Ok SNL’s new opening credits sequence is gorgeous.

That type.


The thousand-yard-stare of a man who has weathered middle school, high school and the Trump administration as a “Rod.”

I was not prepared for how much of a performance improvement watchOS 5 would be on my Series 2. 👏👏👏👏

I like how Eminem woke up one day and decided, "My new look is gonna be...wistful Deftones roadie."

Fox News: cutting edge journalism, going out on a limb.

At this point it'd be so much nicer and simpler if Apple ditched the iPhone marketing names and just used the model numbers.

I'd buy an iPhone A1865 over the iPhone XR Plus Maxx 5G LTE D.D.S., Attorney-At-Law.

The RED phone looks like it was designed by someone who regularly defends the second & third Matrix movies.

It feels like this is my karmic retribution for enjoying a child-free adult life. Now there’s finally something tugging at my sleeve and demanding my attention whenever I’m trying to get something done.

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At the moment, this place feels a lot like a nicotine patch for Twitter.

Ultimately, it will break us of this habit entirely, but until then, it’s a less bad habit than smoking.


Kids today who have no idea what the hell Quicktime is must be completely baffled by the iconography of the Files.app audio player.


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