_@=( )

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Art by @/artbypac, @/chukazoo, and @/kendrawsart

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When I joined furry I kinda shied away from my blackness as part of my identity, but, on Juneteenth, I thought I'd take a moment to appreciate how much that's changed, and how lovely it's been to see myself/the fandom grow on the topic.

Happy Juneteenth artist credits below!

This Juneteenth and Pride, I figured I'd post Louie! She's a lesbian and black codes. @ChuKazoo@twitter.com did a fantastic job with her and I love this LGBT bean.

Fascinating thread

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Capitalism requires (and creates) poverty to function.

This observation is wildly controversial among capitalist ideologues, who see all the *stuff* we have and wonder what we're even talking about when we say things like this.

So let's discuss.



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Mine is
ko-fi.com/caudle if you like though nothing huge, and I'd rather you donate a little among several creators of color rather than just me or some such!

Happy Juneteenth!

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Heck, this seems like a lit way to celebrate Juneteenth.

Black creators link you kofis and PayPal links below. Folks reading this, why not treat your favorite black content creators to a treat today!

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Link if you want to treat me to lunch / dinner for Juneteenth, nothing crazy plz (I’ll delete this later)


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