When I am an evil overlord, none of my henchmen will be allowed to have social media accounts on which they can accidentally say the quiet thing out loud.

Dude implies he has a proof of the Reimann hypothesis and schedules a colloquium to describe his proof. Books the room for 45 minutes. That’s confidence.

This week, more or less, is the 40th anniversary of my first UNIX mail account, on UNIX C at UC Berkeley.

If you play the devil’s advocate you’re acknowledging it would be just and fair for the devil to win

Updated iPhone. The measure app is some kinda Star Trek level shit, wow

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@thomasfuchs Who says that we just need personal computers, though?

Let's get into some big stuff.

Have a Thinking Machines CM-5 with 544 processors.

Das blinkenlichten…

(Source: https://people.csail.mit.edu/bradley/cm5/)

She said, “I think you should hold on to that dime
As a a souvenir of Big Joe
And the Phantom 309.”

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Today is the last day for 2 Berkeley institutions: Brennan’s, @BerkeleyBrennan, is closing after 60 years in business. Fantasy Studios is also closing up shop. Goodbye and farewell; you will be missed. Stories: bit.ly/2NhCIae
bit.ly/2x1Boyi twitter.com/berkeleyside/statu

Is Generalissimo Francisco Franco still dead?

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